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Eureka Copper Canyon Tent Review (All Sizes)

Eureka Copper Canyon Tent Review (All Sizes)


Available in 4P, 6P, 8P, and 12P sizes, the Copper Canyon Tent by Eureka is a very popular tent for family camping.

Each size has the cabin style, and they’re often used for extended trips thanks to their wide-open space and near-vertical walls. Both cots and airbeds can fit comfortably inside with the high peak heights, again another reason why they’re perfect for families.

For 3-season camping, these Eureka Copper Canyon tents have been staples in the camping community. People love their liveability and good quality materials. Each size is quite similar, getting larger and differing slightly in features and design.


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With this series of cabin tents remaining steadfast as a safe choice for families, we want to take a deep dive into what they’re all about. Showcasing why they are so popular among many campers and why the 4p is considered one of the best 4 person tents around.

Today we’re going over every detail to help you decide which size is best for your next trip.



Eureka! Copper Canyon Camping Tent Review

eureka copper canyon 8p

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Our First Thoughts

It’s easy to see why these tents are ideal for families. The steep walls provide a spacious interior, allowing you to stand up and walk around freely. They’re also great for being able to push cots and airbeds up against, so you can maximise the floor space for storage.

It’s worth noting that these tents are not made for harsh winter weather, but as 3-season tents, they have all the right features and practical designs. The waterproof rating is well above average and we love that all sizes have windows on every wall and full mesh ceilings.

While we think you can certainly find cheaper priced models on the market, you’re getting high-quality materials and construction here. These are made to withstand constant and long-term use, which is important for families who need something that will last.

inside the copper canyon tent

Bright and Spacious Interior

Something else we love about this series is that they are all freestanding. This means you can pitch them on any surface. We think that’s perfect for families or groups of friends where you have the freedom to set it up in the backyard, or even inside the home.

There’s no need to stake it to the ground, it can free stand for garden use for example. But we do recommend doing so if you’re camping.

You can use these tents as guest houses, or as a big fun play area for kids outside, great versatility. 


Important Specs at a Glance


Freestanding Cabin Tent


96” x 96” x 84” (4p)

120” x 120” x 84” (6p)

156” x 120” x 84” (8p)

168” x 144” x 84” (12p)


18 lbs (4p)

23 lbs (6p)

34 lbs (8p)

38 lbs (12p)


$230 (4p)

$280 (6p)

$350 (8p)

$499 (12p)


4, 6, 8 and 12 Person


Traditional Setup, All Included




Frame: Steel & Fibreglass

Tent: Polyester

Waterproof Rating

1200 mm

Sleeping Dimensions 

8 by 8 feet / 10 by 10 feet / 13 by 10 feet / 14 by 12 feet

 Overview of Features

  • Steep Walls with Large Floor Space
  • Sturdy Steel & Aluminium Frame
  • Plenty of Interior Storage Pockets
  • Bathtub Flooring
  • Storm Hoods for Guylines
  • Colour-Coded Set Up
  • Mesh Windows
  • Full Mesh Roof
  • Protective Storm Panels for Windows
  • Waterproof Rainfly
  • Zippered Electrical Cord Port

The only main differences in features between all the models are the overall sizes and the number of poles that are required for set up. Otherwise, all the above features are the same throughout all the tents.


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

eureka copper canyon 12p

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For each model in the series, here are our favourite aspects that we think stand out from different brands in the same family cabin tent range.

GOLD QUALITY – Very Large Windows

The most distinguishable quality of each tent of the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent series is the windows. No matter what size, each version has generous windows that can be found on every wall. We love these windows because they not only provide amazing ventilation for the warmer months, but you can see through the mesh and view the great outdoors.

wall organizer copper canyon tent

Wall Organizer Integrated Inside

Another fantastic thing about these windows is that you can close them up completely from the inside using the polyester flaps. They’re made to protect from rain and wind when you want things dry and comfy inside, which is important because the fly isn’t full coverage. We love how versatile they are, as you’re not limited to just one or two. You’re able to control the interior temperature as you like.

SILVER FEATURE – Combination Framework

Our second favourite feature is the strong structure. We appreciate the combination of both steel and fibreglass, as it creates a sturdy frame. Steel is naturally very strong material, and the fibreglass poles are shock-corded. This means that they are designed to prevent breakage or shattering. Something that is crucial for tents as set up and disassembly on the field can often be a little rigorous.

framework copper canyon tent

Pole Structure is On Point, Solid

Cabin style tents are known to not work too well with high winds due to their tall nature and rigid boxy shape. Having a durable framework is highly important to ensure that it remains stable and won’t move easily. Even though these are all freestanding tents, we advise that you should always secure your tent properly. You’re given stakes and guylines, so make sure to lock it down in place.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT – Good Weather Resistance  

Although we recommend these tents for warmer weather trips, they do present themselves as resistant against moderate conditions. They all have a waterproof rating of 1200mm, which we think is fantastic when you compare that to other cabins in the same range.

You’ll often find a rating of only 600mm to 800mm, which means they will withstand only light rainfall. These tents can resist light to mild rainfall, meaning you don’t need to worry if your trip has a couple of bad weather days.

durable zipper copper canyon tent

Durable, Sealed Zippers Keep You Dry

Also, the floors in every model have a bathtub design. We love this kind of flooring because it eliminates the need for ground-level seams, which in turn reduces the risk of leakage.

