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Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

With a traditional spacious cabin shape, the Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a prominent choice among family and group campers alike.

It’s got a practical price tag and a nice open plan feel to the interior for a comfortable experience.

With such a crowded market of instant cabins, we need to discover if this truly stands out from the others.

What is it that makes this different from other similar models of the same size and capacity?

In this review, we want to help you decide whether this tent is worth your money.

With so many interesting features, we’re going to reveal them all in detail to see how it stands out from the crowd of instant cabin tents.



Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Tent Review

Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent Review

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Our First Thoughts

We think that this Ozark Instant Cabin is a great option for family campers going on extended trips. With the great spaciousness and various rooms, it’s quite liveable and feels like a mini home.

We can clearly see that its positive reputation comes from the fair price, tough build, and roomy space, plus the cool private room in the back.

storage pockets ozark 11 person cabin tent

Storage Made Easy with Sewn Pockets

For a family or group of around 4 to 5 people, it’s spacious enough so you won’t feel cramped or crowded inside, even with gear and luggage.

It’s waterproof up to an extent, and wouldn’t last against heavier conditions. In saying that though, it doesn’t appear to be geared towards extreme weather camping, so use in the warmer months is the way to go.


Important Specs at a Glance


Instant Freestanding Cabin Tent


168“L x 168“W x 76“H


33 lbs




11 People


Instant with Pre-Attached Frame




Polyester & Mesh   

Center Height

76 Inches

Electric Access


Overview of Features

  • Large Front Awning
  • Private Rear Room
  • Instant Fast Pitch
  • Complete Mesh Roof
  • 3 Rooms with Removable Curtain
  • 4 Mesh Windows
  • Large Front D-Doors
  • Electrical Cable Access Port
  • Interior Storage Pockets 
  • Carry Bag Included


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

These are our favorite qualities of the tent. We’ve chosen them based on their uniqueness when compared to similar models for sale today, so you can see how it distinguishes itself among the competition.

GOLD QUALITY – Private Back Room

This is our top feature because it is such a cool idea that you won’t see with a lot of tents in this range.

From the front, you can only see the cabin form, and it’s such a nice surprise to have a hidden room at the back for privacy.

private room ozark 11 person tent

Our favorite feature, the extra private room

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Thanks to its dome-like shape, it doesn’t add too much extra weight, and it won’t compromise the sturdiness of the structure because it sits low to the ground.

As it slopes, it creates such a cozy environment for sleeping, or just relaxing and reading a book in peace.

You can completely zip yourself away with the covering that acts as a door that separates this section from the main part.



This feature is great because it saves you so much time when setting everything up. It’s a matter of unpacking, unfolding, and extending into place.

All the poles are already attached to the main hubs, so you don’t need to spend time sliding every pole through every sleeve and risking a mistake.

pitching ozark trail 11 person tent

Up in 4 Easy Steps

We love this aspect for family camping because it takes just minutes to do, and it’s simple for casual campers.

2 people can do it in a couple of minutes, while just one person could easily pitch it in under 5 to 10 minutes, depending on experience.


This is such a useful element that we love because of its versatility. It creates a peaceful sitting area where you can dine or play games away from the confines of the tent.

Ozark Trail birds eye view 11 person

Spacious design visible from this birds-eye view

You can keep the sleeping areas clean and not worry about getting sunburn as you’re in the shade. Having a canopy adds extra room without contributing more to the weight.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Ingenious Design

One of the coolest parts about this model is the design. From the front, you’d think this is a regular cabin. But further inspection finds a cozy back room that’s large enough to fit a queen-sized mattress.

Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent Private Room

Private bedroom located at the rear

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This back private room has 2 windows that give ventilation when it’s closed off, as well as a nice amount of light during the day. Relax and read a book whilst still having a view of the outdoors.

You can use it as a bedroom, or we think it would work so well as a storage area.

lantern loop ozark 11 person tent

Lantern Hook Located Centrally

You can block it off with the zipper door that fully closes it away. Leave all your big gear inside and out of the way, so no one can trip over.

