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red pickup truck under the Domain Carport

Caravan Canopy Domain Carport Reviews – Pro, Mega

A best seller among carport canopies, the Domain Carport from Caravan Canopy are well known budget options for vehicle shelter and outdoor protection.

They are multi-functional, reliable, and known for their streamlined set up. When setup in a driveway or patio area, portable carports are a great solution for those who don’t have their own garage or find it too expensive to build a full extension from their house.

A few models to cover, they have the standard Domain Carport, the Domain Pro and the Mega Domain. Ascending in build quality and design, and equally price, we will investigate further into what separates this model lineup against other familiar brands like Abba Patio, Ikuby and ShelterLogic to name a few. 

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Domain Carport Canopy Reviews

Caravan Canopy Domain Carport – Standard

Caravan Canopy Domain Carport

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Due to the rather lightweight nature of this model and simplified set up, it’s clear to see that this is made for temporary use. We feel that it’s the perfect choice for those emergency weather days where you didn’t plan on it raining, or you simply want to protect from the hot sun.

We’ve all been there – vigorously planned a lovely outdoor event only to have the weather literally rain on your parade. We think this is an ideal choice because it’s not one of those flimsy, extremely cheap types that would fly away at the simple gust of wind.

However, also not a high-priced model. So, it’s somewhere in the middle, but probably a bit less than mid-range since it’s still quite lightweight.  

ITs ability to function as a carport is evident, especially in the Pro and Mega models as they have almost more than double the weight of the Standard, which for us is a plus in terms of stability.

Caravan Pro Domain Carport

Caravan Pro Domain Carport

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Portable Carport Canopy

Dimensions (Multiple Sizes)

240” L x 120” W x 98”H


52-146 lbs depending on model 


$100-$249 or over depending on the model 

Set Up Time

30 Minutes or more


Bungee cord, Stakes, Guylines


Steel Frame

Polyethylene Canopy


Domain Carport

Domain Carport Pro

Mega Domain

Caravan Mega Domain Carport

Caravan Mega Domain Carport

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Overview of Features

  • Robust triple layer PE cover
  • UV treated for sun protection
  • Heat sealed layers
  • Anti-mould properties
  • Strong powder coated poles
  • Reinforced truss system
  • Water & rust resistant
  • Simple set up
  • Large flat footpads for stability
  • Massive 200ft² of floor space


Caravan Canopy Side Wall Kits

Also the 3 models all have their own variation of side wall kits. As you can see the Mega Domains Sidewalls match the color code and style of the original framework, and the standard and Pro versions have their own solid white backdrop. As they are similar sizes you could probably mix and match, although I feel the Mega carport twinned with the standard’s sidewalls would be a messy mixture of colors. 

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What We Love – Our Top Features

Extremely Versatile

Thanks to its very classic design, one of our absolute favourite things about this model is the sheer amount of versatility and usefulness it has. There are so many ways you could use it, other than just for parking your car.

Since it’s so long and has such a tall roof, you could also store a boat, a small truck and/or pickup, and several smaller vehicles like motorbikes, ATVs, and golf buggies.

caravan canopy carport mega attachment ropes

Strong Secure Ropes Included

It comes in either white or black, where the poles remain white for both. The black may soak up more sun though, so keep this in mind if want something to also keep you cool when you’re underneath.

caravan canopy pro framework

The Pro Model’s Welded Framework

We can see the white version working beautifully at a wedding, an outdoor party, or as a cover for your patio and garden. Patio awnings can often be extremely expensive to build, so this is a great temporary model if you’re saving up some money or just want protection in the summer.

In terms of a shade for your garden, perhaps you want to try growing a certain plant that’s not meant for this time of year. With this shelter, you can cover a vast amount of space to keep things well shaded and cool.

caravan canopy domain carport with sidewalls

Enclosed Sidewalls offer Added Protection

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Both the black and white editions would be awesome as coverage over an outdoor dining area, like if you want to host a lunch party in your backyard but it’s a very sunny day.

If you love working outside on cars, this provides lots of shade and is long enough to fit a car and other equipment at the same time. This could also work well at markets, where you can also purchase separate side panel attachments to make your own design.


