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10 Best Kids Teepee Tents for Boys and Girls

10 Best Kids Teepee Tents for Boys and Girls

Teepee tents for kids are the new blanket forts.

Instead of messing up your living room and unfolding all the blankets in your house, having a teepee play tent that your child can mess about in is one of the best ways of enhancing their creative minds.

Encouraging role play and imaginative thinking is such an important part of a child’s development.

Kids teepee tents have become a favourite among both parents and young children because they can upgrade any playroom, bedroom, or nursery. Or simply have them on the living floor for the afternoon before stowing away.

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These models are clearly for the little ones, but there are teepee tents for adults too, if you’re looking for something the whole family can pile in. 

Your children can use it as a cosy reading nook, a spot to nap, to read endless books, and to play and let their minds run wild. Indoor teepees are a durable, yet inviting option for any child to play in, and you can find them in a wide variety of styles to suit any room.

You can customise them with cute pillows and soft blankets, and even put a fluffy carpet in for extra cosiness. Teepees are a magical safe place for children to get privacy while they play, and some options in our list can be used as toddler and baby teepee tents also.

From inexpensive to higher-end, we’ve created a list of the best teepee tents for kids to brighten the playtime of any little boy or girl.



10 Best Teepee Tents for Kids

10. Little Dove Floral Classic Kids Teepee

Little Dove Floral Classic Kids Teepee

Classic Teepee Kids Play Tent

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With a gorgeous ivory color and made from 100% natural, non-toxic cotton canvas, this teepee is perfect for any aspiring princess. Beautiful lace curtains create a door at the front and can be folded back as a permanent opening. There are also lace windows on the walls which add such a delicate touch.

Set up is very easy with 4 poles that must be inserted into their sleeves. A special circular wooden part can be inserted into the top pole section for extra reinforcement for stability.

Over 6 feet of height makes it suitable for toddlers and smaller children, where they can easily stand up. Due to the thick canvas, you can use it outside and inside for playtime.

It’s easily portable thanks to the foldable structure. It comes with a carry case, so you can take it to a friend’s house or to a park with ease. Weighing just over 6 lbs, it’s also lightweight for easy transport.


  • Delicate Lace Front Curtains
  • Durable Thick 100% Non-Toxic Cotton Canvas
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use


9. Little Dove Foldable Teepee Play Tent

Little Dove Foldable Teepee Play Tent

Foldable Teepee Kids Play Tent

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You can also fold this one up for easy transportation, making it a breeze to carry around and set it up wherever your child wants. From the same brand as above, this one has a slightly simpler design with a large front opening and a detachable base. This front part can be fully closed to give them privacy inside.

Some cool bonuses that come with this model are the drawstring carry pouch, decorative white feathers with gold tips, fairy lights in the shapes of stars, and a cute coloured flag banner. This gives you the opportunity to customize it however your child likes.

240g thick pure cotton canvas is durable and breathable, with reinforced stitching and strong rope. The canvas can even be painted on with non-toxic paints for a fun activity and to let your child personalize their play space. The framework is a premium New Zealand pine which is hard-wearing for long term use. A small side window lets them look outside and gives you a view of them while they play.


  • Safe for Use by 0-12 Year Old Children
  • Premium Durable New Zealand Pine Frame
  • Use Indoors & Outdoors


8. Senodeer Kids Teepee Tent with Lights

Senodeer Kids Teepee Tent with Lights

Senodeer Beautiful Kids Teepee Tent

Check Prices Here

This is another full-white cotton canvas that has a foldable opening and a smooth pine wood pole framework. It’s a very simple and traditional design, with a little window on the side that adds to the aesthetic. Measuring just over 5 feet for the height, it’s suitable for toddlers and slightly older children.

You receive a complimentary play mat with the tent which can sit underneath as flooring. Hemp rope holds the poles together and is tough and durable. As well as the mat, you also get some gorgeous starry lights that you can hang around the outside edges.

