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Best Outdoor Storage Tent for Bikes

10 Best Outdoor Storage Tents for Bikes

If you’re looking for an easy-to-setup, portable storage space that doesn’t take up much space or break the bank, outdoor storage tents might just be what the doctor ordered.

It is a simple solution to hide and protect all your outdoor precious items. People mostly use it to store those items that aren’t suitable for indoor storage like garden tools, bikes, motorcycles or gasoline.

Before buying a storage tent, you need to do your homework.

The storage tent is like a home and base. There are dozens of styles, shapes, and features to consider and it can be quite overwhelming to a newcomer.


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Before jumping straight into the buyer’s guide, let’s check out the top 10 models that we have hand picked and reviewed in-depth, meeting the criteria of quality material, features, portability and overall market performance. Let’s check them out.



10 Best Tents for Outdoor Storage Reviewed

Our editors and quality testers have independently researched and assessed the features of these storage tents.

All of them are a smart investment that you should seriously consider. Before buying, just make sure you have enough space measured up with a bit of extra space on each side, to allow setting up and pivoting etc.


1. The YardStash IV Heavy Duty Storage Tent

The YardStash IV Heavy Duty Storage Tent

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The YardStash IV model is constructed with robust, weatherproof material.

Measuring 74 x 32 x 68, this shed fits two adult bikes with room to spare. Its design also makes it compact enough at the same time to fit perfectly in tight spaces. Compared to the cheaper YardStash III, it has an increased interior but the main difference is actually in the materials.

People who are looking for extra heavy-duty storage for their bikes and gardening equipment, it is designed for them.

The developers of this company have used ultra-strong nylon material throughout. This makes it a little bit expensive but turns into a model that becomes your lifelong friend.

The YardStash IV has the front mesh that helps with air circulation.

The air circulation prevents the inner moisture and keeps your bikes in exceptional condition. It also keeps away the dust and pest, if you don’t use your bikes for a longer period.


  • Its fiber polls are long-lasting and easily foldable.
  • This model is weatherproof, UV fade-proof, and tear-proof.
  • The new roof design gives four-season protection.


2. Abba Patio Storage Tent Shelter

Abba Patio Storage Tent Shelter

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Abba Patio Storage Tent Shelter is a reliable, economical, and robust model for protecting and sheltering your vehicle. It has a suitable size of 6 x 8 feet; therefore, you can put your motorcycles and other valuable equipment as well.

When we checked its features, this model exceeded our highest expectations. First, it arrived on time inside a heavy-duty carton with all the parts. Second, setting up the accessory was immensely easy and uncomplicated.

Even a beginner with no knowledge about tents can assemble it in a very short time. It has three removable walls with one zippered doorway.

The key feature is the top cover. It is tough and immune to water, wetness, and a lot more.

Flooded it with a powder finish. Most people think it is used to beautify the product, which is true in a way, however, this powder finish deals with rust, fading, corrosion, and damage.

It is built to last and engineered to protect your investment.


  • It is portable and possible to take it from place to place as and when required.
  • The fully enclosed feature provides better protection.
  • Abba Patio Shelter’s powder coating protects its frame from chipping and peeling.


3. The Yard Stash III Bike Storage Tent

The YardStash III Bike Storage Tent

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If portability is a plus when it comes to choosing a storage tent, get The Yard Stash III.

This green tent features an industrial-grade vinyl tarpaulin roof. This material is stronger and immensely beneficial with its UPF 50+ protection.

The manufacturers of this product have also used a thick interior weatherproof coating to ensure that your purchase lasts as long as you need it. This coating facilitates in preventing rainwater from building up and snow from being trapped on top.

The customers support this mode’s rain-proof promises. According to them, its structure and the material can survive the heaviest thunderstorms and give you weatherproof storage room for your valuable items.

Measuring 74″ wide x 30″ deep x 65″ high. It is an ideal storage tent for all items that can fit into this space. Especially, bikes are 100% secure in it. Because of its integrated floor, they will be safe from the moisture that comes from the ground.


  • It has enough space for two adult bicycles.
  • It is easy to set up; no tools required.
  • Full top and bottom zippers give full protection against water and dust.


4. OUTOUR Bike Tent and Tools Storage Tent

OUTOUR Bike Tent and Tools Storage Shed

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The first look of this tent deceives you.

