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Best Marmot Camping Tents Reviewed

14 Best Marmot Tents Reviewed for 2021

Since their establishment back in 1974, Marmot tents have been a go-to for many first-timers and seasoned campers alike. Marmot 2 person tents and Marmot 3 person are among the most popular on the market, and we want to find out what all the hype is about.

But before we get into the specifics, let’s briefly see where it all started.

The year was 1971. Perched on a glacier in Alaska’s Juneau Icefield, two friends created the Marmot Club; two friends named Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley.

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This club ultimately birthed the desire to make high performance outdoor products for all the Marmots out there, and beyond. Eric and Dave made prototypes in their dorm room, which led to an order of puffy jackets for a Clint Eastwood movie, which resulted in Marmot being the oldest customer of W.L Gore & Associates in the worldwide outdoor market.

It’s exciting to see a brand rise in the ranks from such humble beginnings, and we can’t wait to go through the best Marmot tents for sale today.

We’re breaking down the details of the Marmot Limestone, Marmot Limelight, Marmot Tungsten, and 11 more of their best. Since there is such a large array of model lines, we also want to help you differentiate which ones are ideal for different types of camping.

1. Marmot Limestone Tent

Marmot Limestone 8p Camping tent

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Campsaver   Check Prices – Backcountry

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Motorcycle Camping

Sizes Available: 4p, 6p, 8p

Weight: 10.8lbs, 16.2lbs, 21.3lbs

Perfect for family or group camping, this model combines classic and contemporary features for the modern camper. What we mean by that is you’ve got a traditional dome shape with a ring-and-pin  set-up, but the rainfly, inner features, and overall high-quality materials create a streamlined design.

Let’s start from the outside with the fly. It’s full coverage, waterproof, and made from a tough 68D polyester ripstop fabric. A standout for us is the upper vents on the fly, which you’ll find on both sizes. They’re covered by hoods which keep moisture out, but let airflow through.

Inside there is a full mesh roof, which extends to half of the windows. Made from durable 150D nylon oxford, the floor has a high waterproof rating of 3000mm to keep out mild to heavy rainfall.

Note: For more info, check out our Limestone Tent Review

Key Features:

  • Full Coverage Waterproof Rainfly & Color-Coded Set Up
  • 1800mm Fly Waterproof Rating & 3000mm for the Floor
  • Variety of Small & Large Mesh Storage Pockets

Popular Questions:

How many vestibules are there?

There is one vestibule at the front of the 4p tent, and two for the 6p. We like that they’ve included a door mat to go under the vestibule, as it prevents your gear from getting soaked and lets you remove dirty shoes before entering.

What seasons best suit this model?

The Limestone is best suited to warmer weather, so two season camping. That being said, there is a full coverage fly and it’s made from waterproof materials, so you could use it in slightly cooler weather and mild rainfall.

Are all models portable?

Both smaller sizes come with a stuff sack, which is designed to compress the tent for easier transport. The pack size of the 4p is 27.5”L x 10”W, and the larger size measures 28”L x 10.5”W. Obviously the 8 person is larger and a little more robust, less inclined for ‘on the move’ backpacking style camping.


2. Marmot Limelight Tent


Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – Campsaver

Ideal For: Backpacking/Hiking, Family Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike/Motorcycle Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p, 4p

Weight: 5.2lbs, 6.5lbs, 7.15lbs

This model is one of their more budget options (particularly for the 2p and 3p versions) considering the vast spaciousness you’re getting. The roominess is created with the pre-bends in the frame, which make vertical walls.

The shape is basically the same throughout each size, expect for the 4p which has a taller peak height than the others. All have super-sized doors, including a back D-door. Moving on to the fly, it covers the entire tent. This gives you tons of coverage when it rains, but you’re still getting airflow through an adjustable hooded roof vent.

Materials here are designed to be lightweight and highly portable. The frame is made of DAC press-fit aluminum poles, and the fabrics are 100% polyester. With a 1500mm water column fly and 2000mm water column floor, it’s ideal for light to moderate rain.

