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Shade Tree Carport Canopy Review

Shade Tree Carport Canopy Review

Today we’re conducting an in-depth analysis of the Shade Tree Canopy and the Outsunny Carport Canopy, both available in two popular sizes of 20ft x 30ft and 20ft x 40ft.

Often used as both a party event tent as well as a shelter for vehicles, these immense structures fall into the heavy-duty category of portable garages.

A solid canopy, but does it make a good carport at the same time, is the usual question in regards to this model of shelter. And how does it fair against more robust fully enclosed models, or the budget lightweight carports.

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We’re diving all in to discover all its features, the obvious and hidden ones, uncovering every little detail, and answering all the important questions. By the end, you’ll be able to decide if it will truly suit your needs.

Shade Tree & Outsunny Carport Canopy – Full Reviews

Shade Tree & Outsunny Carport Canopy - Full Reviews


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Our First Thoughts

After seeing the Shade Tree company floating around the canopy market for years, we figured it was time to jump right in and decide for ourselves if these massive units are worth the steep prices. It’s one of the biggest that you can find for sale, and it serves as so much more than your average car cover.

We feel that the traditional cabin design makes it literally the perfect shelter for all kinds of events, weddings and big parties in particular. With the side walls on, it instantly transforms into a luxury shelter for events. With the walls off and the steel legs exposed, it becomes more of a classic car parking canopy.

The peak height is massive, and we like that the roof is very lengthy so you’re getting more protection. The versatility is certainly a big advantage and one of the main reasons for the high price, because you’re basically getting a 2-in-1 design. We believe that this is certainly a long-term purchase, so think about this before you want to buy it for one single event or use.   


Important Specs at a Glance


Portable Carport Canopy

Dimensions (Multiple Sizes)

20ft x 30ft: 360”L x 240”W x 132”H

20ft x 40ft: 480”L x 240”W x 132”H


20ft x 30ft: 252 lbs

20ft x 40ft: 340 lbs


$740 – $950 or over depending on where you purchase from.

Set Up Time

1 Hour or more


Bungee Straps, Sidewalls, End Wall, Assembly Guide


Galvanized Steel Poles

180g Polyethylene Fabric


All Side Panels, Endways and Doorways


Overview of Features

  • Robust 16 gauge 1.5” steel framework
  • Durable woven 180g PE material
  • Blocks 90% UV rays
  • High strength metal joints
  • Detachable walls  
  • Front panel with closable door
  • 8 or 12 large windows depending on size
  • Spring-loaded bungee balls for stability
  • Straightforward set up
  • Steel footpads for sturdiness


What We Love – Our Favorite Features

Outsunny carport canopy

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GOLD QUALITY – Lovely Design

Luxury faux framed windows are the obvious standout feature for both models, and we think they are such an attractive design choice. They emulate traditional type windows on a real cabin-style home. We love how they add such a homey feel to the tents, which can add a lot to an overall experience.

As well as aesthetics, these windows help bring in some much-needed light. Since the roof is so large, it can get a little dark inside, even during daytime gatherings.

lattice windows shade tree carport

Aesthetic Removable Panels with Lattice Windows

These large openings ensure that enough light is coming through so that everyone can feel comfortable.

Another notable aspect about the design is that there are no center poles. These can be common in massive models like this one, so we appreciate that there is nothing getting in the way. You’ll have room for a dance floor without fear that anyone would run into a stray pole.

SILVER FEATURE – Versatility  

The removable side walls can come in handy much more than you may think. You could set this up for an outdoor event, then when you’re done, simply remove all the side and end pieces and you’ve got yourself a classic soft top gazebo. We love that it’s done in such an easy step, and you don’t need to take down the whole thing in order to alter its appearance.


 Even though it is all white and you would get a lot of airflow, the roof sits quite low. With lots of people standing, sitting, or dancing underneath, things can get stuffy. The fact that you have this versatility is a big advantage.

large interior shade tree carport

Huge Space Enough for Vehicles and Events

Another great thing about the simpleness of this design is that you can decorate it in any way you want. Hang fairy lights all around the outside and inside, put a banner on the front and sides, let helium balloons free inside without worrying about them flying away – the possibilities are endless.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

shade tree 20 x 40 carport

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Extremely Sturdy

For such enormous structures, it’s so important to have a frame that will withstand all kinds of weather conditions. It can be dangerous for such a unit to lift off the ground and go with the wind, so the attention to stability is admirable here. The entire frame is made of tough galvanized steel tubes.

sturdy frame shade tree carport

Galvanized Steel Frame Keeps it Stable

As well as this heavy component, you also get integrated spring-loaded bungee balls. These are essentially locking balls that weave through the frame to connect to the outer fabric. It creates tension between the textile and the hard poles, ensuring that it stays put.

Strengthened Fabric

100% waterproof 190g PE woven fabric is used throughout the roof and all side panels of these models. It’s commercial-grade fabric, meaning it’s intended for use in rough conditions. This thick material is also great at preventing wear and tear overtime.

To shade you from the harsh heat of the sun, the canopy blocks 90% of UV rays. You can trust that everyone will stay safe while they’re inside.

measurements of the outsunny carport

Measurements of the Smaller Shade Tree and Outsunny Carports

Plus, if you’re using it to store your vehicle, you know that you’re protecting it from sun damage that can cause serious fading.

While these models have been made to resist intense conditions, it is not recommended to use them in super heavy loads of snow. Keep this in mind before you use it in the depths of winter.

Massive Floor Space

The vast amount of floor area in both sizes is certainly something to smile at. Turn any indoor event instantly into an outdoor one with protection from mother nature. You can do so much with this huge space.

You can house multiple cars, pickup trucks, motorbikes, and other small vehicles. You’re able to choose whether you want single roof protection, or all-out shielding, and it’s nice to have that control.

Internal space shade tree carport

Large Internal Space

Perhaps you’re working on your car, checking out the engine, but it’s a hot day and you need the airflow – simply remove the walls and it’s instantly an airy open shelter.

For all kinds of events, we think you can comfortably fit 50 to 70 with room for tables and DJ equipment, but you could certainly fit up 80 or 100 people if need be.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Do I Have to Tie it Down?

To prevent damage caused by extreme winds, rain, and other weather, you should always secure it down. Since these are such giant structures, we recommend purchasing a very heavy-duty anchoring kit separately so that you can anchor it to any surface, including concrete.

Is a Storage Bag Included?

Unfortunately, there is no bag for storage included with this model. All the parts get shipped in the manufacturers bag, but it’s not very durable. We suggest buying a large sports bag of some sort if you want to store everything securely to prevent aging.


Our Final Thoughts on the Shade Tree Carport

After all our research, it’s easy for us to confirm that the Shade Tree Carport Canopy is a huge must-have for shelter in any situation. Featuring high-grade materials with a rock-solid framework, we can see that this is a shelter that’s meant to last a lifetime. The exterior design is beautiful and will complement any setting.

We love its simplicity because you can decorate it and personalize it to make it standout at every event. As a standard carport, both sizes are huge and will accommodate several cars and even small trucks. With completely removable side panels to convert it into a roof-only soft top canopy, you’re definitely getting value for money here.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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