This is also appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, as the canvas material is tough and can withstand general wear-and-tear. You can easily move it while intact from inside to outside, so you don’t have to re-do it each time. Assembly is nice and easy with the same 4 pole design as the previous models. An instruction manual is provided in case you do get stuck.


  • Convenient Carry Bag Included
  • Strong Hemp Rope for Durability
  • Traditional Design with 100% Canvas


7. Anpro Kids Tipi Tent with Fairy Lights

Anpro Kids Teepee Tent

Foldable Play Tent for Kids

Check Prices Here

Great for toddlers and babies, this also has a similar traditional design. It has a very stable structure with a long, thick rope and tough pine wood that is smooth to prevent any splinters. This wood is also free of chemical odors.

Along the poles, there are thick connectors for added stability, and anti-slip sleeves on the bottom. A fixer piece in the middle ensures it won’t collapse. For the canvas, it’s 100% natural, non-toxic, and unpainted to give your child the safest and most comfortable experience inside.

Use indoors and outdoors for fun and interactive playtime. It doesn’t come with flooring, but you can add your own carpet or blanket if you’re inside, and a small tarp if you’re in the garden. A carry bag is provided with a drawstring and handle for easy portability.

During playtime, your child can either keep the door flaps closed with the easy Velcro, or folded open. If it’s all closed, there is a side window that can provide airflow. Interior pockets are handy to allow your child to place books, electronic tablets, and toys inside at easy reach.


  • Breathable 100% Natural Non-Toxic Cotton Canvas
  • Strong Smooth Pine Wood Structure
  • Bonus Dream Catcher, Flags, and Fairy Lights Inside


6. Wildkin Cotton Teepee Tent for Boys and Girls

Wildkin Kids Teepee Play Tent

Wildkin teepee tent for kids

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Stepping away from the traditional white cotton color, this one from Wildkin has a super fun outer-space pattern with rocket ships, moons, galaxies, and other planets.

In addition to this design, there are 5 others that you can choose from to suit all boys and girls. These include blue and white stripes, pink and white stripes, blue and pink butterflies, pink swirls, and one with cartoon planes, trains, and trucks.

It follows the same structure as the other traditional teepees, with 4 central poles that are inserted into sleeves. It can be fully closed with the front flaps that can be tied together to give your child privacy while the play, sleep, or read.

The bottom reaches all the way to the ground, which stops dust from entering inside.

You can move it around the house, even upstairs and downstairs, without disassembling it. This is great as you can place it in any room and your child can play with it everywhere.


  • High-Quality 100% Cotton Canvas Material
  • 6 Different Design Themes
  • Suitable for All Ages


5. Hippococo White Canvas Teepee Tent for Kids

Hippococo White Canvas Teepee Tent for Kids

Indoor Outdoor Foldable Tipi Tents, White Canvas

Check Prices Here

Set this up in just minutes using the 5-pole and rope structure. Flooring is included in this model, which is handy for keeping them warm and off the ground without a separate blanket needed. It’s a mat that is sewn into the rest of the body, so it stays nice and sturdy while children play. The material is a true white 100% canvas, which is non-toxic and doesn’t give off any nasty odors.

The reinforcement part is unique to some others we’ve seen. It consists of a wooden stick with 2 balls on either end that then get inserted at the top of the pole intersection. This part keeps everything solid so there’s no movement whilst kids are inside. To open and close the front flaps, Velcro attachments make it simple for even the kids to use.

The window is a large circular shape, which makes it easy for you to see your child as they play safely. Children have various pockets inside which allow them to easily store books and other toys. It also helps keep their items off the ground so they can lie down and still have their toys next to them that are effortless to reach.


  • 100% Pure Cotton Canvas Materials 
  • Stable 5-Pole Structural Design
  • Adorable Pink Heart & Blue Moon Hanging Accessories


4. Love Tree Large Kids Teepee Tent

Love Tree Large Kids Teepee Tent

Teepee Tent for Kids Portable Playhouse

Check Prices Here

This edition from Love Tree is certainly not a traditional teepee design, but it still makes for a wonderful play area for kids. It’s more of a cabin or dome shape, with straight vertical walls and a rounded roof. The coloring comes in 3 different versions – black and beige, pink and beige, and all beige. It’s great for toddlers as it’s slightly bigger than some other models and has more interior space to stand up. Thanks to the larger size, we think you could fit a couple of toddlers and even an adult inside comfortably.