Note: For an in-depth guide to all the Limelight Tent models, check out our full review. 

Key Features:

  • Huge Front Double Vestibule with Large Double Doors
  • Seam-Taped Fly & Catenary Cut Floor Reduce Wind Effects
  • Vertical Walls Create Significantly More Room

Popular Questions:

Does it come with a footprint?

Yes, all three sizes are shipped with a footprint; you can also purchase another one separately for each size. It shields the underside of the tent from abrasions, and it comes with stake-out corners to attach it in a cinch.

How do I set it up?

All sizes come with everything you need for assembly, including the stakes. We do recommend using your own heavy-duty stakes if you’re camping in high winds. Set up can be completed in minutes, as each pole is color-coded, and it’s designed with strategic clip placement for attaching the poles and fly.


3. Marmot Halo Tent

best Halo Tents

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – Campsaver

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping

Sizes Available: 4p, 6p

Weight: 12.12lbs, 19.5lbs

Next we have the Halo model, where the 6p version is like a hybrid of a dome and tunnel tent. The main difference between the sizes is obviously the capacity, but the shape of the 4p is more low-profile with a slanted vestibule, rather than the hoop shape on the 6p.

The amount of livable room you get in both sizes is definitely a standout. Oversized doors on opposite sides make it simpler to rearrange things, and getting in and out is a breeze.

Thanks to a thick polyester oxford floor with a waterproof rating of 3000mm, you can use these tents in moderate wet weather. While the fly has a water rating of 1800mm, it is made from hard-wearing 68D polyester ripstop which resists tears, and covers the entirety of the inner body.

Note: We have a more in-depth Marmot Halo Tent Review on our dedicated page, for more information check it out.

Key Features:

  • Full Coverage Waterproof Fly with Vestibule & Air Vents
  • Massive Front Door & Rear D-Door for Seamless Entry
  • Color-Coded Poles & “Easy Pitch” Clip Attachments

Popular Questions:

How many people can fit inside?

We always suggest using a tent with half the amount of people in relation to the capacity. So, the 4p is perfect for a couple, or family of 4 with 2 kids, and the 6p is great for 3 people, or a couple who would like extra room.

What is the carry bag like?

It is a stuff sack, which is designed to compress the tent into its smallest form possible. This allows for hassle-free storage that won’t take up much room in your car, RV, or on the back of your motorcycle. We love how the bag comes with two compression buckles to further decrease its bulk, as well as a full-length shoulder strap.


4. Marmot Tungsten Tent

Tungsten Tents

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – REI

Ideal For: Ultralight Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Remote/Backcountry Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike Camping

Sizes Available: 1p, 2p

Weight:  3.8lbs, 4.13lbs

This freestanding tent is one of our top choices for campers looking to pack light. The framework is made up of HD velocity aluminum 7000 series poles – a mouthful to say, but there for a reason. These poles not only form a strong and stable frame, but are also lightweight for easygoing transport.

An additional highlight of the poles is that they make up a pre-bend framework. This gives you much straighter walls for added comfort, without compromising on the weight or low-profile nature. We classify this as a 3-season model, as the interior section has a huge portion of mesh, but the fly keeps you dry in mid to high rainfall.

To avoid condensation build-up, we like that the fly has vents for improved airflow. A single D-door on the 1p lets you get in and out seamlessly. The 2p comes with two triangle-shaped doors, giving increased ventilation and makes it feel less cramped.  

Note: For more information on the Marmot Tungsten Tents, the standard, UL and UL hatchback tents, check out our dedicated page. 

Key Features:

  • All-Coverage Seam Taped Fly & Thick Poly-Taffeta Flooring
  • Freestanding Design with Streamlined Set Up Process
  • Bonus Footprint Included

Popular Questions:

Why is this classified as unisex?

There doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer to this question, although we think it could be due to the coloring and overall sizes. Another possible explanation is that some 1p tents from other brands are advertised as either “for men” or “for women”, so they could be advertising it as unisex to show that it’s suitable for everyone, no matter their gender.

Can this be used in the snow?

