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Tenaya Lake tent pitched at night

Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent Review

The family friendly Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent comes in both 6 person and 8 person models.

They are both extremely pleasant to camp in, focusing on luxury to make the camping experience more enjoyable. Both models have a huge amount of space and offer awesome upgraded features that accommodate to the modern camper.

Both sizes offer additional rear closet space, and the camping community are constantly raving about their awesome designs that are feature packed. At reasonable prices and made with top-grade materials, these tents bring the comfort from home to any campsite.

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The question you’re probably asking is how do these compare to the rest of the cabin tents for sale on the current market and is it one of the better 8 person tents available on today’s market

Join us as we dive right into this in-depth review of the Tenaya Lake range. We’ll uncover once and for all if these are worth your money and if you should bring them on your next camping vacation.


Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent Review

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent

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We think that these fall into the midrange space of cabin tents, as they’re obviously much better quality than cheap versions, but they don’t provide protection for anything more than mild rain and wind. The cabin shape is done very well for both sizes.

The 8p walls are slightly more vertical than the 6p, but they both still give a lot of headroom, legroom, and general spaciousness. Best for summer camping, the rainfly doesn’t cover much but we like that you can zip all the window storm flaps closed from the inside.

I love a well-done hinged door, and it’s certainly done extremely well here. It’s huge, and even though there is only one door for each model, it’s wide enough to make up for that. With some added features in the 8p like a roof light, and a fast pitch design for both, we believe you’re getting great value for money here.


Cabin Tent


156“L x 84“W x 80“H (6p)

156“L x 108“W x 80“H (8p)


33lbs (6p)

33lbs (8p)


$280+ (6p)

$210+ (8p)


6 People (6p)

8 People (8p)



Reflective Guy Ropes

Carry Bag




PU Coated Polyester & Mesh

 Overview of Features

The 6p and 8p are very similar in design. The main difference is the size, but there are a couple of other different features that we will specify for each size.

  • Color-coded fast pitch
  • Weather resistant WeatherTec System
  • 2 built-in cabinets (6p)
  • 1 large closet (8p)
  • Foldable curtain divider
  • Large D-shaped hinged door
  • Steel side poles & fibreglass roof poles
  • Waterproof rainfly
  • Tub flooring
  • E-port access
  • Heavy-duty roller wheel carry bag


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent with built in closet

Check Prices Here

GOLD QUALITY – Closet Space

For the 6p, there are 2 cabinets that sit at the bottom of the tent. You can place your air mattresses in front of them so you can easily reach all your valuables when you’re in bed. We love how they are positioned outside of the tent, as they leave the space inside the tent for your beds and to comfortably walk around.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent clothes organiser

They are big enough to fit bags, coolers, clothes, and shoes. They even have mesh shelving to make it even more organized. The 8p has one internal closet, but it’s deep and very long so you can fit plenty of gear.

SILVER FEATURE – Lighting Feature in 8p 

The LED system in this 8p model emits a soft overhead glow throughout the tent. It sits in the middle of the roof, and you can control the light levels with the switch. The switch remote sits in a small mesh compartment that’s part of one of the larger mesh pockets. It’s easy to access and gives you all the control. Also, the light color walls reflect the light further, which means it works much better than a regular lantern would.


Both models in this range have the option to create 2 rooms using the included divider. The divider acts like a curtain, that folds back in 2 sections that you tie back. It’s easy to use when you want some privacy. We love that you can separate the rooms, using one for a living and storage area, or creating privacy between 2 bedroom spaces.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Fast Pitch

With the color-coded poles, fast-fit feet, and central hub, the installation process has been completely streamlined for you. It can take under 10 minutes with practice, and we think it’s super easy for first-time campers to do.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent closet room

Also, you have the illuminated guylines. These let you set these tents up hassle-free during night-time, as you can see them much easier. Once you’re ready to leave, it packs down just as easily through following the steps backwards. The transport bag is huge with 2 wheels, so you don’t need to pick it up and carry it on your back.

Hinged Door

Using 2 additional fibreglass poles inserted into the door frame, it instantly becomes rigid and creates a door structure. With the hinge, it acts like a regular door that you would use at home.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent hinged door

There is even a handle on the front, which makes it easier to open and close. Something to mention is that there is only one door for each model. However, it is very big and can let 2 people pass through at a time.

Coleman WeatherTec

We’ve talked a lot about WeatherTec in our previous Coleman models, and it’s a fantastic set of features that lend to great weather protection. As well as durable PU coated polyester and a thick PE for the flooring, the frame has been tested against 35+ mph winds.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent storage pocket

The flooring also has welded corners to strengthen weak spots, and the seams are all reversed so they sit inside the tent. This stops water from leaking through the needle holes. Zippers all have a protective cuff over them also.

Shock-corded poles and a heavy-duty plastic centre hub further add to wind resistance. The construction is designed to act more stable when winds hit.


Even though they state the capacity as 6p and 8p, 6p will work much better with 3 people and the 8p works best with 4 campers. You can fit 2 queen airbeds in the 8p, but we wouldn’t recommend it as you wouldn’t have much space leftover to move.

Coleman Tenaya Lake Tent sleeping area

The smaller size would comfortably fit just one queen bed. Thanks to the steep walls on both models, you can effortlessly fit bunk cots for adults and kids inside.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

How many people can set this up?

One person can but it’s best with two, even three if you want a super speedy pitch time. It’s designed as fast pitch, meaning the frame is constructed to make the process straightforward and simpler.

Can you access the closets from outside?

You can only access the closets from the inside on both the 6p and 8p. Each closet is well protected from the outside, and the 8p closet has a mini rainfly that covers the top.


Conclusion on the Tenaya Lake Tent

In conclusion, it’s easy to see why the Coleman Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent is so hugely popular for family camping. In 6 person and 8 person models, you’re getting a great build with heaps of room. The option to make 2 rooms in both models is a huge benefit, as you can customize them to fit your style.

Comfort is provided with the full mesh roof and large windows that provide ventilation. The hinged D-door is one of our favourite parts, as well as the lighting feature on the 8p version. Closets allow you to store most of your belongings without taking space up on the floor. For mild environments, this will keep you well protected for years of use.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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