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quik shade canopy pitched on beach

Quik Shade Pop Up Beach Canopy Review

You’re in the market for a great-quality canopy to take for your next outdoor event, but how do you know which one is the right one for your needs? Today we’re narrowing things down for you and doing an in-depth review of the Pop Up Canopy from Quik Shade.  

It’s made for all kinds of outdoor use, from picnic time and sports gatherings, to the beach or your own backyard.

We’re breaking every little detail down so you can discover if it’s the right one for you. Is it the best in its class of low-cost shelters? With its lightweight structure and interesting design, you’ll find out what makes it different from other instant canopy shelters for sale on the current market.


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Quik Shade Beach Canopy – Full Review

Quik Shade Beach Canopy - Full Review

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Our First Thoughts

It’s easy to see that this canopy is intended for casual use and has been made for extremely easy transportation. It is super lightweight compared to many others that we’ve reviewed. We think it is perfect for very casual use, meaning it’s not going to be a go-to for commercial use or for protecting you against harsh conditions.

It’s a rather simple model, with a contemporary twist on the design as the inner framework is visible. We believe that this is more suitable for sitting underneath than standing, seeing as the height is a little low.

Keep this in mind if you’re looking for something that you want to stand up in easily if you’re over 6 feet. For chilling on the beach, at a park, or to watch a sporting event, this is the perfect model. It also comes in a handy backpack for carrying around, so perhaps it could even work for short hiking or backpacking trips.


Important Specs at a Glance


Pop Up Frame


85“L x 85“W x 72“H


14.89 lbs


$46 – $80 or over depending on where you purchase from.

Set Up Time

Around 2 Minutes by 1 Person


Instant Pre-Attached Frame


190T Polyester, Aluminium Frame, Mesh Sides, Polyester Side Wall with UV Blocking Alumina

Pack Size

25” x 7” x 7”


Overview of Features

  • 2 minute or less fast pitch
  • Durable 190T polyester with Aluminex coating on side wall
  • 99% UV protection
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame
  • Compact packing size
  • 36 ft² of floor space
  • Half wall panel included 
  • Roof netting allows wind to pass by
  • Different height settings
  • Simple pull and pin joint locking system
  • Durable carry backpack included 


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

2 people sitting under quik shade canopy

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Easy Portability

The backpack-style carry bag has got to be in our favorite features section because we love how well-designed it is. Unlike some competitors where you receive a flimsy, non-durable carry bag, they have provided you here with a sleek backpack. Usually we’ve found the bags to have one strap that can only be held by your hands or slung over one shoulder.

Girl with the blue bag

Easily Carried Over the Shoulder

With two shoulder straps, you can prop this up on your back and forget that it’s even there, since it’s so light. It looks like it’s made from polyester, but the straps look like nylon and there are mesh pockets on the outside. You can store other things like drink bottles or spare parts, so you can always be prepared.

Sunshade Panel

The added wall panel is a big advantage. Quite often we’ve seen that you need to purchase a side wall separately, but this one comes with it free of charge. As well as the 36 ft² of shade coverage on the ground, you’re getting extra shade when you put the wall up. When the sun is beating down from behind you, you’ll be happy you have this additional protection.

Cool Design

At first glance, this model does not look like your average canopy. While it does have the traditional shape with the peaked roof, the mesh sections give it an immediate upgrade. These sections leave the inner framework completely exposed, so it makes it feel a little more modern. Plus, the legs aren’t simply straight up and down. They slope at an outward angle for added stability.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Quik Shade Canopy Dimensions

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Adaptable Frame

The slanting legs aren’t just there for a different look – they serve a great purpose for helping to increase the solidity. Since they sit on an angle, it’s more difficult for the wind to blow it away because there is more pressure and weight being put on the overall form.

The legs are also fully adjustable. We love this aspect because you can customize it to the best shape for blocking the sun’s rays. If the sun is coming from behind you, we suggest lowering the back legs and keeping the front ones at a higher position.

Inside a tent

Can Be Used for Sporting Events Too

It will then be sitting at an angle, and the back wall will be fully covering you as it touches the ground. If the sun is in-front, just do the opposite. You’re getting more control over your shade coverage.

To adjust the legs, there is a pull pin slider system. This is one of the easiest methods out there and prevents any pinched fingers. It’s also fast and can be done in seconds.

Multiple Protection Points

As well as the roof, you’re getting increased sun shielding from the wall. It is a panel that is permanently attached to the roof, which is great because you don’t need to constantly attach and re-attach it. To secure it to the frame, there are strong Velcro straps on either side.

Tent on the beach

Adjustable Heights Allow for Better Shading Angles

When it’s not in use, simply flip it upwards and there are clips that will hold it in place. We like that you can choose when you want to use it, say if you want to get more airflow.

Another element of protection is the mesh panels next to the roof. They’re a smart design choice because they greatly prevent the structure from catching the wind and blowing away. Wind can flow through much easier.

Smart Materials

190T polyester is used on all the material parts of the tent. The sidewall also has a coating of Aluminex, which is there to give 99% UV protection. While 190T polyester isn’t the thickest out there that you can find, it is durable enough to avoid general wear and tear, like rips or scratches. It’s also easy to clean, just use a damp cloth and some mild soap.

a canopy shading a woman

Creates Large Shade with the Angled Design

We can’t find any waterproof rating, so we must assume that this is only water resistant. This means it would protect from very light participation, so we recommend only using this as a guard from the sun.

In terms of the framework, this model uses aluminium poles. This metal is known for its lightweight properties, which is why this weighs so little. Although light, it’s still strong and it’s also powder coated. It won’t fly away at a simple gust of wind since they are durable and sturdy.

Fully Assembled

For a truly uncomplicated pitch, the frame comes in an accordion style form. When folded, it’s quite compact and fits easily into the backpack. One person can effortlessly pull it out and extend the legs in a couple of minutes.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Does it come with tie down options?

It doesn’t look like this model comes with any secure options, so you’ll need to purchase stakes and guy ropes separately. The structure comes with tether hooks so that you can hook things up with ease.


Is it freestanding?

Yes, this model is freestanding, meaning it doesn’t need anything to keep it from falling. To ensure that it doesn’t easily fly away, we recommend using some kind of weight at each leg. Think sandbags, buckets filled with sand, or some other special weighted plates. Alternatively, you could stick the legs into the sand or dirt, but make sure it’s deep.


What do the slanted legs do?

The sloping legs are designed to create more steadiness so that it doesn’t fall so easily. Another benefit is that you can use the slanted design to create different structural options, like leaning it down to shade from wherever the sun goes.


Our Final Thoughts on the Quik Shade Canopy

In conclusion, the Quick Shade Pop Up Canopy isn’t going to protect you from moderate to intense weather conditions, but it is the perfect model for casual trips to the beach, park, or other outdoor area. Its main purpose is to protect and shade from the sun, but it can prevent leaks during light rainfall.

The cool mesh design on the upper sides of the roof gives it a standout look, whilst also stopping it from easily blowing away as the wind can easily pass through. The added shade panel is great for being able to block the sun from wherever you’re sitting.

A super simple set up and very light structure make it so easy to carry around and install wherever you are. For those looking for something to use on the weekends or on holidays at an incredibly affordable price, this is a wonderful choice.  



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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