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Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent Review

The Ultimate 20 Person Tent by Ozark Trail (Full Review)

Luxury camping at its finest, we’re looking today at the massive Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent.

Offering a huge 280 ft² of floor space inside, this is your ultimate family or large group camping tent.

It appears as the true home-away-from-home with an immense amount of living space for a comfortable experience.

But is bigger always better?

What makes this tent so special from the other 20 man tents?

It can sometimes get confusing as to whether you should bring several smaller tents, or one larger tent to a camping trip.

We want to focus on every feature and detail of this tent to discover once and for all if it stacks up against similar ones on the market.

We’ll take a thorough look at its features, and hidden qualities, to see if its worthy of being considered one of the best camping tents of 2020.



Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 4 Room Cabin Tent

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Our First Thoughts

As a very large capacity tent, we think this is a very safe choice with a reliable build and relatively easy set up. There is an incredibly immense amount of space, but even then, we don’t see 20 people fitting inside too comfortably. Then again, when ever is 20 people indoors considered comfortable. 

birds eye view ozark trail 20 person tent

Eagle Cam! The Sheer Size is Visible from Above

This is certainly made for large families or groups of 8 to 10 people and upwards. It appears to be intended for summer and spring camping trips. It’s covered in mesh, so it seems very breathable and well-ventilated, so it won’t work well for colder weather.

meshed pocket ozark trail 20 cabin tent

Sewn On Mesh Pockets for your Gadgets

On big group camping trips though, it’s more common to use this kind of massive shelter for summer camping as it provides ideal ventilation, and a super roomy area to relax inside.

Plus, trips in colder conditions would probably suit smaller sized tents anyway, seeing as you need to trap as much heat inside as possible. You’re also getting a good amount of privacy with the multiple room options, which we like for group camping with friends.


Important Specs at a Glance


Cabin Tent


300“L x 252“W x 83“H


50 lbs


$199 or over depending on where you purchase from.


Up 20 People (Ideally 8-12)


Standard Pole & Stakes Set Up


2-3 Season


Polyester & Mesh


Metal & Fibreglass Poles and Steel Stakes

Pack Size

28″L x 14.25″W x 14.25”H

Sleeping & Storage

4 Rooms

Access Points

3 Doors


Overview of Features

  • 4 Large Room Options
  • Removable Dividers
  • Many Storage Pockets
  • Complete Mesh Roof
  • 8 Mesh Breathable Windows
  • 3 Different Entrances
  • 20 Minute Set Up
  • Taped Seam Rainfly
  • Stable Fibreglass Pole Framework


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

See for yourself what we love about this tent. We’ve picked 3 stand-out qualities that make this different from others on the market today.

Extremely Spacious Interior Layout

As it’s built for such enormous capacity, the interior space of this tent is certainly luxurious. It is very pleasant and liveable, and the 83-inch peak height makes it effortless to walk around and stand up. You can change your clothes with ease and not stress about having to bend your neck to fit.

framework 20 person cabin tent

Privacy Rooms with Personal Access Door

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The walls are almost completely vertical which even further increases the amount of space. Plus, the 3 walls where the doors are located slope out to create even more room. We love the sheer amount of space you have inside.

With the option to create 4 different rooms, the versatility is endless.

Amazing Ventilation

Without the outer rainfly on, there is a lot of mesh. 8 windows, 3 big doors, and a full mesh roof all generate plenty of airflow that can travel all throughout the tent.

room divider ozark trail 20 person cabin tent

Breathable Material Helps Keep it Fresh

Each window can be covered up from the inside when it’s raining. The air circulation is easily controlled with so many windows and vents to adjust, a real bonus considering how stuffy it can get.

Optional 4 Rooms

With multiple rooms, there is so much flexibility to organize this tent in any way you want. You could use the middle space as different things, like a living room, storage area, or a place for dining with a table and chairs. The other 3 rooms can be utilized as bedrooms, with a queen bed fitting in each.

ozark 20 person cabin tent carry bag

Hefty Durable Carry Bag Included

If you have fewer people, one of those rooms can be used for storage as well.

