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Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

If Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Tent looks familiar to you, it may be due to the fact there is a similar-looking model from Core that offers a 10 person capacity.

While that one commands a higher price tag and slightly bigger dimensions, the Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a more budget-friendly tent, with an equal amount of family-orientated features.

It has received a lot of positive reviews as it is laden with accessories, has a good quality build, and is priced affordably.

As you can see one of the more notable features is the integrated screen room, providing extra space to be utilized in numerous different ways.

Drawing the eye of family campers as extra storage space, or shelter from rain/sun is paramount when camping with children.

Of course, being an instant set up tent is a strong lure for those who dread the campsite pitch. But can it really be all that and a bag of chips? Our article will get to the bottom of it.



Ozark Trail 9 Person 2 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room Review

Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Cabin

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What We Think

Caters to those who are looking for a large shelter for family or group camping. A mesh room is the main draw here, with its large size allowing it to be configured any way you choose.

We also think it’s one of the more spacious 9 person models on the market, with large space able to fit multiple large mattresses. With most instant tents this model goes up in mere minutes, and folds down just as quickly, so the convenience of using a fastpitch tent is evident. A plus. 

room for family ozark trail 9 person

Space for All the Family

We love the center height, at 7 feet and with a cabin design, it creates these huge interiors that feel like a house when you’re inside. Then when you’re inside its got a ton of cool features that help group camping and support the extra gear you’ll be taking. 

capacity ozark 9 person tent

Although 9 is Possible, not Recommended

A nice touch on the rainfly is that it extends over the screen room so you can remain “indoors” while it pours, offering some respite during rained off days. Which is the main reason people opt for the screen rooms, for that little area to chill in.


Details Overview



Cabin with Screen Room


82” x 29” x 32” (fits anyone under 6’10”)


31 lbs


$199 -/+ USD (Sale Dependant) 


9 Person


Instant Pitch





Center Height

7 foot

Pack Size

48 x 10.6 x 10.6 in Inches


Features Overview

  • Configuration of 1 or 2 Rooms
  • Can Fit 2 Queen Mattresses + 1 Twin
  • Additional Screened Room for Bug-Free Lounging
  • Large 189 Square Feet
  • Tall Center Height of 7 Feet
  • Rain Fly with Sealed Seams
  • Electrical Port
  • Interior Storage Shelves
  • Easy to Repack Storage Case


What We Love

Bug-Free Lounging

The main selling point of this tent is the screen room that is attached to the exterior wall of the main tent. Screened rooms are great for providing a large space that you can enjoy the surrounding natural landscape in a mesh-enclosed environment.

meshed screen room ozark 9 person

Meshed Screen Room Extension

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With the elimination of mozzies and other nasties, it makes your relaxation even more sweet, as you don’t have to worry about itchy bites or douse yourself in bug spray. The space is large enough to fit 2 or 3 zero gravity chairs as well as a small table, has full mesh on every inch of it, and a large T door for easy access.

The rain fly hangs over the room as well, so you can stay outdoors while it’s raining. What it does not have is a floor. Purchasing a large footprint for the entire size of the tent will provide a solid floor for keeping the screen room tidy. Make sure to stake it down properly to avoid any incidents during windy conditions.


Super Simple Setup

The legs and frame come attached to the tent’s canopy, telescoping out to prop it up. You then secure the corners and guy lines to the ground with the provided stakes. The instant, pre-assembled nature of this model makes it very attractive for a few reasons.

pitching the ozark trail 9 person

Pitching in 4 Easy Steps

First, if you are not a fan of setting up tents (or manual labor in general), this one can be pitched in one or two minutes. Second, most campers head into the woods after the work week has ended. This means its highly likely you will get to your campsite sometime after the sun has gone down, making for pitch black conditions.

Cutting down setup time when you have minimal light to work with makes it extra convenient. Another situation where this instant style pays off is if you get to your campsite in the middle of a downpour, as you can trade of a minute or so in the rain for a quick shelter.


Multi-Room Functionality

Able to fit up to 9 people, it has a very large 189 square feet of interior. While you can use this space as 1 big room fitting 2 or 3 mattresses (depending on their sizes), Ozark provides a removable divider curtain that can split the main tent into two separate rooms, while leaving the screen room unaffected.

inside 9 person cabin

Huge Interior Can be Customized Easily

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Dividing curtains can be used for a bit of privacy when you are camping in groups, or if parents want to separate themselves from the kids at night. For those that only want one bedroom, you can use the second room for eating, lounging, gaming, or storage.

room divider ozark trail tent

Easily Divided with Removable Sheet

Additionally, the screened room can also be used as “outdoor” sleeping space when weather permits. With a lot of flexibility, and a center height of 7 feet, there is plenty of space for everyone no matter how you configure the tent.


Tent Overview

Bonus Round

Even with all the aforementioned features, the interior of the tent has a few more to increase your comfort level. With our reliance on technology these days, Ozark has included an e-port that can be used to run power into the shelter if your campsite has it.

ac port ozark trail 9 person

Stay Connected with AC Access

This makes charging your devices or running electric heaters/stoves simple. Additionally, there is large shelf storage on the tent’s interior wall so you can house your essentials an arm’s length away. Finally, repacking the tent is made easy with the large carrying case.

This helps transport it to and from your campsite, and the 48 x 11 x 11 inch size means it stores out of sight once you are back home.


Material World

Ozark Trail use decent quality materials in their tents, and this one follows that pattern. Using polyester fabric for the canopy, it also includes a removable rain fly, for those nights when you feel like stargazing. The rain fly is covered in a water-resistant agent and has taped up seams for keeping wet weather from entering.

wall organizer tent

Keep Important Gear/Devices Off the Ground

The fabric choice of polyester keeps the tent lightweight, while giving you adequate shelter to block UV rays and wind. The legs and frame are fashioned out of lightweight steel for strength and durability during intense conditions. Also included with the tent are 18 steel stakes that secure the structure firmly to the ground.


Breathe A Sigh of Relief

Even though Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Tent is a rather large tent, you want to make sure there is a good amount of venting going on. Proper ventilation reduces the temperature inside the tent, eliminates the trapping of CO2 from gas heaters, keeps you breathing fresh air (instead of recycled air), and reduces condensation build-up on the interior walls.

heavy duty carry bag

Stores Away Safely in the Heavy Duty Bag

Obviously, the screen room has excellent venting. The rest of the tent uses a low to high system, with staked out ground vents on the side of the tent allowing fresh air to enter, while the myriad of mesh windows and ceiling panels expel it. The adjustable nature of the low vents and zip-up windows allow you to fine-tune the airflow to your liking.



So, what’s the bottom line? While it isn’t the highest quality tent out there, it is still a very good one and will suit the needs of many.

Ozark Trail 9 Person Instant Tent comes with all the necessary ingredients you need for camping comfortably, and its quick pitch time mixed with the screen room provides attractive features for a lot of campers.

While the waterproofing on this tent is good, it is recommended you provide added protection with water-resistant spray you can pick up at any outdoor store.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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