The body is made of 100% strong cotton canvas to keep up with the fast-paced playtime of kids. It’s very sturdy as it has a house-like structure. Set up takes only 2 steps, as it has the same pole and sleeve installation as other teepees. With this type of structure, we do recommend putting all the poles in the sleeves before putting them into the bottom pockets, otherwise it may be hard to do it all at the same time.

Flooring is added and it is also made of the same tough canvas fabric. The door entrance is quite large, and they can be pushed back using the simple straps. Windows give ventilation when everything is shut.


  • Sturdy Fibreglass Pole Framework
  • Very Spacious Cabin Design
  • Multiple Windows & Large Entryway


3. Scriptract Kids Teepee Playhouse

Scriptract Kids Teepee Playhouse

Scriptract Kids Teepee Tent Foldable Playhouse

Check Prices Here

Back to the traditional design, this comes in 4 different exterior patterns, including black, pink, and grey and white stripes, and an all-beige one with some cute cartoon arrow detailing. Installation is quite easy with a 4-pole framework. Simply connect each pole section together using the white connectors and slide them through the sleeves.

These connectors are made from hard plastic which can withstand rough play. Dedicated holes in the poles let you tie the rope around effortlessly, and a square wooden reinforcer part gives added stability.

The poles are made from a tough pine that has been smoothed out for ultimate safety. 100% natural cotton canvas makes the rest of the body, and it’s eco-friendly and chemical-free which stops any odors from forming.

A cute circle window can be found on one of the side walls, and it allows some airflow to get through when kids are playing inside. The front entrance is very large, and the flaps can be secured back so they can get in and out easily.


  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Usage
  • 100% Natural Thick Cotton Canvas
  • Available in 4 Different Patterns


2. Sumerice Toddler Teepee Tent

Sumerice Toddler Teepee Tent

Sumerice Teepee Play Tent for Kids

Check Prices Here

The simple, yet elegant all-white canvas and wooden pole design make this teepee able to suit any style of playroom or bedroom. Due to its simplicity, you can accessorise and customise it to your child, so they can truly make it their own space. Assembly is seamless, with 4 poles and thick rope to secure them.

Weighing 6.7 lbs, it’s lightweight and portable to take with you everywhere, plus you receive a carry bag for added convenience. It is appropriate to use both indoors and outdoors, so you can even take it to the park for a fun picnic activity. Even use it as a gorgeous pet house as a warm, cosy getaway for them to relax. For kids, there are several storage pockets for their small toys and other items.

It can be easily cleaned with some mild soap and water, which is always a blessing when kids can get a little messy. When the front entrance is completely closed, some ventilation is provided through the little side window. There is flooring with this model, so you can put an extra blanket and some pillows for added comfort.


  • Traditional 4-Pole Simple Set Up
  • 100% Natural Safe Cotton Canvas
  • Flooring Included


1. Tiny Land Teepee Tent

Tiny Land Teepee Tent for Kids

Tiny Land Teepee Tent for Kids

Check Prices Here

This model comes with a great non-slip mat, that is half an inch thick for extra comfort. It has a padded structure to it, almost like a thick quilt cover, so your child can lie down and relax. The structure is made from prime Russian pine wood. It’s twice polished for a lovely smooth surface to prevent any risk of splinters. 100% premium cotton canvas makes up the rest of the tent body – it’s highly breathable and has no chemicals or allergens.

A center height of 5.5 feet makes this perfect more people of all ages, and especially great to fit several children inside. With a length of 6.75 feet, it feels very roomy, and your child could easily lie down for a nap without their feet sticking out of the entrance.

The front doorway has flaps that can be folded back for getting in and out with ease. The framework folds down seamlessly so you can store it away and it won’t take up much space.


