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10 Best Pyramid Tents for the Outdoors

10 Best Pyramid Tents for the Outdoors

Pyramid tents for camping are favorites for backpacking or mountaineering in back country conditions. Due to their sleek and ergonomic design, high quality models can withstand intense winds, lots of rain, and even snow.

They can be easily made as lightweight so that they won’t weigh your bag down. Plus, they can be effortless to set up which is important when camping out in the unpredictable wild.

Thanks to the unique shape of pyramid tents, even the smaller sizes have plenty of room. With the tall peaked roof and wide square or circular bottom, there is enough headroom to comfortably move around, change your clothes, and relax.

With a multitude of options out on the market, there are so many pyramid tents for sale that offer different styles, features, and materials. Not the most common camping tent on the market by a long shot, but definitely a unique way to sleep outdoors. 

So, how do you decide which one is the right one for you?

Our carefully compiled list of the best models across a range of brands will break down every detail so you can find your dream tent.

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10 Best Pyramid Shaped Camping Tents

1. Naturehike Outdoor Backpack Pyramid Tent

Naturehike Outdoor Backpack

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Suitable for 4 season trips, this model is perfect for families or groups of friends of up to 4. A simple 3 step assembly lets you set it up in no time. This has a unique octagon shape, where the outer tarp layer sits over the inner body. It creates a large vestibule space at the front, perfect for storing gear.

The inner section has a huge mesh opening, which is ideal for warmer weather camping. You can leave the upper layer off and enjoy watching the stars, whilst staying protected from bugs. It also gives lots of ventilation, even with the tarp on. This is thanks to the large upper hooded vents, that allow hot air to rise and escape.

High bathtub flooring keeps moisture out, plus all the corners have reinforced stitching. The rainfly has a flat bottom edge that sits on the ground, further preventing water getting in. For extra shade, the front door lifts into an awning that’s held up by your own trekking poles.


  • Convenient Carry Bag Included
  • High Waterproof Rating PU 3000mm
  • Several Interior Storage Pockets


2. MIER Ultra Lightweight Outdoor Camping Pyramid Tent

MIER Ultra Lightweight Outdoor Camping

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Enjoy double-layer protection with the outer tarp and inner bug mesh sections. This is great for 3-seasons, especially in warmer months as you can alternate between just the outer fly or inner mesh depending on when you need protection from bugs. It has a smooth and quick assembly process, where you use your own trekking pole for even more convenience. Plus, you get an additional lengthening pole that is used to increase the centre height whenever you need it.

A two-way webbing attachment point system gives you flexibility when the weather changes. The low webbing suspension point is perfect for summer for letting ventilation through the bottom, and the high point makes it tighter and more compact.

For wind and precipitation protection, the tarp and stuff sac are 15D silicon-coated nylon with a waterproof column of 5000mm. The flooring is slightly tougher, with 20D silicon-coated nylon and a high column of 6000mm.

In terms of portability, this packs down to a small 6” W x 16.5” L in a highly compact stuff sac. This sac also has two straps that buckle across and squeeze it down even more.


  • 4 Large Roof Vents Provide Ventilation
  • Super Lightweight 2.75 lbs
  • Adjustable Strap for Tightening Stake Suspension


3. OneTigris Wild Haven Backpacking Tent

OneTigris Wild Haven Backpacking Tent

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This is an ultralight model that is ideal for backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering. It packs into a very compact size, with a stuff sac for convenience. For cold weather, you can use a stove to warm up inside, with the handy stove jack that’s covered by a hood to stop leaks. This only comes with an outer tarp, but you can purchase an inner mesh tent separately for warmer conditions.

With robust 20D silicon-coated nylon fabric, this protects very well from light to moderate rain, wind, and snow. It’s PU coated for extra protection, with a 2000mm waterproof rating. For ventilation, there are two zippered side entrance openings, plus two windows at the top.

For increased stability, each stress point is reinforced, and you’re provided with a strong aluminium pole and 10 stakes.


  • Ultra Lightweight 3.2 lbs
  • Stove Jack Opening
  • Strong Stakes & Guylines Included


4. Mil-Tec Pyramid Tent


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With its military inspired khaki coloring, this model blends in very well with nature. This makes it ideal for hunting trips, as you can camp out and camouflage with the background.

Since it doesn’t have the highest waterproof rating, it’s only suitable for light to slightly moderate rainfall, but nothing more. It does have a thick groundsheet though, made from 120g polyester, so it can resist leaks from puddles. The rest of the material is 190T polyester which is PU coated for protection.

