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6 Best Dream Tents for Kids Fun Unicorn and Dino Tents

6 Best Dream Tents for Kids | Fun Unicorn and Dino Tents

Kids dream tents do exactly what their name entails – provides children a safe space to have magical dreams for a cozy night’s sleep.

That sounds like music to the ears, doesn’t it?

Every parent wants their child to feel comfortable in their bed and secure enough to sleep all throughout the night.

A bed canopy for kids is basically the ultimate reading nook, and most of them have drapery at the front so they can close it off and feel extra sheltered. 

These tents for children are slightly different to bed tents because they don’t cover the entire surface of the mattress – they only sit at the top where their head lies.

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While they both provide elements of security and coziness, a tent half-canopy creates more openness and may be better suited to children who don’t like to be fully hidden away.

They’re also smaller than traditional bed tents so they’re faster to install and would probably fit easier on bunk beds.

Keep reading to discover our list of the best dream tents based on their quality, design, and affordability.

6 Best Dream Tents for Children Reviewed

1. Ontel Space Adventure Dream Tent

Ontel Space Adventure Dream Tent

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This is so simple to set up that even your kid could do it. It features a true pop-up design that literally pops out into shape in less than a second. To fasten to the bed, it comes with a piece that you slide under the mattress and you attach the canopy to this. We think this is one of the most secure ways to install because the mattress is heavy enough to keep it in place. The polyester fabric is durable because it allows anything to bounce off it whilst keeping its shape – this is a big benefit because we all know how rowdy kids can be.

It’s available in 5 different themes: Winter Wonderland, Space Adventure, Unicorn Fantasy, and two Paw Patrol characters. Disassembly is effortless because it just folds down and gets stored away. To take it anywhere like their grandparent’s house or sleepovers, it comes with a carry bag.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Suitable for Twin Beds
  • Complimentary Reading Light


2. Glowing Dream Tent Explorer

Constellation Glowing Dream Tent

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For the children who are afraid of the dark, this glow-in-the-dark canopy is perfect. It could fit toddler or twin bed sizes quite snugly. For the beautiful stars to glow at night, we recommend charging it during the day. This can be done in direct sunlight, or even under LED lights for the best outcome. The cosmos design is underneath for maximum effect, so try turning it inside-out when placing it in light.

This also has a pop-up set up that unfolds seamlessly in a second. Your children could even put it on the bed every night and take it down every morning – it’s that easy. It would be encouraging for them to make their own bed so their room can stay clean and tidy. For added privacy, your child can close the flaps, or keep them open using the ties.


  • Foldable Flaps
  • Easy Flat Storage
  • Carry Case Included


3. DreamTents Winter Wonderland Tent

DreamTents Winter Wonderland Tent

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A wonderful gift idea, this offers a pop-up assembly so you or your kid can attach it to the bed in seconds. The illustrations truly emulate a winter wonderland. The white wolf, cascading snowy mountains, snowflakes, and northern lights’ inspiration are gorgeous and provide a sense of comfort and magic.

The curtains are a lovely deep purple and can stay open using the ties or remain closed if they’re looking for a little more privacy. We love the dark colors because they won’t disturb your child’s sleep. You can attach a reading light to the edge and shine it inside so they can read their favorite books in the dark. In terms of durability, it’s made from strong material that can withstand pulling and tugging. The ribbed edge frames help it keep its shape all throughout the night.


  • U-Shaped Connectors
  • Hand Washable
  • Suitable for Twin & Bunk Beds


4. DreamTents Dinosaur Island Tent

DreamTents Dinosaur Island Tent

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Weighing just 1.06 lbs, this adorable tent is lightweight enough for kids to set up themselves, and it’s great for dinoboys who are huge fans of dinosaurs. The entire material is covered in cartoon images of different dinosaurs, a smoking volcano, and a vibrant blue lake.

As well as fitting twin and full-sized beds, we think this could also fit a toddler’s bed as it could be slightly adjustable using the plastic connectors that slip under the mattress.

Like the other versions, this one also comes with closable drapes. These make it just as good as a regular full bed tent as your kid can still feel enclosed and comfortable by themselves.

For easy storage and portability, it comes with a carrying tote. You simply need to fold it down and it pops inside the bag easily. We think this is handy for sleepovers if your little one gets nervous sleeping in other spaces – it can help them feel at home.


  • 13” L x 12” W x 13”H
  • Free Book Light Included
  • Fits Twin or Full-Sized Beds


5. Kids Unicorn Dream Tent

Kids Unicorn Dream Tent

Check Prices Here

Available in four different designs, there’s a choice for every child. For dinosaur lovers, aspiring astronauts, unicorn fanatics, or winter dreamers, they will love having their own secluded space to read, draw, play, watch movies, and sleep.

Having a variety of designs is convenient for enhancing their creativity, as well as comforting them with their favorite themes.

We love having access to a range because you can order multiple ones with different imagery – this allows your little one to enjoy immersing themselves in a new world as often as they like.

After zipping the case open, the canopy will pop out immediately. All you, or your child, must do is place the connectors under the bed, and fasten the structure to these pieces. This means it stays snug on top of the mattress so even with a rough sleeper, it shouldn’t move around.


