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Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review

Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review

This article will take a look at Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent, which is geared toward families, or large groups.

Pre-assembled tents are a popular option that provides quick setups so you can spend more time relaxing by the campfire instead of wrestling with your shelter.

With this model, in particular, being one of the best instant tents on the current market in the 8 person category. 

Outfitting the tent with materials that cater to longevity and water-resistance, there is plenty to like about this model from Coleman.

Let’s dive in deeper to give you a better overall picture of what this tent can offer you.



The Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent Review

Coleman 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent

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What We Think

This 8 Person cabin tent from Coleman is constructed well, pre-assembled, and makes for a relatively painless set up in under 1 minute. With a large 140 square feet of space and over 6.5 feet of height, you can move inside it without hitting your head, and it’s perfect for family camping or with a group of friends.

Meshed windows and walls Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Tall Center Height Allows for Standing

Coleman provides an optional curtain partition that separates the tent into two rooms for privacy or different room functions. It can also fit 4 queen mattresses if you so desire, although most people will only sleep 4-5 people in this size tent to maximize space and minimize obstructions.

Coleman Rainfly for the 8 Person Instant Tent

The Rainfly is Recommended for Outdoor Camping

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Durable Polyguard fabric and steel legs make up the tent’s materials and an integrated rain fly works with Coleman’s Weathertec features for a water-resistant experience. Available in multiple colors, repacking the tent in its carry bag is just as easy as setting it up, and Coleman offers it at a reasonable price.



What You Think

With well over 2500 individual ratings online and an average score of 3.7/5, it’s a very respectable score and obviously doing pretty well among the camping community.

The majority of issues stem from the separately sold rainfly, or campers just being a bit gung-ho and charging into the field without it, thus getting rained out. 

“A quick setup tent and it’s so far been amazing”

“We love this tent, no regrets. We’ve used it numerous times now with no issues”

Some offer a word of caution beforehand.

“The guy lines are to the structural integrity of the tent, please use them”

All in all most are happy with the purchase, but proper preparation seems to be paramount to its longevity.

Use the guylines provided, consider better tent stakes for remote camping, USE the rainfly, you will need the 10×14 rainfly as shown above. 


Details Overview




14 x 10 ft (140 square feet)


34 lbs


$249+ USD (depending on offers)


8 Person


Instant Pitch




Tent: Thick Polyguard

Poles: Steel Poles, Plastic Hinge

Center Height

6 Foot 7 Inches

Pack Size

53 x 13 x 12 Inches


Features Overview

  • Can Accommodate 4 Queen Mattresses
  • Divider Curtain For 2 Rooms
  • Available in 3 Colors
  • Instant Setup with Poles Pre-Attached to Canopy
  • Large 140 Square Foot Interior
  • Includes Weathertec Waterproofing Features
  • Durable Double Thick Polyester Fabric
  • Rip Strip on Carry Bag for Easy Re-Packing
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


What We Love

Simple Setup

This tent goes up quickly and efficiently to maximize the amount of time you spend relaxing outdoors.

Already pre-assembled at the factory, your job is limited to extending out the 6 telescoping legs until they lock into place and shape into your shelter.

Spacious inside Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Plenty of Space for Multiple Sleeping Bags and Mattress

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After propping it up you will use the included stakes to secure to the ground, giving you a tent in under 1 minute.

These tents are becoming increasingly popular, especially among newbie campers. Instant tents also pay off when you get to the campsite at night or during rainfall, as you can quickly be sheltered from the elements.


Keeps Water Out

Coleman combines an integrated fly with their patented Weathertec features on this model. While a fly of this style provides decent waterproofing, it is recommended to shell out for the traditional rain fly that fits this 14 x 10 ft model.

pitched outdoors Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Remote Camping is possible with the Rainfly

You can pick it up for around $50 USD, as it will ensure your camping weekend doesn’t get rained out. In addition, the Weathertec system Coleman includes focuses on providing the weak points of the shelter with improved water resistance.

storage pockets Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Meshed Pocket to Store your Bits

Inverted stitching, taped seams, a strong frame for withstanding storm winds, a welded floor (that is also reinforced and designed like a bathtub), and covers on the zippers all work together to keep water from penetrating the shelter.



Good airflow inside the tent is vital when you are camping. Failure to adequately vent the interior can cause it to heat up, lower oxygen levels, trap carbon dioxide (if you are using a gas heater), and form condensation that can soak you.

room divider Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Separate the Space with the Removable Dividers

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With an array of 7 windows encompassing the tent, you can regulate the airflow using the adjustable zipper flaps, letting in much or as little clean air in as you prefer. A large T door on the front also works with the D door on the back to move air fluidly, and both doors can be rolled back for easy entry and exit.


Tent Overview

Divide and Conquer

With 140 square feet of interior afforded you, you get an abundance of space that can be configured in various ways. For this reason, Coleman includes a divider curtain that can be attached inside to split the tent into two rooms.

chairs inside the coleman 8 tent

Can Divide up a Lounge Area

This adds a level of privacy for those that need it, and it also rolls back for the times you need access through the entire tent.

step 2 pitch Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

First Step to Unpack

Some people will use one room as a sleeping space, with the secondary room becoming a storage area, eating area, lounge, or bonus sleep space. It also works great for families that want to separate the parents from the kids for a few hours.

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Doubling Up on Durability

With double-thick 2X Polyguard, Coleman provides a rugged and durable polyester fabric that not only withstands wear and tear, but also helps to block UV light from entering the tent.

Expanding the Framework Coleman 8 Tent

Step 2 Expand the Framework

Even though it is of high quality, investing in a 16 x 12 footprint is recommended to extend tent life. The strong fabric also works with the steel frame to provide protection against strong wind gusts from knocking over the tent.

Secure the hinges Coleman 8 person tent

Step 3 Secure the Hinges

PRO TIP: The stock stakes should be upgraded with a heavy-duty model for securing the tent corners and guy lines for increased protection against the elements.


The Little Details

Inside the tent are a few extra features to make for a cozier time camping. A ceiling hook allows you to hang a small fan for increased airflow. You could also use this to hang a light source for night time illumination.

Fully Expanded Tent Frame Coleman 8 Person Tent

Step 4 Expand all Hinges until they Click, Job Done.

In addition, 2 storage pockets give you extra spaces to throw your essentials in so they are always close by. Finally, Coleman offers this tent in multiple colors, with a black, brown, and blue model to choose from.



If you are looking for a good quality tent that will house your family comfortably, Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent is a serious contender.

With its large interior that is customizable for use with or without the room dividing curtain, you have a range of possibilities on how you can use this shelter.

Add in Coleman’s premium Weathertec waterproofing with an emphasis on quality materials, and you have a winning formula for the majority of campers.

If there are downsides to this model, it would be that the small one of the separately sold rainfly, apart from that it passes our criteria. 



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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