Even though there is no inner net layer, we recommend this for mild to warmer weather camping. There are large hooded roof vents for airflow, plus the entire bottom section of the wall has a big vent. A durable steel frame keeps it up against winds.


  • Plastic Windows Provide Light Inside
  • 1000mm Water Column
  • Comes with Durable Polyester Carry Bag


5. MIER Ultralight 3-Season Pyramid Tent

MIER Ultralight 3-Season

Check Prices Here

This comes with the outer rainfly tarp already connected to the inner mesh, which helps to speed up the assembly process. Keeping things very lightweight, this requires you to use your own trekking pole to set up. This means you’re not carrying around any extra weight.

A large vestibule at the front makes storage a cinch, as your gear is well protected without taking up more space. It’s the perfect size for one person, and with a huge water column of 5000mm on the fly it’s an excellent choice for kayaking or fishing trips where you’re close to water.

Plus, the bathtub flooring has an even bigger rating of 6000mm, so it can last in the harshest of conditions.

Roof hooded vents promote airflow, plus the full inner mesh keeps things extra cool when you leave the front entrance open.


  • Top-Grade 20D Silicon Nylon Materials
  • Removable Rainfly with Full Inner Mesh Layer
  • Carry Bag, Stakes, Guylines All Included


6. OneTigris Smokey HUT Pyramid Tent

OneTigris Smokey HUT

Check Prices Here

Also, part of the Black Orca Series from above, this can be used in all seasons thanks to its high level of protection. The added hot flue pipe opening allows you to keep things extra warm inside, and it sits very close to the ground to prevent draughts from entering.

A one-pole set up cuts the installation time right down to under a couple of minutes and can be done by one person. Much like the previous model, you need to purchase the inner mesh section separately.

Tough 20D silicon-coated nylon provides a high 3000mm waterproof rating, and the fabric is also double coated for even more protection from moisture. With the double hooded vents on the roof, any hot air or smoke can effortlessly exit which increases the overall airflow.


  • Strong Velcro Protection Flap on Stove Jack
  • Super Lightweight 2.76 lbs
  • Ultra-Compact Stuff Sac Included


7. Pyramid Tent with Chimney Hole

Pyramid Tent with Chimney Hole

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This model is only the tarp, with no interior mesh layer, but we think it will still work in cool and warm conditions. You can remove the roof cap, which leaves it completely exposed allowing some airflow. It’s also perfect for smoke to escape if you’re using a stove. The chimney hole allows the use of a stove, which can also increase the temperature inside and keep things warm.

The fabric is made from a highly dense 300D Oxford cloth, which is also insulated with silver coating. All the seams are heat sealed to prevent leaks, and this has a great waterproof column of 3500mm. The framework consists of robust steel, ensuring that it remains stable in winds.


  • Tall 95” Center Height
  • Heavy Duty Oxford Material
  • Side Vents for Increased Breathability


8. Black Diamond Mega Light Pyramid Shelter

Black Diamond Mega Light Pyramid Shelter

Check Prices Here

This is a rather simple outer tarp that is great for mild weather camping. You’ll have to use your own footprint, but it sits quite close to the ground to prevent water splashes from entering. It’s large enough to fit 4 people, but we think it’s best for 2 people for the most comfort. With 81ft² of floor space, you’ll have heaps of room for gear and stretching out while you sleep.

Even though this can certainly be used for resting in, we can also see this being used as a separate shelter to your regular tent. It would make the perfect place to eat under, where you can keep your other tent clean and solely for sleeping.

The center pole is adjustable, making it easier to assemble it to your preferred height. If it’s extra windy, you can keep it lower to the ground making it more aerodynamic.


  • Spacious 57” Height
  • Extremely Lightweight 2 lbs
  • All-Weather Protection


9. Naturehike Trekking Pole Pyramid Tent

Naturehike Trekking Pole


Check Prices Here

Much like the name suggests, this model requires your own trekking pole to assemble. This is a huge advantage, though, as it significantly reduces the packing weight when you’re transporting it around. You can use this with or without the inner netting, therefore making it ideal for 3 season adventures.

Robust 20D silicon-coated nylon material makes up the outer tarp, boasting a great waterproof column of 4000mm. The flooring is a bathtub design, preventing ground leaks, and it also has a high rating of 3000mm. When everything is closed off, ventilation comes through the roof openings, stopping condensation.  