The rainfly doesn’t fully cover the tents to the ground, but they conceal the mesh roof and sit slightly over the windows. You can close all the windows with the interior storm panels, so you can stay well protected from oncoming precipitation.

Another great aspect is the storm pockets for the guy ropes. There is one for each rope, and they protect them when they are not in use. We feel that this is such a convenient addition as you can stuff them inside the pockets, pull the drawstrings, and they’ll stay secure and dry.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

eureka copper canyon 6p

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We love that the tall almost-vertical walls create so much space. It’s like each model has an open plan feel, even in the smaller 4P and 6P editions. You can fit cots and small bunkbeds inside with ease. Since the walls are so straight, you can push the beds against them to generate more space for storage and walking around.

In the 8P and 12P, you’re given a curtain divider. This is super handy for sectioning off the space, customising it to make it your own, creating 2 rooms. One you can use for storage, living, or dining, and the other you can keep clean for sleeping.

AC Access port eureka canyon tent

AC Access Port to keep you Connected

One thing we do have to mention is that there are no ground vents in any of the models. We find this a little strange as it’s important to have this kind of ground airflow, even in the summer.

If it’s raining and you’ve closed off all the windows and the rainfly is on, you won’t get any air circulating through. For this reason, we recommend using it in summer or spring when it’s unlikely for it to rain, and you can leave either the fly off or a couple of windows open.

Storage & Power

After quite a lot of research on many different tents, we’ve found that interior storage can often be a sore spot. Particularly for some larger models, the number of pockets can often be lacking.

This is a problem for all tents, especially bigger ones, as they should have ample storage options to accommodate to the increased number of people. This is why we love this range and need to mention their consideration for storage.

roof organizer copper canyon tent

Removable Roof Organizer for Extra Storage

For each size, you get high-stash pockets and a large gear loft that sits on the ceiling. They are roomy enough to fit quite a few smaller items, like a map, sunscreen, glasses, phones, wallets, and so on. We like that the pockets are kept high off the ground to maximise the space, but they’re still in easy reach.

eureka copper canyon 4p

Huge Windows Even on the 4 Person Model

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We’d like the mention the 8P and 12P models in particular, as they have 6 pockets and 2 upper gear lofts for everyone’s essentials. As these ones should have around 4 to 6 people inside for a comfortable experience, this amount of storage is perfect and well-considered.

The small electrical cord port is highly useful and has a great design. The zip is on the inside, which helps to prevent it from wearing down from rain, wind, and dirt. It zips up rather tightly around the cord, which we like because it stops leaking and bugs from getting through.

Ease of Assembly

All tents in the Eureka Copper Canyon Tentseries have been designed to be easy to set up. You’re provided with everything you’ll need, like the poles, stakes, and guylines, and the method consists of the standard ring-and-pin kind.

pole connector copper canyon tent

Pole Connecting is Super Easy

For the smaller 4P and 6P versions, we think you could effortlessly set it up by yourself in around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your level of experience. For the 8P and onwards, 2 people are needed, but the process is still quick and straightforward. The frame is colour-coded in one corner of each tent in the series, so you can always tell where the poles should go.

Great Portability

In terms of transporting each tent in this series, they all have amazingly compact packing sizes. The 2 smaller models pack down quite small for their declared capacity, which is impressive considering their bulkier cabin shape.

storage pockets copper canyon camping tent

Even Larger Removable Meshed Storage on the 12p Tent

The 2 larger models both pack down to just 28” x 10”, which is also extremely impressive when you see how big they are. Cabin styles take up a lot of floor space and are known for their tall walls, so we think they have done very well here in terms of keeping things compact and convenient.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Does It Have Bathtub Flooring?

Yes, each model in the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent series has tub-like floors. They sit high off the ground to avoid any leaking. With this kind of floor, we still recommend using a tarp or footprint underneath the structure for extra protection.

How Many People To Set It Up?

As recommended by Eureka themselves, the 2 smaller copper canyon tents need only 1 person for set up. It should take between 20 and 30 minutes, but once you get the hang of it you could do it in around 15 minutes.

Is There A Divider?

In the smaller versions in Eureka Copper Canyon Tent series, there is no room divider, and you have just one open space. For the two larger ones, you are provided with a divider to create 2 separate rooms.


Our Final Thoughts

For each model in the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent Series, we can clearly see the incredible craftsmanship and great quality materials that make these awesome family tents.

They are made for ultimate comfort for small to larger groups of people, as you can see with the vast floor space and near-vertical walls. The huge airy windows and mesh ceiling give heaps of ventilation, which we appreciate for warm-weather camping.

With steel and fibreglass hybrid frameworks, you can trust they are reliable and stand firm against moderate winds. Although they’re 3-season, we think they’re especially perfect for summer camping.

Plenty of space and room dividers are available for the 8 and 12 person models, you’re getting versatility with lots of room for storage.

As premium 3-season tents, the prices of the Eureka Copper Canyon Tent are reasonable. You won’t get much better than this for super comfortable and safe family camping.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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