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Best Teepee Tent for Camping Reviewed

10 Best Teepee Tents for Camping Reviewed

Teepee tents, also known as tipis, are one of the most commonly used for outdoor camping. Their unique shape makes them stand out among other tent styles, and you’ve probably recognized them since you were a kid.

Often a popular choice for events like weddings or festivals, kids’ birthday parties, and of course, for camping with small or large groups.

The best teepee tents for sale today are widely used thanks to their compact nature, yet large floor space. Extreme sloping sides are the giveaway feature, with a very high centre peak that makes it easy to stand up inside.

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They are also loved for their versatility, as they can come in many different materials and designed for different uses. You can find some lightweight tipis for backpacking and hiking, or more heavy-duty canvas ones for glamping.

There are also variations on the traditional tipi structure, like the bell tent which generally has an even larger floor layout.

You can find models designed for kids over in our other write up for kids teepee tents, if you want something small for the home. For family models, keep reading on..

While they can be fun to make DIY style, a dedicated camping teepee will do wonders in the wild.

With durable materials and interesting designs, our list will help you decide which is the best tent model this year and which one will suit your next trip.



10 Best Tipi Camping Tents 

10. BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Camping Teepee

BaiYouDa 3-4 Person Camping Teepee

Check Prices Here

This is a family tent that is perfect for rough outdoor camping. The dark green material with a black lining makes it blend in with the environment, which is always a nice touch for any campsite. The outer rainfly reaches all the way to the ground, providing added protection from any splashing water.

A top peak cover lets rain slide down without entering the tent, and there is a mesh vent at this peak for air circulation.  Further ventilation is given through the lower ground vent, so you can keep things dry inside and free from humidity.

Stability is provided through the full-metal poles and 25 stakes, which are all included for easy set up. many guy line points give added firmness, allowing it to withstand some heavy winds. Robust 190T polyester fabric has a waterproof rating of 1500mm, meaning it will hold up against low to moderate rainfall.

The mesh is all mosquito-resistant so it can be used in hotter months. All corners have taped stitches and double layers for even more protection against rain and wind.

While this is slightly too heavy to be used for backpacking, the carry bag is very sturdy with big nylon handles that support the weight. It packs down to 30.7” x 7.9”, so it would fit inside a car easily without taking up too much space.


  • Waterproof Rating of 1500mm
  • Several Ventilation Vents to Decrease Humidity
  • Full Coverage Rainfly


9. Vidalido Teepee Camping Tent

Vidalido Teepee Camping Tent

Check Prices Here

Large enough for 4 to 5 people, this has a huge 12.5’ centre height with high-quality materials suitable for harsher conditions. Simple set up consists of a bottom ring and centre pole, plus corners that need to be fixed to the ground. We think it would take just minutes to do. Complimentary colourful tent flags are a charming addition that upgrade it from a regular looking tent.

This is great for both hot and cold conditions, as it has great ventilation whilst remaining well covered. The rainfly is almost full coverage, as the roof has a moderately sized opening where ventilation comes through. This is still important to have even in cold weather to prevent humidity.

In warmer weather, the outer layer can be removed to reveal a complete mesh body. This mesh is made from high-density 2000D mesh with a water column of 3000mm. While it is ideal for 4-seasons, the extreme height may be a slight problem with very tough winds, so keep this in mind in relation to your camping location.

Strong 190T patterned polyester combined with 150D Oxford fabric make for a long-lasting structure that can withstand wear-and-tear overtime. All the framework poles are anti-rust reinforced steel, plus all seams are heat sealed for leakage protection.


  • Double-Layered with Full Mesh Inner Section
  • Front Door Extends into a Large Canopy
  • Highly Waterproof 3000mm Rating


8. Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

Winterial 6-7 Person Teepee Tent

Check Prices Here

Made for backpackers and hikers, you can share the load with others and carry this fairly lightweight 15 lb tent. This is certainly made for more rugged conditions, as the rainfly creates full coverage and sits all the way to the ground. A waterproof rating of 1500mm means it will withstand moderate rainfall, plus the 210T polyester material makes it resist tearing from heavy winds.

Installation would take less than 5 minutes as it has a single-pole structure. It’s a non-freestanding design, so it can remain stable against winds when securing properly with the 30 ground stakes. In addition to the structural framework, the sleek cone shape also assists with wind resistance. At night, you can make it glow-in-the-dark with lights inside. This is a cool feature as you can stand out on the campsite and easily find it.