This line is more intended for warm to mildly cool weather camping, since there is a great deal of mesh throughout the paneling. Even though you’ve got a full coverage rainfly that reaches the ground, the inner flooring has a water column of 2000mm, so it won’t protect against extreme conditions.


5. Marmot Thor Tent

Thor model tents

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – REI

Ideal For: Mountaineering, Winter Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Remote/Backcountry Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p

Weight: 9.1lbs, 10.25lbs

The Thor model is admittedly more on the pricey side, but it is truly one of the best you’ll find on the alpine camping market. It’s designed for long-term trips where you need plenty of coverage when it rains or snows, a compact profile to withstand high winds, and top-quality materials to last in extreme conditions.

We have to point out how much we appreciate the fly design, because it allows plenty of ventilation to come through multiple vents. This is very important for winter camping, as it’s easy for things to quickly get stuffy inside a tent when you’ve got a full coverage fly.

Other promising features that justify the price include an internal guy-out system, a poled vestibule for added stability, sound-free zippers, light-reflective parts, and a bare bone assembly for user-friendly set up.

Note: For more information and specific details on both sizes, read our Marmot Thor Review

Key Features:

  • Highly Protective 10,000mm Waterproof Floor Rating
  • Slim-Profile Tunnel Design & Straight Walls Create More Room
  • Seam Taped Catenary Cut Flooring Enhances Wind Resistance

Popular Questions:

What kind of fabric is used?

Several hard-wearing materials are used to make up this tent. The canopy is made from 100% 20D nylon bug-free mesh, combined with 40D nylon ripstop. The floor is extremely tough, made up of 100% Nylon with 70D thickness. Finally, the fly is 50D 100% nylon with a 3000mm water column.


6. Marmot Catalyst Tent

Catalyst Tents

Check Prices – Campsaver   Check Prices – REI

Ideal For: Family Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike/Motorcycle Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p

Weight: 5.3lbs, 6lbs

Ideal for trips in the warmer months, this is a straightforward tent with minimal features, but maximum effect. While it is a little simple, it doesn’t have any excessive frills and keeps things fairly lightweight for the amount of space you get.

Both capacities have dual D-shaped doors, twin vestibules, color-coded poles, a lamp shade pocket, and strategic clip placement that creates more room inside.

This model has some of the most mesh we’ve seen out of all them so far. That’s what makes it so perfect for warmer weather, because you can leave the fly off and remain protected from bugs all night long. We’re pleased that they’ve added in a free footprint, which is a huge bonus considering the reasonable price.

Note: For a full breakdown of the 2 and 3 person tents, check out our full Marmot Catalyst Review

Key Features:

  • Vast Mesh Panels Provide Tons of Airflow
  • All-Coverage Fly with Double Vestibules
  • Freestanding Design with Lightweight & Durable Aluminum Poles

Popular Questions:

Can I stand up inside?

The center height for both capacities measures 88”, or 7.33ft. This provides more than enough room to stand up and move around to arrange your living space or get changed. While this is a dome model, it utilizes a special framework that forms straighter walls.

Are there any differences between the sizes?

There are barely any differences between each capacity. The only one (apart from the obvious size difference) is the shape of the doors. While both D-doors, the ones on the 2p are slightly shorter in width than the 3p ones.


7. Marmot Bolt Tent

Marmot Bolt Tent

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Moosejaw   Check Prices – Outdoor Gear Exchange

Ideal For: Ultralight Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Bike Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Remote/Backcountry Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p

Weight: 2.5lbs, 3.1lbs

Along with ultra-lightweight, the most fitting description for this model has got to be ultramodern. This is one of the most uniquely shaped tents we’ve seen – it’s super geometric with an indistinguishable shape when compared to a simple dome, a-frame, or hoop tent.

Reminiscent of a geodesic tent, the shape isn’t just there to look cool. Paired with the pre-bend poles, the walls are basically vertical, but it still keeps a low-profile when the fly is on. This means it performs well in high winds, especially with the curved vestibule.

