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Marmot Limestone Tent Reviews – 8 Person, 6p and 4p

The Marmot Limestone tent line sticks to tradition with a simple dome structure, yet amps things up by accommodating to the modern camper. They’re incredibly popular for going family camping, car or RV camping, and motorcycle camping.

Today, we want to find out why these camping tents are such a go-to choice for many travelers. We also want to see how it differs from other Marmot tents. We’re going to uncover every little feature to see if these are really all they’re hyped up to be. 

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In this review we’ll cover each size available – 4 person, 6 person and 8 person – so you can discover the differences and similarities between them.

Join us to learn everything you need to know about the Marmot Limestone tents, including our first thoughts, favorite features, and a break-down of all the details.

At first glance, the Marmot Limestone 8 person camping tent is a monster – not only in price, but also in specs and craftsmanship. A true premium quality tent, probably not ideal for first-time campers and newbies.

Definitely for those who have perhaps ran through their first Ozark or Coleman tent and are now looking to invest into something more longterm.  Marmot in our experience do not, by any means, make cheap tents even the 4 and 6 person models start at the $300 range, as opposed to the $80 models you see flying around (literally if the wind picks up).

So, as you can imagine, their biggest model is one of the more luxurious 8 person tents on the market. Catering to the family and group camping markets, the 8 person tent model has garnered rave reviews for getting just about everything right, making it one of the best marmot tents around. 

We wanted to see for ourselves what everyone has been talking about, and reveal any blemishes that have been hidden cleverly, alas we were surprised. Without further ado, we present to you an in-depth look at this multiple-person offering from Marmot.

Marmot Limestone 8p Camping Tent Review

Marmot Limestone 8p Camping Tent Review

Marmot Limestone 8p Camping Tent Review


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For a group of 4 that don’t want to go for a cabin tent, this model is a sleek extended dome with tons of livable space. The added screen room is the most obvious difference between this version and the smaller sizes. You also get a vestibule, so there’s even more room to keep your gear out of the way, leaving more space to sleep and relax. While you’re not getting the same type of spaciousness as a cabin, we think this model is more suited to slightly harsher conditions; the dome construction withstands wind better than cabin designs.

Key Features:

  • Loads of Space with Vestibule & Screen Porch
  • Room Divider Provides Privacy
  • Full Coverage Fly with Plenty of Vents


Marmot Limestone 6 Person Review

Marmot Limestone 6 Person Review

Marmot Limestone 6 Person Review

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Moving on to the 6p, this is pretty much the same as the 4p, but of course in a larger size. You’re getting 83.3sq feet of floor area, compared to 59.7sq feet with the 4p. The doors look huge, and we’ve noticed there is an interior zippered curtain to control airflow. Straight walls are in full force here, which is a signature feature we’re noting with this line.

Key Features:

  • Rainfly Can Turn into Awning with Poles
  • Double Storage Space with Dual Vestibules
  • Wide Entrance Oval-Shaped Doors


Marmot Limestone 4 Person Review

Marmot Limestone 4 Person Review

Marmot Limestone 4 Person Review

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The first thing we realized about the 4p is that it comes in two different versions – one has a single door with one vestibule, and the other has two with two vestibules. The one you get will depend where you buy it from, as some places sell the single door version and others sell the double door one. Other than that, the rest of the features appear the same. We’re pleased with the full mesh roof, high-quality materials, and vertical walls that increase space.

Key Features:

  • Compact Pack Size with Handy Carry Sack
  • Fast & Effortless Set Up
  • Massive Front Door Prevents Bottlenecks


Our First Impression on Marmot Limestone Tents

At first glance, when looking at just at the design, these tents obviously lean towards the contemporary side. We love the color choices, from the rich green shadow moss, to the vibrant orange spice arona version with bright orange accents. There’s also a simpler option with monotone shades mixed with orange trimmings.

The shape is a classic dome, although the walls appear taller than others we’ve seen in the same range. For the 8 person model, this is a big tent that means business. It has a large interior that can be configured into two rooms, each with its own entrance, which is great for family and large group camping.

Plenty of mesh is included in the design to provide excellent airflow and stargazing opportunities. Marmot uses high-quality fabrics and poles in the construction of this shelter, for a durable tent that can stand up to the elements for years to come.