For a one-person model, there is heaps of storage room with the large front vestibule. We love that this vestibule space also has flooring to protect your gear.


  • Tall 53” Centre Height for Small Capacity Tent
  • Large Zippered Door with Latch
  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight Aluminium Pegs Included


10. Satoshi Waterproof Pyramid Tent

Satoshi Waterproof

Check Prices Here

One for the avid glampers, this is a charming teepee shelter that is often used by families or groups of friends. One of the standout features is the massive canopy that is created by the front door. It creates so much additional space that can be used for eating or relaxing, whilst staying covered from the sun.

Although this is certainly better suited to warmer camping with milder conditions, this structure does close very well. With the door completely zipped shut, its very well sealed and protects from winds and rain. When it is closed, you’re still getting ample airflow thought the large upper roof vent.

Tall interior bathtub flooring stops water seepage, and it has a waterproof index between 2000mm and 3000mm. Considering it is quite tall, it’s not great for heavy winds, but it looks like it protects well from rain.


  • Floor & Outer Fly Waterproof Rating of 2000mm-3000mm
  • Robust & Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • Spacious for 4 People


How to Choose a Pyramid Tent

Home Comforts

This essentially covers how comfortable you’ll be inside the tent. It’s important to think about what kind of storage space you have available, how much you can stretch out when you sleep, and whether you want to stand up or if you’re fine with crouching.

Consider how many people will be staying inside. No matter how many, you’ll need storage space and vestibules work great for this. Ventilation is another part of livability. When you need to close everything, you’ll need airflow to prevent condensation.

Heavy on the Trail

Especially if you’re backpacking, hiking, or doing some other kind of activity, it’s recommended to use an ultralightweight model. We consider this to be anything under 2 or 3 lbs, preferably under 2.5. Look out for ones where you need to use your own trekking pole, as that can lessen the weight a lot.

You’ll probably find the lightest being the ones that are just tarps, but it is possible to find some with the second mesh layer underneath that are light. The size of the storage bag matters too, as you’ll want something compact enough to fit in your bag.


Since most are on the lightweight side, you want something with top weather resistance when camping in the back country. You need to be protected from wind, rain, hail, dust, and light to moderate snowfall.

You’ll find that most are for 3-seasons and won’t hold up against extreme snow loads. However, there are some models that can handle it, especially because the pyramid shape is perfect at making snow slide right off.

Assembly & Adaptability

The set-up process for most models is typically fast, considering that they are so simple in design. It usually consists of a single pole in the middle, and the guy ropes and stakes.

Adaptability relates to how the tent will adapt to different locations. These types are more suited to flat surfaces, but the tarp-only styles can be quite adaptable. You can make them shorter and lower to the ground during storms, dig out a hole in the snow to make a kitchen with the tarp as a roof, and so on. One the other hand, being able to switch between the mesh interior and rainfly makes these very flexible. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pyramid Tent?

They are tents shaped like a tall cone, and they can come as a simple outer tarp, or as well with an interior mesh section for more protection. They often have built-in stove jacks, and the ultralight versions are popular with backpackers thanks to their minimal design. They are also known as tepees.


When to Use a Pyramid Tent?

This depends on the location you’re going to, as these tents come in a range of designs to suit different conditions. But for the most part, they’re known to be used for remote camping.

Due to their solid, sleek walls and single peak, they work well in wind, especially ones that sit close to the ground. 4-season models work great for backpacking in the snow. Since they come as a tarp or also with mesh inside, they can work well in warmer weather as you get lots of ventilation.


Can I Use a Meshed Bug Net?

Yes, pyramid shaped mesh nets are available to purchase separately. They usually connect inside using hooks or Velcro. Although, some tents already come with the mesh available.


Do Pyramid Tents Have Flooring?

Not all the time, it greatly depends on the model. Floorless ones do have advantages, like being able to pitch them on any terrain. Without the flooring, you can use your own footprint or floor tarp, but it won’t protect as well from the elements.


Conclusion on Pyramid Tents

As some of the best style tents to take out on your next rough country camping trip, pyramid tents offer exactly what you need. Compared to years ago, we are now lucky enough to have access to the lightest, strongest, and most adaptable teepee shelters that we’ve ever known.

These tents are fantastic minimalist options that provide exceptional weather protection. Depending on the model, they can be used during any month of the year, and their extremely simple set up is a huge benefit. Whether you’re using a teepee for meditation or camping, our comprehensive list has included a wide variety for you to choose from.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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