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13 Best Canopy Replacement Parts for Quest, ABC, EZ Up


Over time even the highest quality canopy or gazebo can take a hit.

Possibly due to adverse weather conditions like a sudden storm that tears the lining of the cover. 

Perhaps you forgot to coat your frame and it has a horrible case of rust

Or it could be just general wear and tear over the years and you want to spruce it up with a new color or customize it with some sidewalls. 

We will share today some quality replacement parts and useful additions that you can use with your canopy or gazebo. We will try to cover all the top models such as Quest, ABC, Ez Up, Eurmax and many more. 



10 Best Gazebo Canopy Replacements

1. Replacement Pop Up Canopy Covers

Pop Up Canopy Replacement Cover 10x10 10x15 10x20

Replacement Canopy Cover 10 x 10

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Replacement Canopy Cover 10 x 15 and 10 x 20

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All Other Sizes 

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If your roof is looking a bit worse for wares, but the frame is still holding up strong, then consider a replacement roof or cover to breathe life back into your canopy tent or gazebo.

Eurmax and ABCCanopy offer some amazing replacement roof covers for pop up canopies.

With over 18 color choices, 5 of which are striped. So you’re able to commercially customize your canopy into a stall at a trade show with ease.

Or perhaps you fancy a change from the traditional white color, and could go with something more vibrant like red, blue or green.

Compatible with all 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 models of pop up canopies. Additionally, they are at the same standard as the full canopy products, so fully waterproof and UV protected, keeping your assets and family safe when inside.


2. Replacement Canopy Side Walls

Replacement Pop Up Canopy Side Wall

Replacement Side Panels

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Zippered Meshed Side Panels

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Windowed Side Panels

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Also known as privacy panels, these attach directly to the frame, hang down the side, and attach tightly to the canopy legs.

There are a variety of sidewalls to choose from. If you are looking for enclosure and sun protection, opt for the side panels. They are made of a solid material that is non-transparent.

There are also some meshed, screened and windowed side panels available, so the customization is numerous.

Utilize the latter for better air circulation with some added privacy as opposed to open air. Or to keep mosquitoes away from you or your food, the meshed panels work well for this.

You may only need a single privacy panel attachment, perhaps for the rear to block the neighbor’s view, or protect from sunlight you can go with this option, saving money and buying a single panel only (they do sell singles).

The full side panels are also fire retardant with a fire safety rating of CPAI-84, meaning you could use them in conjunction with a grill or BBQ, or hang some lights in close vicinity of them, without worrying about the risks of fire.


3. Replacement Canopy Enclosure Kit

Replacement Pop Up Canopy Enclosure Kit

Full Canopy Enclosure Kit for 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 models

Check Prices Here

This full enclosure kit comes with a set of side walls compatible with all pop up canopy models of 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 sizes. 

With 6 different color choices, you can either replace your white one with a fresh new one or choose an enclosure kit to match your colored top.

They also have designed it with a door and meshed window which both can be rolled up and tied, if you need more ventilation in certain situations. 

It’s also fully fire retardant with CPAI certification, which makes it possible to use for tailgating or bbq events if needed.

Note that the top is not included with this, only the side enclosure. 


4. Replacement Canopy Roller Bag

Best Replacement Canopy Roller Bags

Standard and Heavy Duty Canopy Roller Bags for 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 models. 

Check Prices

Now we are fully aware that 99.9% of them do indeed come with a free carry bag. However, the quality of said freebie is definitely up for debate with the cheaper models. If it has seen better days, you might be needing to invest in a more long term option. 

A bag on its last legs, tearing and a 40kg+ canopy hitting the ground can cause untold damage to the framework. Play it safe without breaking the bank and get a heavy-duty roller bag. For those with a 10×15 perhaps you’ve spent upwards of $300 for your canopy, so it’s worth shelling out $50-$75 for its protection while in transit.

As we know pop up canopies are meant to be on the move and pitched/dismantled frequently, so a reliable carry bag is more important than one might assume. 

The heavy duty models are Manufactured with durable fabric, so you needn’t worry about any rips or tears, they are even scuff (abrasion) resistant.

The material is also fully waterproofed so anything inside won’t be getting wet at all. They generally come with extra storage pockets too, so you can store other valuables safely inside the waterproof pouches.


5. Canopy Replacements for Gazebos

Best Canopy Replacement for Gazebos

For Gazebo Canopy Top Replacements:

Check Prices Here

If you have a pop up gazebo or garden gazebo, as opposed to a pop up canopy, you will already be aware of the differences in designs between them, and ultimately the one that you need. 

These are designed for gazebos and have an array of sizes, colors and aesthetics, so hopefully, you can find the right one for your model. 

You can even choose a completely different design if you feel like ramping things up in the yard, as long as the dimensions are on point, the majority of replacement tops are universal in the attachment, as long as the frames similar, you’re golden.


6. Replacement Gazebo Mosquito Netting and Privacy Curtain Sets

Replacement Gazebo Mosquito Netting

Replacement Mosquito Netting Set

Check Prices Here

Replacement Privacy Curtain Set

Check Prices Here

If you are looking for something to keep away those mossies while say out in the garden or campsite, a meshed enclosure is ideal. These full sets come with 4 meshed panels that can be attached directly to the framework and legs. Protecting you inside and providing slight air ventilation at the same time. 

For full privacy from peering eyes and neighbors, then the curtain set is the best choice. It also provides a nice aesthetic for the more glamorous or romantic events you might be holding. 

Bear in mind that the tops do not come with these sets, it is the side paneling sets only. 


