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10 Best Dome Tents for Camping in 2020

10 Best Dome Tents for Camping in 2021

Dome tent for outdoor camping is renowned for its high level of comfort. They’re super popular for forest camping and beach getaways, thanks to the highly aerodynamic shape of the curved roof.

Compared to cabin tents, they boast a lower profile whilst still providing lots of space to walk around or sit without hitting your head.

Even though they all have the same dome design, you can find so many different styles with a range of features, like dome tents with screen rooms, canopy extensions, and porches attached.

Often used by families or groups of friends on car camping trips, you can find all kinds of models that accommodate different needs. With such a massive range in today’s market, it’s tricky to find the right model for your next camping trip.

We’ve created a top 10 list to showcase the best tent model available, with a wide variety of styles that range from affordable to more premium.

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10 Best Dome Shaped Camping Tents Reviewed

1. Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

CORE 4 Dome Tent

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One of the most popular among all dome tents, this classic model from Core offers great weather protection and versatility in different conditions. In just 30 seconds, your shelter is set up with complete ease. All the pre-attached poles simply click into place, and it’s freestanding so you can use it without stakes in nice weather.

Perfect for warm conditions, the interior roof is fully meshed, which provides aeration to prevent humidity build-up. The fly doesn’t offer full coverage, but it sits well over the inside body to stop water from getting in.

The special H2O block technology repels water, making it great for shielding against light rain. All seams are well sealed, and the rainfly is also fully taped. The door and window seals are also rain-resistant to further keep everyone dry inside.

Advanced venting at the bottom of the structure gives great airflow when the fly is on. This is very important for bringing cold air in to prevent condensation. Keep certain items off the ground, but within reach, with the floor storage pockets and upper gear loft. A hook at the roof lets you have a lantern for night time illumination.


  • Innovative H2O Block Technology
  • Fits 1 Queen Mattress
  • Instant 30 Second Pitch


2. Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

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With a front screen room for added space, this is a 6-person model that’s perfect for 3 campers to sleep comfortably. Setting up in under 7 minutes, it has a fast pitch design with color-coded poles for an uncomplicated process. Be noted it’s not an ‘instant’ tent. 

The large front room is fully screened, with foldable mesh walls to create a large entrance. This part isn’t covered by the fly, so keep this in mind if you’re looking to use it as storage during rain. It’s the perfect space for chilling with some chairs bug-free.

Weather resistance is ensured with the patented WeatherTec system. This involves inverted seams that prevent water from getting through the stitching holes, a highly strong frame with redesigned poles, a zipper cuff for protection, and welded flooring.

To gain airflow when the fly is on, there are large window awnings that let you keep the mesh openings exposed when it’s raining.

Measuring 10ft x 9ft on the floor, you’re getting lots of storage and room to move around. It can even accommodate 2 standard-sized queen airbeds for ultimate comfort. 


  • Large Separate Screen Room
  • WeatherTec Features Provide Weather Resistance
  • E-Port Access


3. Coleman Highline 4 Person Dome Tent

Coleman Highline 4 Person Dome Tent

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Another one from Coleman, this is a fantastic couple’s tent that offers great protection and ventilation. Even though the fly doesn’t completely cover the structure, it has an extended awning the shields the front door from light rainfall.

The door panel is D-shaped, making it super easy to get in and out, and it has storm panels. On the roof, hot air can get out through the mesh sections, making it a good warm weather model.

The set up isn’t as fast as some others, but 10 minutes is fast when you compare it to some different shaped tents. It has a patented slip-proof ring-and-pin system that streamlines the assembly process.  The Insta-Clip suspension is another great feature, as it secures the poles in a snap and provides tension for added stability.

With WeatherTec technology, you’re getting high weather resistance with bathtub flooring, protected seams, covered zippers, and a strong framework that’s been tested against 35MPH winds.

Fit 1 queen air mattress inside, or use sleeping bags and have the extra space for storage. Storage pockets can be found throughout, including a small gear loft.