As well as seam taped and waterproof, the flysheet is designed to stop sagging even when wet. We also like that it’s UV resistant, making it ideal for hot and sunny conditions.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Geometric Shape Adds Spaciousness & Wind Resistance
  • Catenary Cut Floor Further Enhances Wind Resistance & Prevents Leaks
  • UV-Resistant Seam Sealed Fly with Vents

Popular Questions:

Are there areas for storage?

Despite the compact nature of this model, there are several mesh storage areas for keeping smaller valuables. A unique add-on is the gear loft that acts as a lamp shade pouch and lights up the whole tent with an ambient glow.


8. Marmot Orbit Tent

Marmot Orbit tent review

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – REI   Check Prices – Moosejaw

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Motorcycle Camping

Sizes Available: 4p, 6p

Weight: 16lbs, 23lbs

Next we have a transforming model called the Orbit. The 4 person and 6 person capacities are extremely similar, as they both have one massive double front door and the same rainfly design. The fly is probably our favorite part, because it adds so much more than just protection.

Covering the inner dome tent fully, it stretches out and makes a whole second living, storage or sleeping area. We like how even though the overall size is large, the tunnel shape with hoop frames provide an aerodynamic effect. This means it will withstand heavier winds than, say, a cabin tent.

There are several possible configurations you can do with the fly. Put the flaps up as awnings, leave them down with the front open, or close everything completely for high protection.

Key Features:

  • Extra Tall Interior Height Adds Comfort
  • Intuitive & Fast Set Up Using Just 5 Poles
  • Grand Front Room Created with Full Coverage Fly

Popular Questions:

How do I create an awning with the doors?

For each capacity, you get two poles in the package to make a mini canopy out of one of the doors. The other door does not come with its own poles, so you need to use your own, or some branches, to make two awnings.

How many rooms are there?

While it may appear at first glance that the interior tent stretches all throughout, the front area is formed when you attach the rainfly. It transforms the tent into a hoop or tunnel model, with a large additional room at the front. This space is great for chilling out dining or reading, with stacks of airflow and shelter from the sun.

We don’t recommend sleeping there in heavy rains; it could act as a second bedroom in warm weather, or for dogs. Make sure you place a footprint or tarp underneath, though.


9. Marmot Lair Tent

Marmot Lair Tent

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – Moosejaw

Ideal For: Mountaineering, Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping

Sizes Available: 8p

Weight: 26lbs

For those who are keen to standout on the campsite, the Lair is a geodesic tent packed with features perfect for a lengthy stay in the mountains. The igloo-like shape allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions, from heavy snowfall, to rough winds, and relentless rainfall.

At 8p, it’s ideal for a family of 3 or 4 with room to spare for gear storage. To accommodate a crowd, dual D-doors make it easier for people to enter and exit without creating a bottleneck. It’s incredibly livable, boasting a 156” (or 13ft) peak height and 165sq ft. of floor space, so there’s certainly no lack of headroom.

Since it will most likely snow on your expedition, we love that they’ve considered the fact that you can still see the sky, even when tucked away inside. This is thanks to the Window Weld, which is a plastic window located on the roof. Its slanted design means snow can’t accumulate, so you can always see through it.

Key Features:

  • Removable Vestibule & Repair Kit Included
  • 5000mm Nylon Flooring & 1800mm Ripstop Nylon-Silicon Fly
  • Various Interior Pockets for Organization

Popular Questions:

Does it get humid inside?

It’s no secret that there is no mesh to be found on this model. Don’t let that put you off, though, because there are multiple hooded vents around the tent that you can adjust to let air flow through.

What is the frame made out of?

The frame is extremely robust, made from 9.5mm and 10.2mm DAC-developed DA17. DAC poles were created in 1991, and are said to have had a huge impact on the large-tent industry. They’re designed to have the strength to bend and arch without breaking.


10. Marmot Mantis Tent

Marmot Mantis Tent

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – REI   Check Prices – Moosejaw

Ideal For: Backpacking/Hiking, Festivals, Remote/Backcountry Camping, Motorcycle Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p

Weight: 6.85lbs, 7.14lbs

Our next pick is considered a budget option, but there certainly is nothing “cheap” about it. The Mantis is a compact model that’s perfect for laying your head down after a long day of adventuring, equipped with a super-sized door and detachable vestibule for increased space.

