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Eurmax Pop Up Canopy Review

Eurmax Pop Up Canopy Review

A known top-seller across the board, the Pop Up Canopy from Eurmax is a favorite for large scale outdoor events and commercial use. Mainly due to the fact it’s super simple to set up for its massive size and has high structural integrity to boot.

Versatility is another major selling point as you can customise it to look the way you want by having customisable canopy tops, allowing you to print your company brand and logo across the top for commercial events. 

Size and color variation are both another major plus for the Eurmax, with over 20 colors to choose from and various sizes ranging fro 10 x 10 up to 10 x 20, it’s no surprise it has performed so well on the market, catering to all kinds of events and garden sizes. 

But since this is such a trusted brand and popular canopy model, we want to uncover any hidden details that may be overlooked and to differentiate the abundant models from each other.

Continue reading to find out how this is one of the best portable canopies on the market, and how it can benefit your next outdoor event.

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Eurmax Pop Up Canopy 

Eurmax Pop Up Canopy 10x10

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I think the main thing to look for in terms of high price models is if you’re getting value for your money. When you’re spending over $400 for something that you intend to use for the long-term, you want it to last thanks to its high quality.

Well, it’s clear to see with this model that Eurmax is focusing on quality, but they’re also not afraid to splurge on quantity. I say this because you are getting so many added features and bonuses that you wouldn’t typically find with other models. While we do firmly believe that the most expensive tents aren’t always the best ones, it’s evident that the quality lives up to the price.

Keep in mind that this falls into the category of heavy-duty. It does weigh quite a lot, but this means it can withstand rather heavy winds. For those looking for a highly reliable structure with true weatherproofed materials, this is a no-brainer.

We think this works great for frequent use, but it’s probably not something you should get if you’re looking for a super simple canopy to use sometimes on the weekends. Wall panels and a bunch of extra accessories make this a smart purchase.


Instant Canopy

Pack Size

65” x 19” x 11”


116 lbs


$450 or over depending on where you purchase from.

Set Up Time

3 to 5 Minutes


Instant with Stakes and Guylines


500D Polyester Roof

210D Polyester Side Walls

Powder-Coated Steel Frame


240“L x 120“W x 136“H

2 Other Heights :



 Overview of Features

  • Pre-assembled structure
  • 3 to 5-minute fast installation
  • Robust powder-coated steel frame
  • Rust resistant
  • 99% UV protection
  • Fire retardant and water-resistant materials
  • 3 adjustable height positions
  • Ergonomic button joints
  • 3 walls plus front panel
  • Thick 160D polyester roller bag with PVC coating
  • 6 sandbags & stakes and guylines included for free


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

lady in eurmax canopy selling plants

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GOLD QUALITY – Customisable

The fact that you’re able to personalise this model to make it any style you like is definitely the best feature for us. At such a high price, it’s important to be able to make it your own and utilise every part of it. We think if it has just one option, it would be quite limiting.

Especially if you’re looking to use it commercially, like for markets or trade shows, it’s important to have this flexibility. Your spot could change at the location, where you might need to use two walls instead of one.

eurmax canopy custom banner option

You can get your company logo and colors printed

Or perhaps the wind might be picking up and you need extra protection, so you put all three panels up. These walls are also all sturdy and attached using a thick Velcro, so they’re super easy to pull on and off – it would take seconds.

Another great aspect of the customisation is that the simple design allows you to hang your own business banner on the front.

SILVER FEATURE – Easy Assembly

When you look at the sheer size of this tent, it’s quite astonishing to know that the set up only takes minutes, with no tools required. You probably wouldn’t expect an instant set up from this huge structure, but the framework is designed so well that everything is completely streamlined for you.

eurmax canopy assembly guide

List of features and simple setup guide included

There are so many aspects to the framework that ensure it is super sturdy but is still easy enough to set up. While it says 3 to 5 minutes for installation, we think on your first go it may take a little longer since you’ll be getting used to how to follow the steps. Perhaps setting it up the day before its first use can help you get the hang of it before the real thing.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT – Transport Method 

The storage bag is truly an awesome accessory. It’s not just your average bag – this one is seriously packed with features that you wouldn’t usually find with a lot of competitors. Since the overall price for this model is quite high, though, we think it’s necessary to have a bag that’s going to work just as well and be just as durable as the canopy.

eurmax canopy roller bag

Easily rolled around in the heavy duty rollerbag

Big aluminium wheels with a cast aluminium connector, 3 heavy-duty handles, and an accessory pocket are just some of the added features you’ll find. Another cool part is that you can store the tent with the top material still on.

We think this is super convenient because it means that you don’t have to continuously take it on and off when you’re pitching it. It is recommended that you only do this for short-term storage. A good example we can think of is if you’re part of a week-long market and you’re only storing it overnight each time.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

eurmax canopy commercial setup

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Hassle-Free Installation

For such a hefty structure once it’s fully formed, the rapid set up time is a huge benefit. We love how it pulls outwards just like an accordion, going from tight and compact to a huge structure in seconds. The upper material is placed before you fully stretch it out and it connects with heavy-duty Velcro attachments. We think this is great because you don’t need to fumble with loops or holes or clips.