Note: For a full analysis on the Coleman Highline Tent, check out our full review page. 


  • Roomy 9ft x 7ft of Space
  • Fits 1 Standard Queen Airbed
  • Simple Ring-and-Pin Set Up System


4. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE 9 Dome Tent


Check Prices Here

Keeping the traditional dome shape in the middle, this model has 2 additional sides that offer tons of extra room. It’s a very popular shape for accommodating more people, and it’s still highly aerodynamic thanks to the sloping walls and circular shapes.

A 72” center height provides plenty of room to stand up and walk around. Large enough to fit 3 queen airbeds at once, it’s big enough for storing your gear and setting up table and chairs during the day. With more people inside, body heat can escape through the complete mesh roof and mesh side windows and the two ends.

There is also an advanced venting system when the rainfly is on, where the sides stretch out and leave room for air to flow through. You’ll also find ground vents on the bottom, so you’re getting lots of airflow here.

Stay dry inside with the H2O Block Technology where the fabric is PU coated and all seams are heat-sealed, including on the rainfly. The fabric is an enduring 68D polyester, which prevents rips and scratches.

Note: For the full lowdown on this model, check out our full CORE 9 Extended Dome Tent Review over on our review pages. 


  • Robust Fibreglass Pole Framework
  • Water Resistant 600mm Rating & Durable Fabric
  • Electrical Cord Port


5. HILLMAN Lightweight Backpacking Dome Tent

HILLMAN Lightweight Backpacking Dome Tent

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Made for 2 to 3 people, the complete full coverage design that keeps you highly protected. With aluminum rods, it won’t weigh down your gear, but the structure is still durable for stability in winds. Double-stitched seams reinforce the waterproofing, and the rainfly covers from all angles. It also creates a small front vestibule for keeping your gear, so you have more room inside to sleep.

The inner layer has all-mesh roofing, allowing plenty of ventilation to come through. This makes it suitable for both summer and milder weather camping, as the fly has upper vents that let hot air escape. Tough double-sided zippers allow easy entry and exit and are long-lasting.

An effortless 10 minute set up can be done by just one person, or less than 10 minutes with 2. Weighing just 5.6 lbs, you can share the accessories with the other person so you can go backpacking or hiking with ease.


  • Super Compact Pack Size with Handled Bag
  • Tough Nylon Buckles for Stability
  • Choose From 5 Different Colors


6. Mobihome 6 Person Extended Pop Up Dome Tent

Mobihome 6 Person Extended Pop Up Dome Tent

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Ideal for family camping trips, extended sides create heaps of room that you can use for storage or extra sleeping space. With a 55” height, most people won’t be able to stand up, but this makes it more stable against winds.

Plus, the added side poles that create rigid hoops make it steady and aerodynamic. The pop-up set up is extremely easy, as it literally pops into place after you extend the frame. It takes only one hand to lift the hub and put it together.

There are lots of mesh panels throughout this tent. Including the full netted roof, there are mesh windows on the side sections that create increased air ventilation.

The 68D 190T polyester is PU coated, giving it a waterproof index of 1500mm. This means it can withstand light rainfall. The flooring is also durable, made of 120g PE fabric. Plus, the carry bag is 150D 600 Oxford material, so it won’t rip when you’re transporting it.


  • Fast 3 Minute Assembly
  • Good Waterproof Column of 1500mm
  • Compact Pack Size 35” x 9” x 9”


7. Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

coleman 8 person evanston review

Check Prices Here

A super popular model among campers, the added screen porch is a huge benefit for storage and bug-free lounging. Pitching in 15 minutes, it’s a straightforward process that can be easily done by 2 people.

Great for family campers, several storage pockets let everyone keep things within reach, like torches, phones, books, and so on.

Available in 6P or 8P, both are made from robust 75D polyester taffeta making it rip-resistant and waterproof. All the corners are welded, plus inverted seams prevent moisture from getting through the stitching holes.

