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So I’m sure you’ve read up on our amazing pop up canopy and portable gazebo articles already, and quite possibly treated yourself to the one of the best models available on the market in 2019.

Alas, your proud piece has arrived, but it’s looking a bit bare right? So we need to accessorize it, make it feel a bit more like home or optimize it for intended use.

Here we will show some great ways to revamp your Canopy or Gazebo with some versatile and quality replacement parts and accessories..

Thus making it more aesthetic, or improve its performance.

Canopy replacement sidewall set
  • Canopy Side Wall Replacement Set
  • Removable
  • Waterproof
  • Full Enclosure

ABCCANOPY Replacement Top Cover
  • Replacement Canopy Cover
  • Variety of Color Choices
  • Compatible
  • Water and UV proof

US Weight Tailgater Canopy Weights
  • Canopy and Gazebo Weights
  • Carry Handle
  • Can Secure Tents/Canopies/Umbrellas etc
  • Eco-Weights Manufactured with Recyclable Material

canopy mosquito netting replacement part
  • Canopy Meshed Mosquito Sidewall Set
  • Fine Mesh Keeps Bugs Out
  • Good Ventilation
  • Easy Installation

Best Choice Products 6ft Indoor Outdoor Folding
  • Canopy and Gazebo Show Tables
  • Perfect for Trade Show or Market Stall
  • Foldable, Compact and Lightweight
  • 4,6 and 8 Foot Options

For example, planning a food stall or wedding event? Mesh food covers and table.

Tailgating in the wind? Quality weights and wind panels.

Romantic dinner in the garden? LED string lights and a Barry White CD. (We didn’t review the CD)

The list goes on, so let’s dig deeper, here’s a sneak peak at some of the things we will look at today.

Now hopefully you have read at least one of the two articles we have written on these products. We say this because it showcases, in detail, the multitude of functions that portable canopies and gazebos are used for.

Thus giving you a better idea of what you might need for your next event or garden get-together etc.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and check out some useful additions for your portable shelter.

Canopy Part Reviews

Canopy Privacy Curtains and Side Walls

Also known as privacy panels, these attach directly to the frame and hang down the side. They are made of a solid material that is non-transparent, unlike some meshed or screened side panels.

This set above is a full curtain set and surrounds the entire structure. It’s also fire retardant with a fire safety rating of CPAI-84, meaning you could use them in conjunction with a grill or BBQ, or hang some lights in close vicinity of them, without worrying about the risks of fire.

They have zippers integrated into the center of the panel, meaning you can open them up and clip to the side, creating doorways around the canopy tents frame.

If you perhaps only needed a single privacy panel attachment, perhaps for the rear to block the neighbors view, or protect from sunlight you can go with this option, saving money.

Here is also a single side wall from ABCCanopy that will attach perfectly to any pop up model of a similar design. They have a huge color range with their side panels and you can find the right color to match.

This full set of side walls for an ez up canopy is also compatible with all portable canopies and gazebos with a 10×10 frame. ABCCanopy also make side walls for 10×15 and bigger sizes. This full set comes in 2 color choices, white and royal blue.

All in all, they offer full protection visibility wise and the ones we showcase here will fit all frame sizes, all the way up to 10×10 and 10×12. These are the most common sizes making these a very popular choice and a best seller.

Replacement Canopy Roofs and Covers

If your roof is looking a bit worse for wares, but the frame is still holding up strong, then consider a replacement roof or cover to breathe life back into your canopy tent or gazebo.

If you have a patio or garden gazebo, and are looking to revitalize it, you could check out something like this. It’s compatible with most 10×10 frames and the Beige color also matches with the majority of color schemes.

An amazing replacement roof cover by Eurmax. They’ve nailed it here with 18 color choices, 5 of which are striped. So you’re able to customize your canopy into a stall at a trade show with ease. Or perhaps you fancy a change from the traditional white color, and could go with something more vibrant like red, blue or green.

Compatible with nearly all 10×10 models on the market and at a reasonable price. Fully waterproof and UV protected, keeping your assets and family safe when inside.

This one in particular was designed for use with straight legged canopies, if you have a slant leg please do a bit of searching to find the slant legged version.


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Canopy Meshed Side Walls and Screened Panels

You may find a privacy panel too dense for your liking, and fancy something with a bit more visibility and breathable. In this case you can attach a meshed side wall, which does an excellent job of keeping the canopy tent and gazebo ventilated, allowing air to breeze through nicely. As they do tend to get stuffy on particularly hot days.

Impact Canopy have made an excellent and inexpensive meshed side set here. It is compatible with all 10×10 models  and for a very modest price too. It attaches onto the frame work with Velcro looped straps, which is very easy to put on. Just hang, fold the straps and it’s secured, not set up necessary.

