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Coleman Sundome 4p and 6p Tent Reviews

Coleman Sundome 4p and 6p Tent Reviews


The well-known Coleman Sundome Tent in 4 person and 6 person sizes has successfully broken into the darkroom niche and traditional style tents with rave reviews everywhere. It has a very modern design with contemporary coloring, yet it still functions as a classic dome style so well.

Coleman have a trusted reputation among the camping community, known for their high-quality products that make outdoor camping a better experience.

This particular model is a big hit with families and couples, as it’s spacious, does well in harsh winds, and has the innovative blackout design.

As well as the two sizes, you can also choose from a classic dome tent or one with an additional screen room.

Today we’re reviewing this tent to discover in detail what it’s all about. We’ll explore all its features, its performance on different levels, and why it is so highly rated by outdoor activists all over the globe.

We’ll also be looking into the Coleman darkroom technology, to see if it truly works how they claim it should. Is it worth spending the money on? Let’s find out.

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Coleman Sundome Tent- Full Review

Our First Thoughts

Coleman Sundome Tent- Full Review

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At a great price and with a well-known brand, we can confidently say that these are great tents. Durability, weather resistance, and plenty of floor space in both models make it the perfect choice for 2 season camping.

The user-friendly set up and dome design appeals to families, because it’s simple to pitch and take down for casual holiday camping trips. While this isn’t the kind of tent that you’d take for rough back-country adventures, it’s not made for that, and instead suits light to moderate weather conditions.

We think it’s fantastic for amateur or complete first-time campers who want something that is convenient and that will keep them protected.


Important Specs at a Glance

Dimensions – 4p

108“L x 84“W x 49“H (4p classic dome)

108“L x 84“W x 49“H + 108”L x 48”W front porch (4p w/ screen room)

Dimensions -6p

120“L x 120“W x 72“H (6p classic dome)

108“L x 84“W x 72“H + 120”L x 60”W front porch (6p w/ screen room)


10.24 lbs (4p classic dome)

17 lbs (6p classic dome)


15 lbs (4p w/ screen room)

21.3 lbs (6p w/ screen room)


$120+ (4p classic dome)

$130+ (6p classic dome)


$150+ (4p w/ screen room)

$180+ (6p w/ screen room)


4 People (4p)

6 People (6p)



Reflective Guylines

Carry Bag




Polyester PolyGuard Fabric & Mesh


Overview of Features

The 4p and 6p both have the exact same design and features, the main differences being obviously the different floor sizes, door sizes, and screen room sizes if you get that option.

  • Innovative Darkroom technology
  • Blocks 90% of sunlight
  • WeatherTec system for protection
  • User-friendly D-door
  • Snag-free set up takes 10 minutes
  • Good coverage rainfly with awning hood 
  • 2 large mesh roof panels 
  • E-port access
  • Large front & rear windows for ventilation 
  • Illuminated guylines for increased visibility
  • Robust Polyguard fabric
  • Screen room available for separate purchase (both sizes)


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Coleman sundome 4 person tent

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GOLD QUALITY – Blackout Tech

The biggest draw to buy this tent is the darkroom feature. Using thick, black polyester, 90% of sunlight is blocked out. The lower section and the entire rainfly have this blackout fabric to make the darkroom effect.

blackout room coleman sundome

Sleep Inducing Bedroom Area

Of course, the amount of light that will actually be eliminated will depend on certain conditions, but it is clear that it blocks out a significant amount of light compared to normal tents.

As well as obstructing light, this fabric is also designed to cool things down inside. We love that they’ve considered this because the black material would otherwise absorb the heat. But the temperature is lowered quite a bit to make things more comfortable.

SILVER FEATURE – WeatherTec System

As a budget-friendly model, we appreciate that there is still a great amount of weather protection provided by the Coleman WeatherTec System.

rainfly coleman sundome

Weatherproof Rainfly with Peak for Run-Off

While it won’t be void of all leaks in something like torrential rain, in light to modest rainfall it will do the job. There is bathtub flooring, reinforced corners, and covered seams.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT– Screen Room Option

I love a good screen room, and the choice to purchase this tent with a front porch is great. A little higher in price, you’re getting a whole extra space that can be used for so many things.

screen room attachment coleman sundome

Extra Screen Room Model Allows for more Storage Space

You can store all of your bags and other gear, like coolers and folding chairs, to keep the main area spacious for relaxing. It’s also a perfect hang out spot and sleeping area for dogs, but they can’t sleep in there when it rains.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail


pitching coleman

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Set Up

Although it’s not instant or pop-up for the assembly, the process is still a simple process. It sets up traditional-style, with poles, and ring-and-pin system, and stakes and guylines. Like most of this shape, the poles cross over each other at the top.

bundle pack

Pitching is a Cinch and Everything is Included

The Insta-Clip suspension keeps everything snag-free, making it so much easier to attach the poles to the fabric. It can take under 10 minutes once practiced.


The fly offers partial coverage, but it’s pretty decent as it comes past the halfway mark of the tent. Once staked out using the guylines, a gap is created that allows it to shed water droplets easily. The fly has an overhang that goes over the openings at the front and back of both sizes.

light frame

Rainfly Easily Fits Over the Light Framework

It creates a small sunshade that stops water from easily getting to these openings.

With the screen room option, it’s important to note that the fly doesn’t cover the whole thing, as it slopes forward making it easy for water to get in. There are some drainage holes for this reason.

Weather Resistance Capability

Tub flooring eliminates leaks that could form from puddles of water or splashes on the ground. Patented corner welds and inverted seams help to reinforce the weakest spots, to further shield from leaks.

sitting beside

Enjoy the Sun, Feel Safe in the Rain

The Polyguard fabric is two times as thick as regular polyester, ensuring protection from wind, rain, and scratches or holes. These tents are tested to withstand more than 35mph winds.


For use during warmer weather, this model has reliable ventilation. One large window at the back, a half opening on the door, and side panels are all mesh and allow a lovely cross-breeze throughout. If you use the screen porch, the entire thing has netting so you can sit there on especially hot days bug-free.

meshed vents

Well Ventilated with Mesh Panels


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

With the screen room option, how do you keep water out?

To allow water to easily channel outside the tent, there is a netted section on the floor of the screen room that drains water.

We suggest that you pitch the tent leaning slightly on a hill, so that the water can drain easier through the hole. You could also cut more small holes along the edges if you’re expecting quite a downpour.

Although, you shouldn’t really be using this tent in extreme weather. Another good idea is to use a footprint or regular tarp over the front screened walls if you find yourself stuck in a rainstorm.

Can you fit air mattresses and cots?

The 6p model can fit 2 queen airbeds inside, and the 4p can fit one. Both can fit a couple of camping cots, depending on their width, so you can comfortably sleep inside.


Our Final Thoughts on the Sundome Tent

With the 4p and 6p Coleman Sundome Tent, you’re getting a valuable shelter packed with features with a simple pitch to boot. When set up in the right location, with mild weather, this tent is more than capable to provide high level protection to keep your dry inside.

Available with an attached screen room or as a single classic dome, you’ve got plenty of options to suit your camping needs. The rounded roof and large floor area give a spacious feel, and the darkroom technology keeps lots of sunlight out for long sleep-ins.

Experience awesome comfort in terms of roominess, ability to control your sleep, and a well-ventilated area. You can achieve some memorable camping experiences for years to come with family and friends in this Coleman model.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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