For a low to mid-range model, this has more weather protection than most in the same range. The PE fabric top is completely heat sealed on the top, which is a big improvement from regular stitching – this is because stitching holes can be hot spots for leaks. Underneath there are some stitched seams, but they’re protected by the upper layer.

caravan mega domain carport with sidwalls

The Mega Model also has its own Sidewall Set

As its main use is for shielding from the sun, this is UV treated on both the inside and outside of the material. To protect from the colouring from fading due to sun exposure, the material also has fade protecting agents. All this protection ensures that no UV rays can get through, so no damage can be done to your vehicles.

mega domains carport roof

Mega Model has Crossbeam Bars for Added Support

To resist winds, the frame is all steel which makes it sturdy and reliable. It’s 1-13/8” thick in diameter, plus powder coated, making it stronger than most on the market.

When properly secured down with heavy-duty stakes and robust guylines, this model has been known to withstand winds up to 30mph. We think this is a huge achievement, considering that it’s a very lightweight structure.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

black truck under domain carport

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Fast Pitch

The rapid and easy set up method is definitely one of the biggest selling points. Most structures of this size and with a steel construction can be extremely difficult to install. It can be done by one person, taking around 30 minutes, but we think it can be done in even less once you get the hang of the process.

caravan canopy carport front view

Simplistic yet Effective Design

The poles of the framework have built-in wedged tubing, allowing things to slip together much easier. With 6 legs, there aren’t as many poles to attach, compared to most other immense structures, leading to an overall quicker set up time. 


As you probably read in our Favourite Feature section, we mentioned the specifics of the frame. A quick recap – it’s thick and double coated, yet lightweight for easy portability.

To maintain a good level of stability when freestanding (that means without any tie down elements) you’re provided with highly durable bungee cord attachments.

Caravan Canopy Domain Carport feet

Sturdy Carport Feet with Tighteners and Anchor Holes

After assembling, you simply weave them through the dedicated holes and wrap them around the frame. Bungee is one of the best materials for this because it’s flexible but keeps things secure.


To further enforce stability, you’ve got a strengthened truss system with welded corners and all metal corner joints. At the base, the feet have wide square footpads on them.

caravan canopy carport framework T bar

Welded Corners that Push-Click into Place

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This makes it stand up so easily by itself, as there is more area for it to balance on. This means it can stand on soft and hard surfaces, so you’re never limited in where you want to set it up. At the park, in your backyard, or on the concrete – it can do it all.

Amount of Protection

Something important to consider is that this model obviously doesn’t have any sides (although you can purchase some separately) so it won’t protect your belongings from all angles. Therefore, we recommend it for warm weather use only, because it’s not really made for winter protection.

caravan canopy carport dimensions

Dimensions of the Caravan Domain Carport

Even though it has a high peak roof with sloping panels and rain and snow can slide off easily, the soft top won’t hold up against heavy snow. Light snowfall, yes, but it probably won’t fully protect from heavy loads.

Therefore, the protection is certainly reasonable, and perfect for shading from the sun, but the lack of side walls means it won’t shield from big storms.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

How does it really hold up with snowfall?

Since this isn’t an extreme heavy-duty model, this will only withstand a light amount of snowfall. They frame and roof aren’t heavy enough to hold up against large loads of snow, so we recommend taking it down if you know that it will snow.

Can you set it up by yourself?

Since the overall structure is rather lightweight, when you compare it to similar models, it is possible to install this on your own. For safety reasons though, we always recommend doing it with two people. It will also be a faster process if two people assemble it.

What is included?

This model comes with the poles to make the frame, the outer canopy, bungee cords, stakes, and rope. The stakes aren’t very durable for anything more than light wind, so use your own more robust stakes if you can. We do not recommend using sandbags or putting the legs in buckets as those kinds of anchor options are only intended for hourly use – not days or weeks at a time.


Conclusion on the Caravan Domain Carports

So, after all that, does the Caravan Canopy Domain Carport live up to its top seller title? In our opinion, it certainly does. It’s extremely affordable, super effortless to install and take down, and it can withstand most light to mild weather conditions despite its lightweight nature.

With the exposed walls, it’s more so ideal for warmer months than in the winter, and we don’t recommend using it as a permanent or semi-permanent cover.

We think it’s the perfect canopy shelter for so much more than vehicle protection. With its simple construction and massive ground space, it’s more than suitable for many outdoor events, parties, picnics, and other outside gatherings.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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