This is what makes it such a good choice for extended camping trips, as it gives you the option to get away and relax in privacy when things can get a little hectic.


Interesting Assembly

Telescopic poles make the set up a breeze. After taking it out of the bag, simply unfold it and lay it out flat. Then, all you need to do is extend all the legs until it’s standing upright.

Super straightforward for any kind of camper, and with 2 people it only takes 2 minutes. This is handy for when you must set things up at night or in bad weather, and you don’t have to think too much about the process.

room divider ozark 11 person tent

Dividers Easily Attached and Removed

Something important to note is that the back-room section is not part of the instant set up. Since it’s somewhat of a hybrid structure, you need to manually insert 2 extra poles into the sleeve to raise it off the ground.

The good thing about this section not being part of the integrated set up is that you can leave it unassembled if you don’t have room on the campsite, or if you simply don’t need the extra space. Setting this part up only takes a couple of extra minutes, so we don’t see it as a drawback.   



In dry climates, this model works very well for providing plenty of airflow. You have the full mesh roof with large netted panels, 2 massive windows on the side, and the front door also has 2 huge mesh openings. Leave everything exposed during the day and the air can flow freely inside, reaching each and every corner.

close up of private room ozark 11 person tent

Well Ventilated with Meshed Material

In wetter climates, you can place the rainfly over the roof to protect from moderate rain. It doesn’t cover the entirety of the tent to the ground, hence why we suggest it’s best used in the summer. Although the back room is fully covered, the 2 windows that are there can be closed from the inside.



The awning at the front gives sun-free relaxation time and an extra storage spot for during the day. At night, you can use it for some slight protection against light rainfall while you eat next to the campfire.

carry bag tent

Lastly All Stored in the Heavy Duty Carry Bag

When you don’t need to use it anymore, it simply rolls back up and tucks away at the top. This can really come in handy when you want to fully enjoy your environment while still having that little bit of protection.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Does It Work Well In Heavy Rain?

Even though the rainfly on Ozark Trail 11 person instant tent isn’t full coverage, it does hold up well against moderate rain, possibly one or two bouts of heavy rainfall. We do not recommend taking it to somewhere with constant downpours, as it only has a waterproof rating of around 600mm.

Does It Come with AC Port Access?

The electrical cable access port has heavy-duty Velcro so that no bugs or moisture can get through. It’s located at the very front and is clearly labeled so you can easily find it.

How Do The Room Dividers Work?

You will find 2 dividers that make 3 separate rooms. While the rear room is partially already sectioned off from the rest of the tent, you can still close it off completely with a zipper – it acts as a door panel.

It’s previously sewn-in so you don’t need to physically install it. As for the other divider, it’s located in the middle of the main section. This is also closed off with a zipper, but it’s connected using clips or hooks.


Our Final Thoughts

We believe Ozark Trail 11 person instant tent is a fantastic tent for use in warmer climates by families and groups of camping buddies. It’s perfect for long-term trips, as it feels like a home away from home thanks to its spacious interior and optional 3 rooms.

The back private space is the coolest and most stand-out feature, as it’s hidden from the front and doesn’t add extra bulk when you pack it down. The canopy at the front makes for hassle-free relaxation time, protected from the sun.

As a versatile and broad camping shelter at a reasonable cost, this is a safe and dependable choice.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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    1. I would check out either the Seller on the product page via the link, or failing that, I would contact Walmart directly if its Ozark Trail brand, as they fall under Walmart’s umbrella of organizations. Hope this helps.

    1. It’s a standard Polyester material that is used on the majority of the larger Ozark Trail tents ranging from 9-16 person. The mesh is pretty decent at keeping bugs out, however it isn’t the top notch ‘no-see-um’ mesh, that you might find in pricier tents.

      We would also warn you that given the mesh roof, as much as it is great for stargazing on clear nights, it lacks in retaining warmth inside the tent. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting 🙂

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