A large rain fly protects it well during storms, and there is high-quality waterproofing featured throughout. If all that isn’t enough, it even affords you more space with a vestibule, pitches within a few minutes, and can accommodate extremely tall campers with near-vertical high walls.

Important Specs at a Glance


68D Polyester Taffeta Fabric (Canopy/Fly)

150D Polyester Oxford (Floor)

DAC DA17 Aluminum Poles


100“L x 86“W x 61“H (4p)

120“L x 100“W x 76“H (6p)

100” x 187” (129.9 sq. ft.) (8p)

Vestibule: 32 sq. ft.


10 lbs (4p)

16 lbs (6p)

21 lbs, 3 oz. (8p)


63″ center height (5’3″)

76″ center height (6’3″)

77” center height (6’4”)


Up to 4 People (4p)

Up to 6 People (6p)

Up to 8 People (8p)

Pack Size

27.5” L x 10” W (4p)

28” L x 10” W (6p)

33” x 16.5” (8p)




15 Minute Setup


Orange Spice/Arona

Green Shadow/Moss


1500mm Rain Fly with Awning

3000mm Floor


Freestanding Dome


Warranty on Manufacturer Defects


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

marmot limestone 6 person tent arona

marmot limestone 6 person tent arona

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GOLD QUALITY – Gold-Standard Construction

For the price tag this tent commands, you would hope it is made of gold or a close equivalent. Fear not, Marmot has outfitted it with extremely high-quality materials throughout.

68D polyester taffeta is the go-to fabric on both the canopy and fly, with no-see-um mesh composed of 40D polyester. The adaptability of this fabric makes it very common in tent construction, and it has numerous upsides.

Polyester is breathable, keeps its shape, can be waterproofed, protects against UV rays, and while its lightweight, it’s also durable against abrasions.


tent poles marmot limestone 8 person

Quality Tent Poles

The floor of the tent is made of 150 denier polyester Oxford, providing a rugged material that can stand up to the increased foot traffic that results from housing a large number of campers. Investing in a footprint (Marmot makes one specifically for this model) will help to extend the life of the tent floor and is always recommended.

As for the frame, Marmot crafts it out of lightweight DA17 aluminum poles. These are an extremely strong and flexible pole from DAC, and ensure the shelter has high quality structural support for superior performance through all types of climates.


SILVER FEATURE – Rain, Rain, Go Away

Despite a majority mesh construction, Marmot ensures you’ll stay dry inside the shelter with premium waterproofing features.

The included rain fly not only covers the tent well, but also provides additional vestibule space at the main entrance. This vestibule can be used as a place to store your gear, which will afford you more room inside the tent. The vestibule door can also be propped up to provide a small awning that keeps the entrance shaded and protected from the rain.

tent stakes marmot limestone 8 person

Clips to Reinforce Stability

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The fly is also 1500mm waterproofed with taped seams to keep water from penetrating the shelter, and locks via clips to various frame points, making sure it will never blow away. Additionally, the fly is designed with cuffs over the zippers so water can’t sneak between any small cracks between the teeth.

The floor of the tent is also treated with waterproof coating, and is designed as a catenary cut floor with taped seams for added protection. As groundwater tends to pool, having a premium hydrostatic head rating of 3000mm ensures the floor will stay dry, and won’t cause temperature shifts.



While this tent has a large interior of almost 130 square feet, you aren’t limited to using it as a single room. Marmot includes a divider curtain that can be used to split the tent into two separate living spaces.

Families usually love this feature as it not only provides some privacy, but the parents can be separated from the kids for uninterrupted sleep. The curtain can also be rolled back or fully removed when you need to walk through the tent.

multiple storage pockets marmot limestone 8 person

Various Storage Situated Around the Interior

Having a divider means you can use the secondary room in other ways as well. Some campers choose to use the additional room as a screen room they can lounge in to enjoy the natural landscape without fear of being eaten alive by mosquitos.

