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10 Best Kids Pop Up Tents | Playhouse Tents that Pop Open

10 Best Kids Pop Up Tents for 2021

Every child’s dream is to have the independence to play or relax in a private space, and kids’ pop-up tents are the perfect solution. They can use it as their own little reading nook, outdoors in the backyard as a covered play area, at the beach, or in a playroom.

A pop-up tent for kids is a wonderful gift and you can find such a huge variety of styles and designs. They are available in lots of different pop culture themes, like much-loved cartoons, to suit all children.

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Regular models are somewhat different from the play tent for kids’ versions. They are typically created for both indoor and outdoor use, usually waterproof, and slightly sturdier.

A dedicated play tent generally focuses on features that complement playing, like attached tunnels and room for a ball pit. We think tents for kids are more versatile for whatever your kid loves to do, and we all know how crazy and exciting their lives can be – they change their minds faster than we can keep up.

We believe every child should be able to explore and discover in their own area where they feel comfy and relaxed. Whether you’re going camping or you want to develop their magnificent creativity, we’ve made a list of some of the best kids tents on our market today.



10 Best Pop Up Playhouses for Children Reviewed

1. Kids Teepee Tent with Padded Mat

Kids Teepee Tent with Padded Mat

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We think this is an awesome present for the holidays for any child that loves reading, playing with toys, or having naps. It features an adorable tipi structure that can make them feel like they’re on their own camping expedition. The mat is padded and non-slip which is great for chilling out with comfort inside.

100% premium cotton canvas is breathable, free of chemicals and allergens, and waterproof. Plus, the Russian pine wood stakes not only keep it stable, but they’re twice-polished to prevent splinters.

A window and flap door enhance the airflow throughout the interior, and you can set it up indoors or outdoors. The bonus fairy lights add an extra bit of magic. It’s simple to put away because you just need to fold the canvas fabric and the poles will store easily under a bed or in a closet.


  • 48” W x 66” H x 81” L
  • Storage Pocket
  • Carry Bag Included


2. USA Toyz Pop Up Play Tent for Boys or Girls

USA Toyz Pop Up Play Tent for Boys or Girls

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Perfect for toddlers, these will make every little astronaut or unicorn lover’s dream come true. The pop-up design is wonderfully easy to set up and the foldable poles keep it nice and sturdy. Paired with the roof and floor anchors and secure ties, your kids can have heaps of fun without worrying about anything collapsing.

Mesh windows enhance ventilation and the children can roll up the door for easier entry and exit. It also gives you a good view inside to keep an eye on them. It’s roomy enough to fit two kids comfortably or even up to three.

With the rocket ship, you get a bonus space torch that projects cosmic images within the interior. For the unicorn version, a unicorn themed headband is included. These are some fun added extras that make the experience so much better for the kids.


  • 41” L x 41” W x 53”H
  • Hand Washable
  • Includes Travel Bag


3. Kiddey Kids Play Tent

Kiddey Kids Play Tent

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This is quite a large tent that we think could fit up to four kids inside. It’s awesome for naptime because it’s big enough to lie down in, and there are windows that fully open for air circulation. These windows allow kids to crawl so there are basically three openings, with the front door built with a Velcro flap.

The entire structure is double-stitched for serious durability. It’s suitable for outdoor use as well thanks to the strong tarp flooring that’s waterproof. This is also great for messy kids as it’s easy to clean any spills.

It sets up and comes down effortlessly, folding down in just seconds so you can take it on camping trips, picnics, or to the beach. The added carry case also helps with easy transportation.


  • Fiberglass Rods
  • Mesh Roof
  • Water-Resistant


4. NARMAY Camouflage Play Tent

NARMAY Camouflage Play Tent

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Featuring a dome design, this is fantastic for ultimate outside fun. To handle rough play, it’s constructed with tough PE coated fibreglass poles that are shock-corded to prevent any breakage. Also, the steel pegs will reinforce it into the ground, so it won’t slide around.

There is a large front opening with folding sheets that give plenty of room to get in and out. For added fun, the side windows are circular to accommodate a tunnel that you can purchase separately. This gives a whole other dimension to playtime.

The inside has a silver coating that prevents water leakage and protects against harmful UV rays. This means children can play outside after its rained because the ground will shield against wet grass. The roof area is made from mesh, but it can be covered up with the canopy panels if you don’t want sun or extra air to get inside.