The rainfly further adds weather protection, as it keeps the main section of the tent covered. It doesn’t shield the front room though, so don’t store gear there if it’s raining as it will get wet.

With the fly off, all the mesh panels are exposed creating lots of ventilation. In order to prevent condensation when the flysheet is on, there are two large extended awnings that sit over the windows to block rain.

Note: For a full evaluation on the Coleman 6 Person Evanston model, check out our full review & guide. 


  • Large Front Screen Area 10ft x 9ft
  • Fits 2 Queen Airbeds
  • Patented WeatherTec System Provides Protection


8. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent Review

Check Prices Here

One for the budget-conscious folks, this is a simple model with good coverage and a user-friendly assembly. The poles criss-cross on the top, then clips easily to the rest of the tent. This is a traditional structure that is known for its high level of stability.

A great warm-weather shelter, the inner layer has large mesh sections on the roof for plenty of air circulation. The big D-shaped door makes it easy to get in and out, and it has a storm flap to keep you dry when it rains.

The rainfly sits well over the inner part, plus there is a big awning hanging over the front door for extra protection. The advanced ground venting system draws cool air from the floor and lets it flow inside to avoid humidity.

To keep you dry all day and night, the WeatherTec system features welded corners and covered seams that greatly prevent moisture from entering the tent.

Note: We have a full extensive review on the Coleman Sundome Tent on our individual review page. 


  • Advanced WeatherTec System
  • Quick Straightforward 10 Min Set Up
  • Electrical Port Access


9. Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Dome Tent

Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Dome Tent


Check Prices Here

Choose from a classic dome or with an additional screen room with this versatile model. The best feature of this one is the dark rest technology. It blocks up to 90% of sunlight from getting through.

This allows you to sleep past sunrise or take naps during the day in peace. Getting a great sleep will give you more energy for all your camping adventures. The blackout rooms also reduce heat build-up inside, so you can snooze more comfortably.

Much like all the other Coleman tents, this one has the WeatherTec system with the welded corners, inverted seams, taped rainfly, and so on. For ventilation, there are plenty of mesh panels, plus the fly creates two awnings that extend over the windows and protect from rain. The frame is strong and has been tested against over 35MPH winds.

The front screen porch is huge and stretches out far past the main part of the tent. It’s big enough to fit a table and chairs and you can enjoy yourself while keeping the bugs away.


  • Conventional Fast Pitch 10 Minutes
  • Roomy Interior with Extra Screen Room
  • E-Port Convenient Access


10. Ozark Trail 4 Person Dome Tent

Ozark Trail 4 Person Dome Tent

Check Prices Here

Another great choice for couples, this model maintains the traditional shape with a modern twist. While a front mud mat isn’t anything new, the way it’s been designed is quite innovative. The mat is angled, and on one side you have a large footlocker to store dirty shoes and other items. You can access it from the inside and outside of the tent, so it’s highly convenient.

Weighing just over 7 lbs, it’s rather lightweight. You can share the load with another person and go backpacking or hiking on short trips. As well as the rainfly that protects from mild weather conditions, all the seams are taped for water resistance. The fly also has an awning the protects the D-style door. The door has a storm panel that can roll up for more airflow.

Despite its smaller size, you’re getting lots of storage options which is hard to find with similar models. There are numerous mesh pockets inside, and they’re quite large, so you and your fellow camper can store your valuables separately off the ground. Plus, you’ve got a gear loft on the roof.

Note: For a more in depth guide to all sizes of Ozark Dome Tents, check out our full review. 


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Small Front Awning Space
  • Separate Shoe Storage & E-Port Access


How To Choose a Dome Tent


The capacity greatly relates to the size of the tent that you go for. Even though a manufacturer might state it is intended for 4 people, this is only telling you how many sleeping bags will fit when crammed in close together on the floor. We recommend always cutting down the capacity to about half.