Two doors allow people to get in and out without disturbing other campers. With an interior layout of 10’, it can comfortably accommodate 3 to 4 people with some room leftover. You’ll find a combination of both PVC plastic and mesh windows, to allow controlled temperature regulation.


  • Lightweight 15 lbs Suitable for Backpacking with Others
  • Full Coverage Rainfly with 1500mm Water Rating
  • Large 10-foot Floor Space


7. OmniCore Designs 12 Person Teepee Tent

OmniCore Designs 12 Person Teepee Tent

Check Prices Here

Measuring a huge 18’ by 18’, this is perfect for big families and groups of friends. Despite its large size, it can be suitable for more intense weather conditions thanks to its moderate slanted sides and a high waterproof rating of 3000mm. The rainfly is made from 70D 190T ripstop polyester which prevents tears and maintains strength in tough winds.

All seams have been factory sealed for further moisture defense. The fly is full coverage and reaches the ground, yet there is still good ventilation for the warmer months. The entrance area is all mesh under the fly, there are multiple ground vents with outer storm flaps, and a vented roof.

This roof is unique in that the outer peak cover can be closed from the inside using a cord design – you won’t have to go outside in the rain just to cover things up.

A 9’ center height gives heaps of room to stand up, so you can hang out inside without feeling restricted. It’s designed for 12 sleeping bags, but we recommend using it with 6 or fewer people so you have room left over for luggage storage. Inside, you have a huge mesh pocket that allows you to store smaller items for easy reach.


  • Very Spacious with 9-foot Centre Height
  • Highly Waterproof 3000mm Rating
  • Innovative Outer Roof Covering is Closed Interiorly


6. Ozark Trail Family Cabin Teepee

Ozark Trail Family Cabin Teepee

Check Prices Here

We think this is the perfect choice for a festival or even a glamping session with friends. The simple yet aesthetic beige and green coloring make it a great addition to any campsite. Installation is a breeze with the seamless 2-pole design.

This differs from some other teepees as there is no center pole. There is enough space for 7 people, so it could comfortably sleep 2-4.

This would definitely suit summer or spring camping more than colder months as there is plenty of ventilation. The front opening is large and can stay rolled open. 2 windows are placed on the walls and are made from insect-repellent mesh for heightening air circulation.

The peak of the roof has vents that are hooded to allow airflow even when it rains. The flooring is made from durable Polyethylene with seamed stitches for added safety from leaks. 

Interior pockets allow storage of small valuables, like phones, keys, wallets, and torches at easy reach.


  • Large 105² feet of Space
  • Simple 2-Pole Set Up with No Centre Pole Obstruction
  • Integrated Electric Cable Port


5. Skandika Waterproof Camping Teepee

Skandika Waterproof Camping Teepee

Check Prices Here

Extremely spacious with room for 12 people, this tent from Skandika has a more unique shape than most other teepees. Instead of very steep side walls, this has more slanted sides, which creates increased headroom inside. There is a massive amount of floor space with room for sleeping bags and a table with chairs when you have around 4-6 people inside. It’s great for families.

Despite its size, we believe this could work for 4-season camping, as the more rounded shape and full coverage fly allow it to withstand heavy winds and rainfall. Plus, the waterproof ratings are very high for both the fly and flooring. A 3000mm water column for the flysheet and 5000mm for the ground making it ideal for moderate to heavy rain conditions.

For even further protection from harsher environments, the fly is made from 150D polyester, and the floor is PU coated, which are both robust fabrics for outdoor living. Air circulation is somewhat limited when everything is closed, but you can leave the 2 doors wide open for added airflow. Otherwise, you do have the peak ventilation roof with a hooded covering, and several other aeriation points throughout. 


  • 9.8ft Centre Height
  • 3000mm Rainfly & 5000mm Groundsheet Waterproof Ratings
  • Several Hooded Ventilation Points


4. Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigan Teepee

Wenzel Outdoors Shenanigan Teepee

Check Prices Here

Lightweight and great for backpacking, this model from Wenzel comes in 2 designs – a fun red plaid or a blue geometric pattern, both with additional beige colouring. It’s perfect for camping in the warmer months, are there are quite a few mesh panels throughout that create nice ventilation.

The front door has a mesh inner, and there are multiple windows that are screened with anti-insect mesh. Each opening can be fully covered when it rains. Additional venting comes from the back, which allows for complete interior airflow as it works with the air coming from the roof vents.