7. Pop Up Canopy Tent Repair Kits

Pop Up Canopy Sewing Repair Kit

Repair Kits for Pop Up Canopy Material

Check Prices Here

Unfortunately, sometimes mishaps just can’t be avoided. Whether due to negligence or adverse weather conditions, you may need to roll your sleeves up and do a bit of repair work on the canvas covers.

This tidy little repair kit is used to repair the grommets that can run along the side walls, privacy panels and roof. With easy to follow instructions, you can save a ton of money by learning to replace these grommets yourself.

Another mishap that can happen is tearing to the material, for a quick fix you can use adhesive tape. Very easy to use and works very effectively, so much so it’s become a best seller in the field. Just apply directly over the tear and the adhesive tape will set in and hold it tightly together, good as new.

Bear in mind this isn’t going to fix big, substantial tears to the fabric, depending on the position as well. But for getting on top of small tears before they expand, it’s second to none.


8. Pop Up Gazebo Canopy Tent Fans

Replacement Canopy Tent Fan

Replacement Fans for Pop Up Gazebo and Canopy

Check Prices Here

Even with a meshed screen or rolled up side walls, the weather can get the better of us. On a hot day, with no breeze it can be agony, especially if you’re working on a stall all day for your business.

In this case, we really suggest a camping fan of sorts, this is 100% compatible with canopy tents and portable gazebos alike. They work excellently well and are battery-powered, so you don’t need to hang ugly cables around your set up. This one also has some nice lights on the side which is great for night camping or fishing too. Batteries included….yay!

This one is more for ceiling attachments, whereas the other has more positional freedom. This one needs to be attached to a reasonably strong frame, but it has excellent value. As it can be used as both a camping fan and a light at the same time, perfect for use in the afternoons and evenings alike.


9. Replacement Pop Up Gazebo Canopy Lights

Replacement Canopy Tent Lights

String Lights and Solar Lights for Pop Up Canopies and Gazebos

Check Prices Here

Nothing sets the scene for your garden party better than a beautiful set of lights. There are lots of different light sets to choose from, such as string, LED and solar to name a few.

These lights are also waterproof. Which is fantastic news, they can be used in any weather situation. Commercial-grade lights are ideal, they attach perfectly to your frame, you could even run them along your conservatory or garden walls.

They are often made in 24 and 48 foot lengths, for larger frames 10×10 and over, you may want to go with the 48 foot, just to be on the safe side. Usually, we need the extra length to run the cable out the way, or back into the house.

Another option is solar canopy lights. Totally eco-friendly and no battery or electricity supply needed to get them lit. This is a great choice if you are set up outdoors or quite far away from the house, you won’t need to run a long cable back to the power supply. Or carry around a heavy generator.


10. Replacement Gazebo Canopy Stakes and Ropes

Replacement Canopy Tent Stakes

Replacement Canopy Tent Stakes

Check Prices Here

If you have a portable gazebo hub, sometimes it’s tricky to use the canopy weights on the framework. For this situation, we suggest using extra stakes and ropes. or guylines.

Tent stakes from ABCCanopy are an excellent choice. They also glow in the dark which is very practical, you won’t trip and go hurtling through the air in the middle of the night.

Excellent value as they are throwing in four, 10 foot ropes for good measure. Which you can use to tie down and secure accordingly.

Get stakes that are galvanized so they won’t suffer rust or corrosion while being out in the elements for long periods of time.


11. Replacement Canopy Tent Mesh Food Covers

Canopy Food Covers

Replacement Food Covers for Canopy Tent Stalls

Check Prices Here

We’ve discussed in detail how these products can make fantastic food stalls and trade show marquees. But now you’ve got one, there’s nothing in it! So you’re stalls set up or the BBQ food is ready to eat, but there are pesky critters roaming around for a feed.

No worries, these inexpensive and smart products offer a fast solution to this problem. With a few different size variations, you can choose whichever one is the best for you. For large trays of displays try the larger size ones as shown here.

They are also fully meshed, this is great for hot food, allowing the hot air to escape. Which doesn’t create condensation, water droplets, thus destroying the delicious grub.


12. Pop Up Canopy Sink and Kitchen Sets

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook Station

Kitchen and Sink Sets for Pop Up Canopies and Gazebos

Check Prices Here

For an easy all in one dining experience, try out the portable kitchen inside your canopy or gazebo.

Excellent portable piece for camping or in the garden. It’s also compatible with most camping stoves, making a great combination for garden grills and camping barbecues.

Easily set up and put away by folding its legs underneath it, can fit tidily into the car or garage after use.

They are also fully removable making it easy to clean and the unit itself has a lot of storage space and hooks to hang your utensils. Cool little side shelf which is great for prepping and cutting food on, away from the stove area.

This is a very practical and inexpensive piece that combines very well with portable stoves for a great picnic or grill event.



Well, we hope you enjoyed our article and you gained some knowledge on the kinds of things available for your pop up canopy or gazebo.

Some are purely aesthetic, but some are indeed are the key to their longevity.

We will be updating this list accordingly if we feel there are any new products on the market, that offer further improvements.

If you liked any of these products or the article itself, please comment below or give it a share via social media.

See you all very soon, happy camping!


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  1. F*ckin’ awesome things here. I’m very glad to see your article today, we’ve been struggling with our canopy roof for a while. I didn’t know they were so cheap! Will probably just buy a new one.

  2. I have a Quest HD commercial straight leg I think 10×10, I need a new leg, it got hit by a motorhome and the bottom leg bent and broke, can your help?

    1. Terribly sorry to hear about that mishap. In regards to a replacement, if you google questleisure you may find their official website, they have a ‘contact us’ page where you could maybe get a phone number or send them an email. Hope this helps in your ‘quest’ to find another one….sorry. 🙂

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