  • 60” L × 60” W × 44”H
  • Water Resistant Fabric
  • Portable Bag


5. OlarHike Teepee Play Tent

OlarHike Teepee Play Tent

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Fit two to four kids inside this adorable teepee. You can take it to the park or beach using the portable carry tote, and we think it’s sturdy enough against light wind. Kids can help you set it up due to its lightweight and modest design – simply lean the poles together and tie the rope.

These poles are made from gorgeous New Zealand pine wood, which is known to be 50% denser and stronger than regular varieties. This means no breakages, so everyone stays safe and secure.

The fabric is pure 100% cotton. We love how breathable this material is, and it’s ideal for kids as it’s comfortable to touch. The floor is carpeted which is rare to find in a tent, so it’s lovely and cosy for little ones to sleep, draw, and play on. To monitor their playtime, you can see through the side window and keep the door flaps open using handy ties.


  • Fun Zig-Zag Pattern
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Fair Lights Included


6. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent

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Every little princess would dream to have this as their play tent. It has a pop-up design for super simple assembly – just insert the fibreglass poles and you’re done. The bottom of these rods has small sleeve covers on them, so they won’t slip or move around.

It also helps with safety because it stops children from playing with them and causing the structure to tip over. It’s lightweight and nicely compact to travel with you on all your outdoor trips.

One of the best parts are the glow-in-the-dark stars across the material. It’s such a cute feature that adds magic and encourages creative minds. The screen windows create a more open space when kids are inside, and the door can be rolled upwards and tied to stay open. To protect them from the ground, there is flooring across the whole bottom.


  • 5” L x 41.5” W x 54” H
  • Hand Washable
  • Easy Set-Up


7. Rocket Ship Kids Tent Playhouse

Rocket Ship Kids Tent Playhouse

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The cartoon design of this kid’s shelter is so spot on. There are so many cute vibrant details that can enhance the fun for them. Assembly is easy with the instant pop-up framework, where you just need to insert the poles – we think it should only take less than a few minutes to do.

You can put it inside or outside in the yard. If any dirt gets inside, it’s easily washable using a cloth and a mild detergent. Since it’s polyester, everyone stays dry because it’s water-resistant, and it’s non-toxic which is perfect for children.

The side windows are quite big, so we love how easy it is to view the kids inside. Plus, they’re made from mesh screen so they can still feel secure whilst air can flow through. With the cone spaceship structure, it makes it easier for toddlers to stand up inside.


  • Reinforced Pole Pockets
  • 51”H x 40” W x 40L
  • Durable Polyester


8. TazzToys Kids Teepee Tent

TazzToys Kids Teepee Tent

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Another adorable teepee to add to our list, this one is very lightweight yet sturdy for calm or wild play. The poles are New Zealand pine which makes for a strong frame that’s splinter-free thanks to the smooth polishing.

We love that the wood is exposed because it adds to the feel of old-school camping. The windows have rollable covers so your kids can make it feel more private or open.

Host a tea party picnic outdoors easily with the waterproof base – wet grass or dirt won’t seep inside and ruin the fun. It’s excellent for avid readers due to the four storage pockets that are the perfect size for books.

You receive bonus decorative feathers and fairy lights that you can hang on the front. These accessories are so charming and add more to it than just a regular tent.


  • 100% Soft Cotton
  • Hands-Free Carry Bag Included
  • 50” L x 50” W x 50”H


9. Wilwolfer Teepee Tent for Kids

wilwolfer Teepee Tent for Kids

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This is a gorgeous teepee that we think could be used as a fun decoration for a kid’s party. It measures 47.2” L x 47.2” W x 61.4”H, so it could probably fit up to three children at a time. With the windows and large opening with flaps that can be tied back, it’s easy to watch the kids as well as give them ventilation.

There is no flooring, but you can simply place a fluffy rug or blanket underneath to create a comfy space. With the 100% cotton that’s non-toxic and unpainted, we trust that there are no bad odours which makes it safe for kids.

For seamless disassembly, this has a unique frame where the poles are foldable. This also makes it simple to store so you can take it everywhere with you outdoors and indoors.


  • Pine Wood Poles
  • Storage Pockets
  • Carry Bag


10. USA Toyz Mermaid Kids Tent

USA Toyz Mermaid Kids Tent

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One of the most dynamically animated on our list, this playhouse is a dream for every ocean lover. the entire form is covered in beautiful illustrations that enhance the underwater illusion. Even the flooring has a colourful sand drawing. It’s definitely well suited for a beach trip.