While it’s not the lightest model out there, the triangular shape makes the most out of height, without bulking out the side walls. This leaves you with a spacious interior tall enough to stand up in comfortably.

In addition to acting as a vestibule, the flap area can be lifted to produce a canopy. This adds to the space, as you can stay protected from the sun or light rain, but still enjoy the view. We love how the door basically takes up the entirety of one wall, because you can see the stars at night while staying guarded from bugs with the mesh.

Key Features:

  • Huge Wall-Sized Entrance & Removable Vestibule
  • Colored Poles with “Easy Pitch” Clip Combo
  • Lightweight Yet Strong 7000 Series Aluminum Frame

Popular Questions:

Is there really much room inside?

With a 90” height (7.5ft), there is more room than you’d think inside. You can definitely stand up in the center, which also means you can change your clothes or stretch out to avoid feeling confined. When you combine it with the fly/vestibule attachment, there is even more space to hang out.

How long does assembly take?

The set-up of both sizes can be done by one person in around 15-30 minutes, depending on said person’s experience. Color-coding on the poles make set-up an uncomplicated process, plus the pole sleeve and clip combo speeds things up.


11. Marmot Crane Creek Tent

Marmot Crane Creek Tent

Check Prices – Amazon

Ideal For: Ultralight Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Bike Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Remote/Backcountry Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p

Weight: 4.8lbs, 5.8lbs

Thanks to the freestanding design of this model, you can pitch it on any terrain and move it around with total ease. It’s a popular pick for spring and summer as you’ve got stacks of mesh on the main tent, but you’re also prepared for bad weather with a full coverage flysheet.

Speaking of the fly, it maintains air circulation inside with a vent on the vestibule part. This vent is hooded, and can be opened or closed using a simple Velcro strap. In terms of wind resistance, this can withstand heavy gusts since the shape is a classic dome, and the framework is made up of robust aluminum 7000 series poles. These make an X-shape which means the structure supports itself.

Key Features:

  • 100% Taped Seams for Leak-Free Protection
  • Double Overhead Vents & Vestibules Increase Storage & Airflow
  • Wide Back & Front D-Doors for Effortless Entry

Popular Questions:

Do I need to use a footprint with this model?

Like with many tents, this will depend on the type of terrain you’re camping on and the weather. If there’s going to be heavy rains, a footprint or tarp will help block puddles from forming under or near the base, which stops leaks.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information on the waterproof rating for this model. Going off previous versions, the floor is probably made from an Oxford Nylon or Oxford Polyester. These materials are tough, but if you’re worried about installing it on abrasive grounds, then a footprint can never hurt.


12. Marmot Hammer Tent

Hammer Tent

Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – Moosejaw

Ideal For: Mountaineering, Ultralight Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike Camping, Remote/Backcountry Camping

Sizes Available: 2p

Weight: 4.14lbs

Now, this one might look like a regular dome at first sight, but an ever-so-slight design change gives it a contemporary twist – one wall is more slanted than the others. This wall is where the vestibule attaches to the rest of the canopy, which doubles as a rainfly giving a full-coverage effect.

Suitable for harsh conditions, the canopy is constructed with 50D polyester trevira with a PU dry coating and water column of 1200mm. The floor goes further with a 3000mm water column, made from 40D nylon fabric. A combination of catenary cut and bathtub flooring further enhance its waterproofing abilities.

Key Features:

  • Fully Seam Taped Construction with Extra Tough Flooring
  • Hooped Removable Vestibule Boost Storage Space
  • Compact Profile Heightens Wind Resistance

Popular Questions:

Does it come with a rainfly?

This does come with a fly, which also acts as a porch. We can see how it can be confusing whether it comes with a fly or not, since it only covers the front portion of the tent. You’re still getting full coverage, though, since the rest of the canopy is made from a thick polyester material. The fly/vestibule attaches with buckles and has a pole sleeve that forms a hoop for extra room.