While it’s made for 5 people, we think it’s a good 2-person tent, as you can use the other space for your gear. The installation process is streamlined with just 1 pole that needs to be connected to the floor. You’ll find 2 storage pockets inside that are also mesh, so you can store smaller items like phones and sunglasses, whilst keeping them in easy reach.

This rolls up into a very compact size and fits into a duffle bag that’s smaller than most sleeping bags. At 11 lbs it’s not the most lightweight than some other backpacking tents out there, but you can easily share some of the weight between you and someone else.  


  • Simple 1-Pole Set Up
  • Tall 7.5’ Center Height
  • Insulated Heavy-Duty Groundsheet


3. Guide Gear Deluxe 18 x 18 Teepee Tent

Guide Gear Deluxe 18’ x 18’ Teepee Tent

Check Prices Here

The same design as the previous Guide Gear model, this teepee measures at a massive 18’ by 18’ to fit 8 people inside, with room for gear at the front. The roomy vestibule can be used for many different things, making it versatile for any type of camping. Use it for a separate relaxing area and watch the outdoors undercover with the plastic windows, or use it to store dirty and muddy gear.

There are several ventilation points that have hoods over the top so you can keep them open even when it rains. One at the roof peak allows hot air to rise and escape so humidity can’t form when there are people inside.

Factory-sealed seams can be found throughout which help keep things dry inside. 4 mesh windows and 4 other plastic windows give great views of outside, whilst keeping the bugs out. A room divider is included, which is a great addition if you want to personalize the interior to separate rooms or make one for more storage.


  • Front Vestibule with Removable Flooring
  • 1200mm PE Coated Waterproof Materials
  • Strong Steel Pole Framework


2. DANCHEL Family Tipi Tent

DANCHEL Lightweight Family Tipi Tent

Check Prices Here

This Danchel model leans closer towards a bell shape, with the same familiar high peaked roof of a teepee. Weighing 25 lbs, it’s not as heavy as some other 5-8 person tents, however, we think it’s still slightly too heavy to take backpacking or hiking. It does pack down to quite a compact size of 30” x 10” x 10”, so it would be quite easy to fit in your car.

It has one of the highest waterproof ratings, coming in at 5000mm. This is thanks to the heavy-duty 300D Oxford silver coated fabric that is highly resistant to rain, winds, and general wear-and-tear. It’s certainly suitable for 4-season camping, as there are many mesh openings that can be used as ventilation. You have 5 windows, 3 screened panels, roof vents, and a huge mesh door. You can control the air circulation through the opening and closing vents.

All the stitches are taped for further protection, and the zipper intersection is reinforced to block leakages. A rain cap can be placed above the front door pole, encouraging rain to be directed away from the opening.


  • High Waterproof Rating of 5000mm
  • Very Spacious Interior with Room for 10 People
  • 8 Mesh Openings for High Ventilation


1. Guide Gear Deluxe 14 x 14 Teepee Tent 

Guide Gear Deluxe 14 x 14 Teepee Tent 

Check Prices Here

This is a beautiful polyester teepee that has a traditional shape with steep walls, yet it has a modern twist with the separate front room. This vestibule is super convenient for getting changed out of wet clothes, storing muddy boots, or a place for dogs to sleep.

It has plastic windows on either side and fully closes at the front so you can still view the outdoors whilst staying protected from the elements.

Set up is fast and simple with a single centre pole that raises the height to 9 feet. The frame consists of sturdy steel which helps keep it strong during winds. It’s large enough to sleep 6 people but sleep 2-3 if you want room leftover for storage and relaxing.

Tall bathtub flooring stretches up the sides to stop water from splashing up and entering. Hooded vents at the top and bottom of the structure keep moisture out while letting air circulate through to stop humidity. Materials consist of 190D polyester with a polyurethane waterproof coating, with a rating of 1200mm to withstand light to moderate rainfall.


  • Very Roomy 14’ x 14’ Dimensions
  • Enclosed Front Vestibule with Detachable Floor
  • Ideal for 3-Season Camping


Differences Between a Teepee vs Tent

The main difference between the two is the shape, however there are some other factors that make them different in relation to camping.