After these simple steps, more Velcro straps are used, this time to secure the poles even further to the material. This element isn’t found on a lot of models, so this is a nice touch for added stability. To stretch the legs to your desired height, the legs get pulled from the bottom, instead of the middle like most others.

eurmax canopy package items

Something we do have to mention is that this model is quite heavy – really heavy in fact. It weighs over 100 lbs, so keep this in mind if you’re think of setting it up alone. It essentially needs to be done by two people, because it’s too heavy to be done by one person.

The heaviness can be seen as a positive, though, because it means this is less likely to blow away in strong winds. When anchored down properly, this can last in some tough conditions.

Innovative Structure

For holding such a large structural weight, this model uses patented hexagonal shaped legs. These types of legs use up the most amount of space possible, so weight can be evenly distributed and better secured.

For an oversized form, we think this is an essential design aspect. The entire frame is steel and powder-coated which ensures that it’s long-lasting. The footpads are a combination of steel and nylon, offering even more firmness.

eurmax canopy protective properties

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Starting from the top, you’ll find special tensioned brackets that sit in the peak. This ensures that everything stays tight and fits like a glove to prevent sagging. Moving down, on each steel truss joint there is a cap which reinforces the connection points to stop anything from buckling under pressure. Bright red buttons are used for the corner slider and the height adjuster. These make sure you don’t pinch any fingers.

For hooking up the stakes and tie down ropes, there are big steel D-rings which help to manage the weight and prevent breakage of the material. Finally, Velcro straps are scattered throughout so you can secure the poles to the material for ultimate protection.

Highly Weather Resistant

Made for unpredictable conditions, this model uses top grade materials to make sure you stay dry and comfortable inside. The entire roof consists of a highly durable 500D polyester, which is also PU coated to prevent general wear-and-tear. The rest of the side walls and the front door panel are made from 210D polyester, which is still highly robust and prevents rips from easily forming.

eurmax enclosed canopy 10x10

With these materials, this model is waterproof and can resist 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. These are both really important aspects because rain and sun are the main things you want to be protected from. To further stop the risk of leaks, all the seams are factory sealed. The polyester is also CPAI-84 certified fire-retardant, so you could set up some heaters inside.

To match the outside, the inside frame is also proofed against common aging issues. The powder coating makes it completely rust-resistant.

Completely Adaptable

Choose from multiple style options with the fully detachable walls. Use one wall, two, three, or all four including the front which acts as a door. Depending on the weather of the day, or if you want to customise it based on the style you’re going for, the panels are so easy to attach and detach when needed.

eurmax rollerbag features

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As well as the design adjustments, you can also alter the height to 3 different positions. This gives you control over the look you’re going for, say if you need a smaller one for kid’s parties.

Multi-functional Carry Bag

This bag has got to be one of the best that we’ve seen. It’s made from strong 160D polyester with tough nylon handles that have an X-stitch to prevent ripping. On the inside, there is polyethylene fabric that has a waterproof coating. To keep the wheels sturdy, there is a connecting high-strength aluminium pallet that sits underneath the body. Free spare parts are provided within the inner accessory pocket, so there’s no need to worry if something goes wrong while you’re using it – you’ve got some spares.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Is this a freestanding model?

While we couldn’t directly find anywhere from the manufacturer that states that this is freestanding, the shape of the feet on the poles and the massive overall structure mean that this can stand on its own. Even in calmer conditions, though, we always stress that you should tie it down using either the stakes and ropes, or the sandbags, or both for extreme stability. Despite its huge size, it still needs to be secured to the ground to avoid any dangerous fly-away situations from happening.

Does it come with a banner?

This model does not come with its own banner, so you will have to purchase your own separately if you are using it to sell or advertise something. There are large loops included on the front though, so it is accommodating to a banner when needed.

How do the walls work?

Each wall attaches to the overall structure using long Velcro straps. If you’re using more than one panel, they connect using zippers. Each wall is separate, which means you don’t need to connect them all at the same time. You can personalise it and use different panels at one time, since they are all able to connect to each other.


Conclusion on Eurmax Canopy

After doing this in-depth research, we can confirm that the Eurmax Pop Up Canopy is definitely one of the best on the recent market. It pretty much covers all bases when you think about what you need and want in an outdoor cover.

Amazingly easy storage and portability with the premium roller bag, simplified set up considering its vast size, high-grade materials to survive many weather conditions, plus free sandbags and stakes and ropes.

Although the price is high, you are certainly getting your moneys-worth when you consider how it’s packed with features and made from high-quality materials. For commercial and industrial use, or some simple outdoor fun, this is an all-round winner when it comes to everything you want and need in an oversized canopy.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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