Having this versatility can go a long way when going on a trip with many people. Particularly with friends, the option to separate the rooms with dividers adds much-needed privacy.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail


This tent is like a twist on the traditional cabin style. Rather than a straight rectangular structure, it has a hexagon-like shape the is smart for utilizing the most amount of space possible. Converting it into 4 different rooms is a big advantage for maintaining privacy, which is important for being able to sleep in peace and get changed.

ac access port ozark 20 person tent

Stay Connected Easily with AC Access

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It also helps to section off each zone and use it for storage, living, dining, and playing.

The dome-shaped central roof area makes standing up really effortless. So much headspace prevents sore necks and backs, which can happen with smaller tents, so you can move around with ease. Bending over constantly can get tiring, but that’s not the case here. Also, the steep vertical walls help to maximize the most amount of space.


Surprisingly Simple Assembly

Despite its size, you’d be surprised at how simple the pitching process is. It uses a straightforward ring-and-pin system, which can be learned quickly by even first-time campers. In very brief terms, you must lay it out, insert all the poles into the sleeves and connect to the joints, and repeat for each of the 3 sides.

tent equipment ozark cabin 20 person tent

Everything you need to setup in 10-20mins

If you do get stuck, there is an instruction manual included with convenient directions.

Molded connection plastic hubs make things even easier. They are large and plastic which makes inserting the poles a hassle-free process. For such a huge structure, we think it’s important for the assembly and disassembly to be straightforward to avoid any mistakes.


Plenty of Mesh

With the rainfly off, there are so many mesh panels on this model. It allows heaps of breathability, and you could leave everything open during the day to get maximum airflow. Cooling things down during the day helps for sleeping comfortably at night.

hanging storage pocket ozark trail 20 person tent

Meshed Pockets Prevent Moisture Accumulation

One thing we do have to mention is that there doesn’t appear to be any ventilation option when the fly is on. We would like to see some hooded vents either on the fly or at the ground, but in nice rain-free weather, leaving some windows open or the roof exposed isn’t too much of a problem.

Various Exit Ways

One of the best features of this tent are the multiple access doors. They are located at each of the 3 end rooms. We love this feature so much because it makes it so easy for people to get in and out. If people are sleeping in the middle section, they won’t be disturbed as campers in the other rooms can exit or enter right through their own bedroom.

wall organizer ozark 20 person tent

Hanging Pockets to Store Electronics

Each door is very spacious and D-shaped. This makes it easier to get in and out as you don’t have to bend down. Plus, you can fold back the mesh and polyester covering to keep it fully open when you’re entering and exiting frequently.


Multiple Storage Choices

There are quite a few communal storage options found inside. This is essential for larger capacity tents because there are more people that need to store their items. Not enough storage can cause messiness and disorganization.

Elongated pocket 20 person tent

Storage Pockets of all Sizes

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As well as 4 wall mesh pockets, you’ll find 4 other pockets that have 3 sections each, 2 gear hammocks on the roof, and one media pocket. The media pocket is perfect for placing any device to watch films and TV shows, without having to remove it to touch the screen.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

How Many Air Mattresses Can Fit Inside?

Based on its dimensions and shape, you could fit 6 queen airbeds inside. However, there would be hardly any room left for storage of gear, so keep this in mind.


Is The Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent Waterproof?

The manufacturer does not provide exact details on the waterproof rating for either the tent body or the rainfly. Due to the polyester materials, we think it would resist against light to possibly moderate rainfall. It’s not suitable for heavy rains or winds due to its size. We suggest you use this tent in warmer conditions.


Our Final Thoughts

Much like your own second home, this giant cabin Ozark trail 20 person tent is an excellent tent for summer camping. It’s super roomy with enough excess space for storage, pets, gear, clothes, and other items.

So many mesh pockets and gear loft options let you keep your valuables in close reach, but off the ground so no one will trip. The design is a real stand-out with this cabin.

3 rooms plus a massive central living space make it a very liveable tent. Even though it’s not made for extreme weather conditions, we think it’s an extremely comfortable and reliable model for its reasonable price.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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