It looks effortless to install using some foldable rods and ties, and the roof and floor anchoring create a robust frame. The base is ribbed around the diameter which creates a firm base that prevents crumpling.

We think up to three toddlers could happily fit inside. Humidity is reduced with the rolling door flap and screen window openings – these windows are also quite large which is handy for peeking inside for regular safety checks. When the door isn’t rolled up, kids can secure it closed hassle-free using the multiple Velcro sections.


  • Lightweight Polyester
  • Hand Washable
  • Free Kaleidoscope Included


How To Choose a Kids Pop Up Tent?

Get the Right Size for Your Children

While most toddlers or young kids range between similar heights and sizes, it’s important to think about how many of them will be using the tent. It will mainly depend on the style, such as teepee, dome, or circular with a cone shape at the top, as to which one you should choose.

Teepee’s are usually larger in surface area, but harder to stand up in due to the sloping and narrow sides. Dome forms have a more traditional camping shape; however, they can also be a little difficult to stand up inside – they could more be used for naps or reading and drawing where they can lie or sit down.

The last style is common for rocket ship or castle designs, but they can be found with other illustrations. These are probably the easiest to move around in due to the smooth rounded base and high cone roof.

Ask your child what they would like to do in the tent, whether it’s more reading, playing with toys, or both, and determine from there which style would suit them best.


Materials Matter

Our above list has included mainly polyester versions with some cotton canvas teepees throughout. Cotton tents may be considered better quality, but polyester can be more affordable and work just as well as a fun play area or relaxing nook for kids. Polyester is also slightly more lightweight; however, cotton canvas is usually stronger in terms of water resistance and may last longer.

It ultimately depends on your preference of material and the kind of aesthetic you’re going for. The teepees have a kind of elegance to them, while the polyester ones typically feature cartoons and bright colours. One isn’t better than the other, it really lies in what you prefer.


Set Up Should be Effortless

We all know how fast-paced kids can be, so we think a tent with a super-easy assembly is key. You’ll generally find three types of installation methods: pop-up, instant pop-up, and a sort of manual method for tents like teepees. The pop-up versions are extremely effortless to do and can be assembled in a matter of minutes or even seconds. The third technique may seem less simple, however, it’s quite easy because these teepees come in small kids’ sizes, so they are more lightweight than traditional large ones.


Other Thoughtful Features

Kids are far from boring, so it’s important that a tent compliments their rapid imagination and creativity. Some great added features you could look for when choosing one include:

  • Openings that accommodate separate tunnel attachments
  • Rollable or foldable curtains
  • Mesh windows for breathability
  • Mat flooring that is smooth and comfy
  • Storage pouches for books, pencils, iPads, etc.
  • A carry bag for transportation


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is a Kids Tent?

The price will obviously range based on brand and style. We think you can certainly find affordable, great quality ones starting at $20. At this price, they are often made from polyester material.

For very high-quality types, the cost could go up to $80-$100 or sometimes more. We’ve found these are commonly high-grade cotton canvas versions that also feature premium wood for the framework.


How to Set Up a Kids Tent?

As mentioned above, there are multiple assembly methods.

The first is with instant pop-up editions that come with plastic or metal poles that need to be inserted into sleeves.

The second is solely pop-up, which is different from the instant version because it doesn’t comprise of any separate poles. These are built with a type of coil that basically makes the structure spring into full shape as soon as it’s taken out of its bag. You simply throw it into the air, and it’s built-in a matter of seconds.

The third are the teepees, and these involve wooden rods that are tied together using the canvas fabric covering. Both are rather simple to do, and again it just depends on what kind of design suits you.


Are Kids Tents Waterproof?

You should always check with the supplier; however, you’ll find that most kids tents are waterproof or water-resistant. This is because they are typically intended for indoor and outdoor use, so children can utilize it even if it’s wet outside.



Our guide for some of the best kids’ tents have given you a huge range of options for your child’s next birthday, playdate or Christmas present. A tent for kids gives them the opportunity to hide away from the world to discover themselves and play games or read their favorite books in peace.

A house tent is one of the best ways to foster your kids’ imagination, encourage social bonding with other children, and generally take their playtime to the next level. With simple installation methods and secure frameworks, you can relax knowing your little one can enjoy themselves in a safe and cosy indoor or outdoor setting.


Resources and Sources

The Importance of Play in Children



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