Other uses for a separate room can be for storage, food prep. eating, or gaming and watching TV. It all comes down to your style of camping and the number of people you are with.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Marmot limestone 6 person tent orange

Marmot limestone 6 person tent orange

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Simple Set-Up

Marmot makes sure the setup of this tent is as painless as it can possibly be. All the clips and poles are color-coded so you won’t be confused as to what goes where, and you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors. The pole and grommet system provides a fast pitch for staking down easily, and the canopy clips to the pre-bent frame, pulling the fabric taut for near-vertical walls.

dimensions marmot limestone 8 person

Dimensions and Floorplan

Something in The Air

The majority of this tent is comprised of mesh, which works wonderfully for ventilation, and providing excellent views of your outdoor environment when the rainfly is unattached. A zippered vent on the back wall allows for cross-ventilation. When the rain fly is attached, it has prop-up vents to keep the air flowing freely, eliminating condensation and making sure your heat doesn’t build up.

lantern hanging marmot limestone 8 person

Hanging a Lantern or Fan is Easy with the Hoop

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Superior Interior

Two large, back-to-back D doors allow entry into the main tent. They can be opened and rolled back one at a time, or together if you want a cave-like entrance.

The secondary room uses a separate D door, which is great so people aren’t crawling all over each other when coming and going. A doormat is also included for storing your footwear to avoid tracking dirt into the tent.

lower storage pocket marmot limestone 8 person

Meshed Storage Pockets near the Base

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Once inside you will find a few storage pockets, and gear lofts for keeping your essentials near.

You can also illuminate the tent at night by hanging an interior light from the ceiling, and when you are ready to go home, the tent breaks down quickly and compacts into an easy to transport storage bag.

Video Rundown


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

How do the vestibules work?

On the 4p and 6p models there are vestibules at the front and rear (depending on where you get the 4p from as some suppliers give a version with one vestibule). The front one can be folded in half to create a half-vestibule, and on the 6p it can be turned into an awning using poles. The rear vestibule has rounded shape to it, which can also be folded back, and has storm flaps prevent leaks.

On the 8p, the vestibule is positioned in front of the main door, not the screen room door. It can be rolled up to let some sunlight in, or zipped down completely for the most protection.

Are these portable?

These aren’t backpacking tents, so are perfect for car, motorhome, or motorcycle camping. They come with a stuff sack, which compresses them down in a more compact shape for simpler portability. This sack also has a handle to carry it with ease.

Is there a bathtub floor?

No, these tents have catenary cut flooring. Instead of raised flooring, the catenary cut has tight seams that optimize the amount of floor area. Another advantage is that this cut keeps the tent more taut, preventing billowing tent fabric which reduces the potential of wind damage.

Do these tents include a footprint?

No, it does not. Marmot does make a footprint specifically for this tent, though. You can pick it up for around $85 on their website, or for a cheaper option, utilize an oversized tarp for 1/4 of the price. I would take the latter option. 

Are these good tents for families?

Yes, this is a very good tent for families. While it’s marketed as an 8-person tent, a maximum of 5 people is ideal so there is sufficient room for everyone. As it has a room divider, you can have separate rooms for the parents and kids, which can be a much-needed break at times.

Can the divider be removed?

Yes! The divider is optional and can be removed or opened. It zips/unzips, so you just roll it back for when you want to walk through the tent, saving you time uninstalling and reinstalling.


Conclusion on the Marmot Limestone Tents

Let’s conclude by confirming that the Marmot Limestone tents are worth the hype. After delving into each and every detail, we can see why these are such popular choices among couples, families, and groups for 3-season vehicle camping.

If you were juggling between getting a cheap tent or one of these models for your next trip, you’d be getting so much more value with the Limestone line. They would last you much longer, since you can trust that you’re getting top-quality materials, careful craftmanship, tons of storage space, and a streamlined set up.

With great attention to detail, this tent excels in many areas that other outdoor shelters seem to stumble in.

You can be confident that it won’t leak. You can rest easy knowing it will stand up to the howling wind, and that you will always have clean air regularly cycling through the tent. Features like this are so important to a camper’s all-around experience and Marmot nails every one of them.

So, for a large tent that is crafted with a level of care rivalled by few, the Marmot Limestone 8 person is an excellent choice. While it is on the pricey side, it is made for serious campers, and is an investment that will pay off for years to come.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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