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Ozark Trail 8 Person Hexagon Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 8 Person Hexagon Cabin Tent Review

An 8-person instant tent might seem like a dream, but this hexagon cabin model from Ozark Trail has made it a reality.

It’s a freestanding tent made for warmer weather camping and is perfect for families or groups of 4.

An airy interior with plenty of mesh paneling makes it a huge hit in the camping community, but is it really worth it?

What makes it different from other 8-person models on the current market?

Today we’re going to peel back every layer and discover what makes Ozark Trail 8 person hexagon tent such a well-loved instant tent for summer camping.

You’ll learn each and every detail about this large structure, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth it for your next trip.



Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Hexagon Cabin Tent

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Our First Thoughts

We feel that this uniquely shaped tent is a reliable choice for families and groups alike. It’s certainly geared for use in warmer conditions, as the rainfly isn’t full coverage and only conceals the roof.

We believe it’s a fair price for a large capacity, especially with the instant set up that streamlines the process for first-time campers.

It doesn’t have the coverage that some may look for when camping in cooler weather, but it’s not made for cold conditions.

It holds up against mild rain and wind and there is some great functionality with this tent.

Including the front hinged door that turns into an awning.

If you need something that will last in more intense conditions, check out some other models we’ve reviewed.  


Important Specs at a Glance


Instant Freestanding Cabin Tent


204“L x 180“W x 82“H


42 lbs




8 People


Instant with Pre-Attached Framework


2-3 Season


Tent Walls: Polyester, Mesh

Tent Flooring: Polyethylene 


Steel Stakes & Poles


Carry Bag Included


Overview of Features

  • Simple Set Up
  • Ample Floor Space
  • 4 Big Mesh Windows
  • Optional Awning
  • Hinged Front Door & D-Shaped Back Door
  • Gear Loft & Built-In Pockets
  • E-Port for Electric Cord Access
  • Entire Mesh Ceiling 


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

These top 3 ranked features represent our absolute favorite parts about this tent. We’ve chosen them because we think they’re what make it stand out from other similar ones on the market.

GOLD QUALITY – Effortless Installation

Finding a larger capacity tent with an instant set up is a huge benefit for many people, especially casual or first-time campers. With 2 people, you can have it installed in just 2 minutes, which is an impressive feat.

Pitching Ozark Trail 8 Person Hexagon Tent

Out of the Bag and Pitched in 4 Steps

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It comes with telescopic poles that are pre-attached to the fabric. This means all you need to do is extend these legs, click the joints, and it’s all done.


SILVER FEATURE – Heaps of Airflow

This tent has massive mesh panels that make up the roof. We love this aspect because you can stay protected from bugs at night but keep the rainfly off to watch the stars. There are also 4 windows and 2 doors, the back one with mesh, that provide more airflow.

ventilation ozark trail 8 person hexagon instant tent

Ground and Roof Vents Help Circulation

Side openings near the ground also create more ventilation and are covered by the outer fabric. As a summer tent, we love that it focuses on surrounding air circulation, as more people inside means increased body heat and a higher chance of interior stuffiness.


BRONZE HIGHLIGHT– Hinged Door & Awning

One of the most unique door designs can be found in this tent. It’s certainly the stand-out feature that you probably won’t find on many other models. Instead of opening like a normal door, it gets lifted and creates an awning. For family campers this can be a huge relief as it’s an added area for storage and for relaxing amongst the environment, being covered from the sun.

structure ozark 8 man hexagon tent

Stable Structure in a Hexagon Shape

It also makes things so much easier in terms of entering and exiting the tent. With kids, things can often get hectic and crowded. With the option to leave it open without risk of it closing, everyone can get in and out with extreme ease.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail


Door Design

The front door of this tent is not hinged in the normal sense, where the door would open outwards like one at home. It is, however, hinged in the sense that it gets raised upwards and sits at the same level as the roof. It’s shaped like a small dome which makes it very sturdy. 2 poles slide into the sleeves and make it a rigid form. Then, with 2 extra poles inserted into the ground, you can keep it supported and create a small canopy.

door design ozark trail hexagon tent

Hinged Door at the Front

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Thanks to the rounded shape, you can easily stand or sit underneath it, enjoy a dining experience or play some activities. You’re staying undercover whilst still being able to fully enjoy the outdoors. Underneath this door are some mesh panels that can be zipped up like an average tent door. You’re basically getting double the protection in one.

storage pockets ozark hexagon tent

Meshed Pockets Sewn On Inside

At the rear, you’ll find another door. It’s D-shaped and quite large with a zipper, plus you can fold it back. This is very useful for groups as people can enter and exit as they please without disrupting others.

Nice Layout

This is a very roomy tent. With the hexagon shape, the floor space is maximized and it doesn’t feel like you’re enclosed. You can fit 2 queen airbeds, but if you want leftover storage, we suggest sticking to sleeping bags and pads. The cabin structure provides very tall walls and a peaked roof so you can easily stand up inside.

spacious rooms ozark 8 person hexagon tent

Room for the Family and then some

This makes it a very liveable tent that’s enjoyable to stay inside, as it feels just like home. It’s also freestanding which can work great for streamlining the experience. You can pitch it up on any flat surface, and you don’t need to stake it into the ground.

Heavy Duty Carry Bag

You’re able to move it anywhere without disassembling it, which can come in handy on any campsite. We do recommend though to always secure your tent with guylines and stakes as you never know when the wind can pick up.

Great Aeration

As well as the huge mesh windows and roof, there are 2 oversized floor vents. They encourage vertical airflow, as cold air is sucked from the ground and spread throughout. When you’re camping in hotter weather, we love that you can leave each opening uncovered so that air can effortlessly move through.

Stargazing ozark trail 8 person hexagon tent

Beautiful Views on Clear Days

There doesn’t seem to be any vents on the rainfly, so we recommend keeping it off if the weather is nice and you need a lot of ventilation. This is because without the upper mesh exposed, there is no chance for hot air to rise and escape from the ceiling.

Storage Options

Inside, you’ll find 2 sets of storage mesh pockets and a gear loft at the roof. These are convenient for placing smaller valuables like wallets, keys, torches, and drink bottles at easy reach.

Corner mesh pocket ozark hexagon tent

Meshed Corner Storage

An electrical cable port is also available for use and is labeled bright orange to easily find it. Several rings and hooks can be found inside to hang a lantern or attach some cords.

hanging lantern ozark hexagon tent

Strong Hook can Hold Large Lanterns

Plus, there is also a hook on the front hinged door where you can hang a light so you can see the entrance easily.


Our Final Thoughts

In summary, this Ozark Trail Instant Hexagon Cabin is a beautifully spacious and expansive tent for families and groups of around 4.

With this amount of people, you’ll have plenty of room left for storing bags and other gear.

The incredibly fast set up is one of the best features, as it allows any camper to pitch it up in minutes, no matter what their level is.

It has a very interesting design with the front-hinged raising door that is uncommon amongst other models.

We think for the reasonable price tag and strong build, you’re getting an awesome summer camping tent.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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