This model from Master Canopy is also a great piece for portable garden and patio shelters. Coming in 2 colors Brown and Beige and with a reasonable price tag. The fine mesh will keep those annoying bugs away from your family garden party or grill.

Gazebo Wind Panels

If you have a pop up gazebo then this is more up your street. They don’t have the same 10×10 sidewalls like the canopies have. The Clam and Gazelle that we reviewed, make use of these awesome Wind Panels.

They attach simply just like a side wall and offer great protection from the elements. The wind panels latch tightly onto rings that are generally located internally. Clam and Gazelle have engineered their products for use with these wind panels so don’t worry, they are 100% compatible.

They are made of a tough and durable fabric that is UV and water resistant, attaching these in strong weather conditions is a really good idea to prolong product life. They also sell them in 2 or 3 pack bundles.

So if you don’t want to buy a whole set you don’t need to. It’s economical and offers a customization choice. If you just want to corner off 1 side, or create a sun block in 1 corner, it’s totally possible.

If you want to learn more about pop up gazebos, check out our article here.

Canopy Tent Chairs and Tables

So you’ve took the plunge and bought one, now you have a huge space to fill. Maybe 100-150 square foot with nothing in it. Let’s get some tables and chairs in there, for your products, food or for simply putting your feet up and relaxing.

Perfect for use with camping hub models, inside the hub interior, pull up a few chairs with your pals. What we love about these is the built in coolers beside the seat. This means you can keep a few beers ready next to you without having to get up every 10 minutes for a cold one. The seat itself is slightly oversized, giving a cool hammock feel under you. No arm rests digging into your legs. Great value set coming in a pack of four. Also with 4 color choices to choose from.

Now if you have a pop up canopy tent for commercial use and you are running a food stall or any stall where products need to be on show. You will need some tables. These lightweight, fold up tables are ideal for those kind of events. 24 by 48 inches in size, you can make a great L shaped or U shaped display with 2-3 of these. Manufactured with power coated steel frame, it can resist the weather just as well as the canopy tent frame. It’s also height adjustable, with 3 different heights available, easily customized depending on the event.


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Canopy Tent Weights

One crucial thing when we’re looking at stability and safety, is a good set of weights. You’ve proofed the material, sealed the seams and applied coating to the frame. However, without preparation a strong wind will lift it off the ground with ease.

A good set of weights is key. Some canopy tents do indeed come with extra weights for free, but often they are of low quality. We suggest you to invest in a decent set to keep everything safe, especially if you’re running a business or stall, you need to protect your assets. These heavy duty weights from US Weight fit the bill perfectly, with 3 weight choices of 20, 30 and 40 pound options.

We suggest the heavier options, why would you risk a $300 canopy tent for an extra $20. Think long term when buying things like this, if you want your shelter to last as long as possible.

A good set of weights will attach itself directly over the legs or feet, and possibly have holes drilled in them for additional stakes and guy lines to be attached.

If you don’t fancy having the dark and dreary black weights on your beautiful white canopy tent, then try these ones. They are a nice variation and have a great color. You can fill them with water, sand or even mix the both to have a heavier, denser weight inside.

Canopy Tent Repair Kits

Unfortunately sometimes mishaps just can’t be avoided. Whether due to negligence or adverse weather conditions, you may need to roll your sleeves up and do a bit of repair work on the canvas covers.

This tidy little repair kit is used to repair the grommets that can run along the side walls, privacy panels and roof. With easy to follow instructions, you can save a ton of money by learning to replace these grommets yourself.

Another mishap that can happen is tears to the material, for a quick fix you can use this Tenacious Tape from Gear Aid. Very easy to use and works very effectively, so much so it’s become a best seller in the field. Just apply directly over the tear and the adhesive tape will set in and hold it tightly together, good as new.

Bear in mind this isn’t going to fix big, substantial tears to the fabric, depending on the position as well. But for getting on top of small tears before they expand, it’s second to none.

Canopy Tent Fans

Even with a meshed screen or rolled up side walls, the weather can get the better of us. On a hot day, with no breeze it can be agony, especially if you’re working on a stall all day for your business.

In this case we really suggest a camping fan of sorts, this is 100% compatible with canopy tents and portable gazebos alike. They work excellently well and are battery powered, so you don’t need to hang ugly cables around your set up. This one also has some nice lights on the side which is great for night camping or fishing too. Batteries included….yay!

This one is more for ceiling attachments, whereas the other has more positional freedom. This one needs to be attached to a reasonably strong frame, but it has excellent value. As it can be used as both a camping fan and a light at the same time, perfect for use in the afternoons and evenings alike.