So, 4 person or 6 person models are perfect for couples or campers in a group of 3. The reason for this recommendation is that you’ll have much more room for storage and to stretch when you sleep. You won’t feel squished in or claustrophobic, making it much easier and more comfortable to sleep.

Shape & Comfort

While they all obviously have a rounded shape, there are different designs out there. The most common ones that you’ve probably seen are extended and regular domes. The extended shape has 2 additional side rooms. They offer lots of additional space for storage, or you can use these sections to sleep and keep the middle part for living and relaxing.

Another factor of comfort is the height of the tent. You’ll usually find that the larger capacity models allow you to stand up inside, without touching your head on the ceiling.

While the smaller sizes won’t allow you to stand up, they offer much more room than say an A-frame tent. The wider, more airy shape of domes and almost-vertical walls make them quite spacious. Even if you can’t stand up, it’s still easy to get changed and comfortably stretch.

Weather Resistance

Since most models have a full mesh interior layer, our first thought for protection from weather conditions is of the rainfly. This is going to be your best friend for protection, as it’s going to shield you from rain, cold wind, and even a bit of snow depending on the model.

A full-coverage fly is going to give you the best protection. These are mainly found on backpacking or premium models, where the fly will reach all the way to the ground covering all openings.

Semi-coverage flysheets are still great options for keeping you safe in mild weather. Look out for models with awnings connected to the fly, where they stretch over the door and windows. This allows you to keep the mesh open during light rainfall, so you’re getting good airflow.


Another important element of weather resistance is going to be the materials used. Polyethylene or polyester taffeta are very popular choices and will keep you well protected from moisture leaks. PU coatings are another thing to take note of, as they can give good waterproof ratings and prevent scratches and holes.

It’s also not rare to find that the flooring is thicker and more durable than the rest of the tent. This is important because the ground can be rough, and pools of water can form so you need the heightened defense.

The next factor is the framework. It needs to be strong enough to hold up against strong winds, so that it doesn’t collapse, break, or fly away. Most budget-friendly tents will come with fiberglass poles, which are durable but won’t be as stable as steel ones. Aluminum is a common find in specialty backpacking tents, as they’re lightweight to carry around.

Amount of Storage

This is an essential part of camping for everyone. Even in 4 person ones, you’ll be grateful for the extra storage areas. Mesh pockets and gear lofts on the roof are awesome for keeping your valuable items off the ground, but in reach, so you can quickly access them whenever you need. Vestibules are another fantastic element, but you won’t find them on all models.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set Up a Dome Tent?

This varies depending on the structure, but classic shaped ones usually use a criss-cross pole system, where two poles intersect each other. It creates a highly stable structure that does very well in winds. You can also find ones with an instant pitch, where all the poles are already connected. If the model has side extensions or a screen room, you’ll need a little extra time to insert additional poles.


Can I Stand Up in a Dome Tent?

Again, it all depends on which one you’re getting. Smaller capacity ones don’t usually let you stand up inside, but you can comfortably kneel or crouch. Larger sizes like 7P and up generally allow you to stand up. Always remember to check the peak height before buying.


What Does a Screen Room Do?

It acts as a separate room for bug-free lounging, like your own personal porch. You can set up a table and chairs in most models for dining away from insects. Another use is for storing your gear, but you should be careful about this if it’s raining. The rainfly doesn’t cover this section for most models, so water can pool on the ground. If there is flooring, make some holes for drainage, and don’t store bags there when it rains.


Conclusion on Dome Tents

Whether you’re looking for something on the high-end or more inexpensive side, dome tents for camping are incredibly popular and much-loved in the camping community.

With their almost-vertical walls and rounded roof, they provide heaps of headroom for more comfortable liveability.

Typically utilizing an interlocking pole assembly system, set up is a breeze and won’t take up all your time. With their innovative shape, they can resist a fair amount of rain, winds, hail, and even a little bit of snow in some cases.

With the addition of a screen room on some models, you’re getting tons of versatility and comfort in a simple structure.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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