  • Twin Bed & Bunk Bed Sizes
  • Foldable Flaps
  • Storage Bag


6. DreamTents Fantasy Dream Tents

DreamTents Fantasy Dream Tents

Check Prices Here

Unicorns and fairies – what more could a little girl want? This has one of the most vivid designs that we’ve seen, with big rainbows, colorful unicorns, blue skies, and orange and pink scenery. The next is a stunning outer space version for endless dreams of the cosmos. The final version is dinosaur theme with various breeds and big green front flaps.

These tents also set up using the pop-up method which is super easy and fast. They are made from good-quality polyester fabric for the main section, and PVC ribbing for a solid frame. This means you can relax knowing it won’t fall on your child in the middle of the night. They are all hand-washable if anything gets dirty – simply wipe it down with a cloth and warm water or mild soap.


  • U-Shaped Connectors
  • Tie-Up Curtains
  • Fits Twin Beds & Bunk Beds


Buyers Guide – How to Choose a Dream Tent

Magical Themes for Magical Dreams

As most of these canopies have similar structures, the theme is probably the first thing you should look at. Check out all the options with your child and see which one they would love most. This pretty much guarantees that they’ll love it and feel as comfortable as possible underneath it.

From our list, you can see how much of a variety there is to choose from. Some of the most popular include dinosaurs, outer space, unicorns, and general night-time themes with stars and the night sky. We recommend choosing one that will help them feel cozy and safe so they can fall asleep instantly.

Consider the Bed Size

You’ll typically find most are available for toddler mattresses, twin beds, and sometimes even full-sized beds. The great thing about these shelters is that they’re small enough to fit onto bunk beds, even the bottom bunk where it can be difficult to fit a large bed tent.

Depending on the installation method, we believe some of them can be slightly adjustable – give or take a few inches. You want to make sure though that it won’t be too large, otherwise, it could slip and slide around all night.

How Does it Set Up?

Pop-up is the best assembly for these types of canopies. It’s so incredibly easy to do, and your kid could do it by themselves every night. Pop-up is also fantastic for de-installation because it simply folds back down, and most come with a case where it can be easily stored.

To fasten it to the bed, one of the most effortless ways we’ve seen is using U-shaped connectors that sit under the mattress. This ensures that everything stays in place, even with a child who moves around a lot when they sleep.

Drapery is a Must

Front curtains that drape across the bed are very important for privacy. Because these tents only cover half of the mattress, having some flaps that your kid can close is important. It enhances the sense of security that they might not get with a fully open design.

If the curtains can be fastened open, even better. This provides children with the freedom to control their privacy as they please. Look out for Velcro fasteners or ties that can hold the covers open.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dream Tent?

It’s a type of canopy that sits on top of a kid’s beds to encourage deep sleep, comfort and give privacy. It’s a magical getaway for little, imaginative minds. They differ from traditional bed tents because they are designed to shelter the top half of the mattress. As an alternative to large tents, they work just as well for enhancing the sense of safeness. A kid’s canopy comes in so many illustrations and designs, one of the most popular being the theme of the night sky.


How Much is a Dream Tent?

We think they’re quite affordable and can range between $15 and $30. Obviously the higher in price you go, the better quality they should be. To determine whether one is higher in quality, it could be easier to fold away (some can be a little complicated because you must accurately line up the boning), have more detailed illustrations, and high-grade materials. The lower costing ones should still do very well and provide the same effect.


How to Fold a Dream Tent?

As said above, it can be hard sometimes to fold one up. The framing has to be perfectly aligned in a particular way for it to fit inside its storage bag and pop out effectively once opened.

We suggest holding it while it’s flat, then crossing your arms over to create the first fold – basically fold the top half over itself. While still holding this section so it doesn’t pop up again, turn the whole form upside down and twist the bottom half over itself. Next, tuck the top part into the bottom section (this bottom area should be a larger fold than the other) and do one more twist. Fold these two parts into each other and you’ll have a small circular shape that will fit into the case.


How to Install a Dream Tent?

Each one that we’ve talked about has the same assembly design – pop-up. In our opinion, this is the simplest way to install a tent, as it literally assembles itself in a matter of seconds. Once you take it out of its packaging, it will eject out and you only need to secure it to the bed.

If it comes with half-oval connectors, these are positioned under the mattress, and the tent form is clipped on to keep a solid fit. You want to ensure that it won’t shift around as this could wake up your child.


Will it Fit a Toddler’s Bed or Queen Bed?

This all depends on the manufacturer and how the canopy is made. The majority that we’ve mentioned will fit a toddler’s bed and twin-sized bed, and few for a full-size mattress. However, since they are made for kids, it could be difficult to find a queen. These types of tents aren’t typically intended for adult use.



A kid dream tent is honestly a lifesaver for any children who find it difficult to fall asleep. With our guide featuring such a vast assortment of themes and designs, you’re sure to find one that will suit your little one.

They can get lost in their own little world and feel protected and confident to read, draw, play, and sleep in the comfort of their personal fort.

Sometimes outside light can sneak through an opening and disturb us when we’re trying to rest. With the added darkness it provides, it can help children stay fast asleep during naptimes and at night.


Resources and Sources

Tips to Help Kids Sleep Better



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