  • Shape – Teepees usually have much larger floor spaces that regular tents and can be slightly more compact because there is less wall space. They also don’t have structural vertical walls like some other tents. While they typically have a lot of headroom in the middle, the traditional sloping sides can make less room for standing up than some other tents.
  • Use – Both can be used for camping, and teepees can generally be used in very strong winds. This is because the single centre pole provides incredible strength due to the tension it builds. When secured down properly, they work very well in gusts of wind. It is possible to find teepees for backpacking or hiking, and there are a lot of brands coming out with lightweight versions with full coverage rainflies for rugged camping. They can be more versatile than regular tents because they can come in a variety of shapes for different campers.
  • Set Up – Installing a teepee can be much easier than some other tent designs. They usually only need 1 or 2 poles, with 1 in the centre for stability and height. However, some tent designs have pop-up or instant installation, where poles are pre-attached for a streamlined set up in minutes.
  • Price – There is no real difference in the price between these two as it greatly depends on the brand, materials, and capacity. Most teepees will be over $100, and some can even range up to the $500 mark if they have a large capacity and are made from 100% cotton canvas.  
  • Ventilation – Teepees are great for use in the hotter months, as the vents at the very top peak allow all the hot air to rise and escape. Unless it has a full coverage fly and is made from thick canvas, teepees may not work as well in colder weather like some other tents.


How to Choose a Teepee Tent


Consider how many people will be sleeping inside, and this will determine how large or small your tipi should be. They come in a range of sizes for small or large groups, but you should always have at least half or less than half the amount of people than the suggested capacity.

Generally, they have a great amount of headspace in the centre for standing up and stretching. Plus, they are known for their huge floor area. Usually, you can have room for gear storage which is always handy when camping with lots of baggage.

It’s also important to think about the type of camping you’ll be doing and the method of transportation you’ll be using. You can get away with a heavier one if you’re on a road trip with a car or truck but go for a lightweight one if backpacking or hiking.   


Set up is normally straightforward for these kinds of tents. With a centre pole, assembly is very easy, and you’ll often find 1 or 2 pole set ups. On our list, we did find one without a center rod, however, it still had a simple assembly with 2 outer poles.

With a larger model, it may be more difficult as the materials could be heavier or the pole framework a little more complicated. Always check the instructions before leaving, in case you get caught in the rain and need a longer time to set up. Perhaps even learn how to install it before heading to your campsite. 


As with any tent, it’s very important to have enough airflow inside. Tipis are often used in summer, so you should always check if there are plenty of vents and mesh panels to create air circulation.

One of the most common is at the roof. They usually have several hooded vents at the roof peak that makes hot air escape so dampness can’t form inside. Lower ground vents are very important to suck cold air through, and closable mesh windows are a great addition to look for.

Style or Shape

These can come in many different shapes, despite always keeping the same general form – peaked roof with sloping sides and a large circular floor.

However, there are a variety of styles that you can find. Bell tents are a very common type of tipi and are also like yurts. They have a lower wall with a cone on top, almost like a circus tent. The type you should choose greatly depends on what you like, and what type of camping you’ll do. Bells and yurts are often used for camping or for events, whilst tipis can be used for intense conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Teepee Tents Good for Camping?

Here are several reasons why they are a great option for many campers:

  1. They have a compact design which works great for travelling.
  2. Whilst compact, they still provide good floorspace and headroom for fitting more people inside.
  3. With a highly peaked roof, they give you the room to stretch and stand up that some other tents of the same size are not able to provide. It’s always an advantage to be able to stand up while camping as it can feel quite enclosed and even a little claustrophobic sometimes.
  4. With a big floor space, they are great for storing your gear as there is room leftover even with people sleeping inside. For this reason, they are also very popular for kids and camping with dogs.
  5. Resistant to strong winds, you can take it to many locations and trust it will stay stable and upright.
  6. With the right material and a stove jack, you can use them for cooking inside as the upper roof vents allow any escaped smoke to leave.


How Much are Teepee Tents?

Good quality ones will almost always be over $100, and range between $100 and $200. Heading up into the premium range, some can reach up to $500 depending on the materials and capacity.


Are Teepee Tents Easy to Put Up?

These are known as very easy tents to install. Most have a 1 or 2 pole design, and the centre rod makes it very durable and gives stability. While it may get a little more difficult as they get larger, this is common with most large tents that don’t have a pop-up or instant design.



The broad versatility of teepees is what makes them so loved by many campers today. They are some of the best tents to use for more rugged camping, as well as for more relaxed activities like events for kids or glamping for adults.

Next time you’re ready for your next adventure, consider one of the teepees on our list for easy set-up, lots of floor space, and plenty of room to stand up.


Resources and Sources

Where did the Teepee come from



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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