  • Very Spacious 6.75’ x 4’ Dimensions
  • Premium Russian Pine Poles & 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Use Indoors & Outdoors


How to Choose a Teepee Tent for Kids


Choose a certain size depending on the age of the children, and how many will be using it. For toddlers and even younger, they can stand up very easily in most models. In terms of traditional structures with a square base, they are quite roomy inside and typically allow a child to lie down comfortably.

Like the cabin-shaped one on our list, you can find some different versions of the traditional teepee style. These might have large floor and headspace, so keep this in mind when deciding which one you will get and how many kids you want to fit inside.  


Assembling a small kids-sized teepee is generally extremely simple. Most consist of a 4 or 5-pole structure. The poles are inserted through the dedicated sleeves and tied together at the top for stability. Look out for strong rope and either wood or fibreglass poles, as these will make the most stable frame to ensure safety while your child’s inside.

A reinforcement part is something to look out for as well. It’s usually a small wood piece that is inserted at the intersection of all the poles, and it’s just some added protection so you can have ultimate peace of mind that it won’t collapse.

Child-Friendly Features

A strong framework is very important to keep things child friendly. Sturdy wooden or fibreglass poles should be used, and if they’re wood, they should be polished to avoid any splintering.

Flooring is a great addition to a teepee as it keeps your child off the floor and away from dust or debris. It’s also handy for outdoor use as you won’t need to apply a separate floor print underneath, unless the ground is wet or dirty.

Entrance flaps that connect with Velcro are very user-friendly for little hands. Your child can close the doors and fold them open themselves safely.

Pockets are a handy feature that allows kids to store their books and toys off the floor whenever they want, so they can make the space their own.


Even though most of them have the same simple and traditional teepee shape, the design can slightly differ. Some may have larger floor area than others, and some may be in a cabin style like we previously mentioned. Front door flaps are typically tied using either Velcro or string, so decide which one would be easier for your child to do by themselves. Windows are another design feature that can help with ventilation and let you see through easily.

Another design factor is whether it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, or both. Canvas can usually be used for both, but check with the particular manufacturer as some can only be used inside.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are They Easy to Set Up?

Teepees of this size are commonly very easy to assemble. 4 and 5-pole structures are very common, and they require some simple steps that can take minutes. The poles are usually separated into smaller pieces and attached using connectors.

They are then put through the dedicated sleeves and tied together with a rope. Some offer a separate piece that reinforces everything further, and it gets inserted at the juncture of the poles.

Of course, this always depends on the size and style of the teepee, so keep this in mind before purchasing one.


Are They Easy to Clean?

If made from 100% canvas, they should be effortless to clean. Use some mild soap and lukewarm water with a cloth to wipe any messes. Canvas is known for being very durable and for long-term use. Polyester is also typically easy to clean using the same method.


Are They Waterproof?

100% cotton canvas material is naturally waterproof. You can waterproof treat it further with some spray, but if your child won’t be using it in the rain or if you don’t allow drinks inside then there should be no need to worry about waterproofing.


Can I Store it Easily?

This depends on the brand and design, but most of them are easily stored. The poles will usually be separated into smaller sections and are attached using plastic or another type of connector. Some of them come with a storage bag, which is very convenient for transporting with you and storing away when not in use.


Are There Any Dangers for my Kids?

During manufacturing, these kinds of teepees that are made for kids are very safe. Wooden poles are usually polished to stop any splinters from forming and are very sturdy. Fibreglass poles are also great and provide a stable structure.

Cotton canvas is something to look out for to ensure complete natural and non-toxic materials. The poles should also be hidden within the sleeves of the body of the tent, so children can’t touch or play with them.



For their next birthday, or just because they’re special, gift them with one of the adorable teepees on our list. Instead of constant screen time, a teepee will encourage your little one to use their own imagination to play, so they can learn the importance of a creative mind. Enhance playtime and help develop their motor skills with a cosy space for reading, playing, and napping.



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