Can I use it without the fly?

It is certainly possible to use this without the rainfly attachment. The only opening is at the entrance, which can be rolled down for spacious entry and exit, or fully closed and sealed to keep you snug and dry. You’ll find dual vents near the ground, so you won’t get damp inside.


13. Marmot Fortress Tent

Fortress Tents

Check Prices – Backcountry   Check Prices – REI   Check Prices – Campsaver

Ideal For: Mountaineering, Winter Camping, Ultralight Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike Camping, Remote/Backcountry Camping

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p

Weight: 10.8lbs, 16.2lbs

While the shape of the Fortress somewhat resembles the Limelight, there are quite a few differences that give this model its uniqueness. It’s also been compared to the Tungsten line, as they share the same innovative design and enduring fabrics. However, this has an all-textile canopy with additional guylines to keep you warm and safe in especially ghastly weather.

The name choice for this model is particularly fitting; it certainly looks and feels like a fortress. 30.6sq feet of floor space paired with a tall 88” height give it such an airy, spacious feel you wouldn’t expect from an extreme-weather tent.

The fly is fully seam taped and forms into double vestibules, which can be used as just one when needed. Notable interior features include their classic lamp shade gear loft for ambient lighting, catenary cut flooring, and user-friendly nylon zipper pulls.

Key Features:

  • All-Fabric Seam-Taped Canopy Traps More Heat
  • Double Vents & Dual Mesh Doors Increase Airflow
  • Pre-Bend Poles Enhance Spaciousness

Popular Questions:

Can this really last in snowy weather?

Since the floor has a waterproof rating of 2000mm, we recommend it only for short trips, as long-term expeditions in snowfall could lead to leaks. 68D polyester taffeta for the flooring improves durability, but perhaps think about using a footprint if you’re heading on a lengthy trip in constant wet conditions.


14. Marmot Force Tent

Force tent

Check Prices – Backcountry

Ideal For: Ultralight Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Remote/Backcountry Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike/Motorcycle Camping, Summer Camping

Sizes Available: 1p, 2p

Weight: 2.9lbs, 3.5lbs

Last up is the Force, which is designed for 3-season trips, but especially for hot weather. That’s because the inner canopy is totally mesh – the only bit of fabric is down on the bathtub floor. This mesh is 15D no-see-um, so you can sleep in it without the flysheet and keep bugs away.

While these are small shelters, we appreciate the strategic placement of clips. This creates a much larger volume inside, without compromising the weight. With just 4 poles, assembly will only take 10-15 minutes. In addition to a minimal framework, the freestanding design means you can lift the assembled tent and move it wherever you’d like without disassembling.

On both capacities, the fly reaches down to the ground so you’re fully shielded. The side vestibules have a center zipper, so you can customize the vestibule opening. Various vent openings prevent humidity build-up.

Key Features:

  • Freestanding Construction with Durable & Lightweight Poles
  • 1 Vestibule on 1p & 2 Vestibules on 2p Expand Storage Area
  • 30D Ripstop Nylon Fly Resists Sagging & Leaks

Popular Questions:

Is it uncomfortable inside?

By virtue of the tactical placement of clips, both sizes are much comfier to move around in and stretch out than some other 1p or 2p versions. While the peak height is only 3ft, the middle area is further extended to give you room to change clothes, store gear, or rearrange the space.


Conclusion on Marmot Tents

You’ve reached the end of our Marmot journey – we hope you’ve found a model or two from their line that is perfect for your next trip, whether that’s backpacking in the mountains, hiking in the backcountry, or kayaking across grand lakes.

Overall, we think you’re getting great value for money across this range. When you consider the top-quality materials, contemporary designs, and huge variety, Marmot accommodates to every kind of camper. They keep things simple, while still remembering the important add-ons like interior storage, robust frameworks, large doors, and full-coverage protection.

Believe it or not, we kept things pretty brief for this article – we dive much deeper into each model on our single reviews. Check those out if you’d like to get down to the nitty-gritty details of each tent in their line.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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