Canopy Tent Lights

Nothing sets the scene for your garden party better than a beautiful set of lights. There are lots of different light sets to choose from, but here a few best sellers that we also think work really well.

These awesome lights from Brightech are also waterproof. Which is fantastic news, they can be used in any weather situation. Commercial grade lights that attach perfectly to your frame, you could even run them along your conservatory or garden walls.

They are made in 24 and 48 foot lengths, for larger frames 10×10 and over, you may want to go with the 48 foot, just to be on the safe side. Usually we need the extra length to run the cable out the way, or back into the house.

Another option are solar canopy lights. Totally eco-friendly and no battery or electricity supply needed to get them lit. This is a great choice if you are set up outdoors or quite far away from the house, you won’t need to run a long cable back to the power supply. Or carry around a heavy generator.

They are modern in design with 2 color choices, warm white and pure white. The pure white would be so beautiful in a winter setting. They have lots of different lighting variations too, 8 in total, including waves, slow-mo, combination, flash and twinkle.

Canopy Tent Stakes and Ropes

If you have a portable gazebo hub, sometimes it’s tricky to use the canopy weights on the framework. For this situation we suggest using extra stakes and ropes.

These tent stakes from ABCCanopy are an excellent choice. They also glow in the dark which is very practical, you won’t trip and go hurtling through the air in the middle of the night. Excellent value again from ABC, they are throwing in four, 10 foot ropes for good measure. Which you can use to tie down and secure accordingly.

The stakes are galvanized so won’t suffer rust or corrosion while being out in the elements for long periods of time.

A great addition to the stakes and ropes is an effective hammer. This is a great choice. Firstly its aluminum so it’s super lightweight and easily carried in your backpack or carry bag. Secondly, it’s multi-functional. On the back end of the hammer is a hook, which you can use to draw out the stakes from the ground.

If you’ve ever pulled stakes with your hands, you’ll know this is a godsend. We often get carried away when hitting them in and become cavemen, driving them 10 miles into the ground. This makes light work of our stupidity.

Canopy Tent Roller Bag

Now we are fully aware that 99.9% of  them do indeed come with a free carry bag. However, the quality of said freebie is definitely up for debate. A cheap carry bag, carrying a heavy duty canopy tent will probably take some damage in the long run. A small tear can expand to a larger problem within a few months.

Impact Canopy are fully aware of this issue and have designed a heavy duty roller bag to solve this problem. They have 3 different sizes in 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20. The 3 most common sizes on the market.

Manufactured with incredibly durable fabric, you won’t need to worry about any rips or tears, it’s even scuff resistant. The material is also fully waterproofed so anything inside won’t be getting wet at all. This is great as they also have 2 storage pockets, so you can store other valuables safely inside, away from any approaching rain.

Canopy Mesh Food Covers

We’ve discussed in detail how these products can make fantastic food stalls and trade show marquees. But now you’ve got one, there’s nothing in it! So you’re stalls set up or the BBQ food is ready to eat, but there’s lots of pesky critters roaming around for a feed.

No worries, these inexpensive and smart products offer a fast solution to this problem. With a few different size variations you can choose whichever one is the best for you. For large trays of displays try the larger size ones as shown here.

If you have a wider variety of smaller trays on your display, then try these. They come in a bundle and are a great way to keep the flies away and off the food. They are also fully meshed, this is great for hot food, allowing the hot air to escape. Which doesn’t create condensation, water droplets, thus destroying the delicious grub.

But what about drinks? There is a perfect solution for this too. If you have a wedding event or tailgate meet, you want to keep some sodas cold for the kids, or a few beers cold for the guys. Try this one, just attach it to the top of the table, fill it with ice and voila, nice cold drinks all afternoon long. It’s very easy to set up as its inflatable, so just blow it up by mouth within a few minutes and it’s good to go.

Canopy Sink and Kitchen

For an easy all in one dining experience, try out the portable kitchen inside your canopy or gazebo. Excellent portable piece for camping or in the garden. Made by Coleman it’s also compatible with most of their camping stoves, making a great combination for garden grills and camping barbecues.

Easily set up and put away by folding its legs underneath it, can fit tidily into the car or garage after use. The sink is also fully removable making it easy to clean and the unit itself has a lot of storage space and hooks to hang your utensils. Cool little side shelf which is great for prepping and cutting food on, away from the stove area. This is a very practical and inexpensive piece that combines very well with portable stoves for a great picnic or grill event.

Well we hope you enjoyed our article and you gained some knowledge on the kinds of things available for your pop up canopy or gazebo.

Some are purely aesthetic, but some are indeed key to its longevity.

We will be updating this list accordingly if we feel there are any new products on the market, that offer further improvements.

If you liked any of these products or the article itself, please comment below or give it a share via social media.

See you all very soon, happy camping!


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