It makes you believe that it’s designed only for bicycles, but the reality is it is very versatile.

From bicycles to gardening tools, pool equipment to kids’ toys, its optimized design keeps all the valuable items safe and give them 100% waterproof shelter. This shed has an industrial-grade cover and the oxford sturdy material that is durable and tear-proof.

Despite having all the great features, the OUTOUR Bike Tent is economical. We believe it is designed for those who don’t want to spend extra money on the tent and wish to have the best features. Besides, to make it the best-selling product in the market, the company has offered a free carrying bag; it is a big plus and makes the buyer fall in love with it.


  • The cover doesn’t expose any rod on the roof.
  • It has a multi-purpose storage system.
  • It is unbelievably affordable and comes with a carry bag.


5. Bravindew Bicycle and Tool Storage Tent

Bravindew Bicycle and Tool Storage Tent

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It is very roomy for bicycles and also perfect for traveling.

People who travel full time in a motor home will particularly love this shed model. It works as a portable outdoor tent, because of its space-saving design.

It stands 68 inches high and wide enough to be used as a camp. Its compact ability makes it travel-friendly.

It is easy to fold it down and fit it neatly in a tote bag for comfortable transportation. Fortunately, the trendy carry case is included in the package. Just put it inside and take it anywhere you want.

If you are more into reclaiming your yard, you can count on it. It functions as an awesome storage organizer and secures all your supplies and equipment.


  • It is made from high-quality PE polyester.
  • It is portable but strong enough to survive strong winds and rain.
  • You don’t need any tools or special knowledge to set it up.


6. ShelterLogic Steel Metal Roof Shed

ShelterLogic Steel Metal Roof Shed

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ShelterLogic is a convenient garage storage solution that just has the right size and seems stronger. It is very easy to assemble with the help of another person.

To assist first time users, the company has provided picture instructions; it keeps the entire assembly process trouble-free; it won’t take more than 30 minutes.

Its material protects your equipment and bicycles or snowmobiles from sunlight, rain, and snow since it is triple layer woven polyethylene.

The interesting thing to note here is most of the fabric or waterproof material is often stitched, but the Shelter Logic Company has gone the extra mile. Their layer is heat-sealed and not stitched. It is so beneficial in the rainy season and gives a maximum water resistance.


  • The slide cross rail gives a continuous cover tightening benefit.
  • It’s 3x steel stabilizer ensures rock-solid stability.
  • Its waterproof cover is made from ripstop.


7. The Tidy Tent – Cave Innovations

The Tidy Tent - Cave Innovations

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This portable tidy tent offered by Cave Innovations is affordable.

This product is, without a doubt, tidy, but it is tiny, not good if you are planning to use it for motorbike or bicycle. Though you can put them inside it; it is still not recommended.

Because first, the rods have plastic material. Any hit from the bike can break the arc easily.

The storage feature, on the other hand, is incredible. It holds a lot of stuff. If you are buying it for storing your kids’ toys, garden equipment, or extra small boxes, you have made the right decision.

Why one should buy this tent? If you are pondering this question, as many other sheds in the market have more space and good material quality, the reason is you can zip its units together and turn it into a big tent that can secure more than 2-3 bikes.

This is something that we don’t see in other models. It is an innovative thing; the only downside is you have to buy more units and spend more money.


  • This design is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions correctly.
  • You can zip other units and turn them into a bigger tent.
  • One unit is ideal for garden and outdoor storage, not for vehicles.


8. ALEKO Weather Resistant Bike Storage Tent

ALEKO Weather Resistant Bike Storage Tent

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The ALEKO Company has associated this tent for the bike storage mainly.

People who are looking for a small shelter for their patio, they will find it irresistible. It will become a valuable piece of property for them. Because of its compact and transportable design, they can use it for camping purposes as well.

It will become a blessing from heaven for them and provide safety and security for their bikes and for them too during the camping season.

It is wide enough to hold multiple bikes; one can sleep inside it too. There will be a comfortable space for him and the bike.

Plus, to make it more friendly, the manufacturers have introduced a small window for ventilation. It is like they tried their best to turn it into a small tent.


  • It is very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has connecting poles and rope to secure it into the ground.
  • Space is more than enough; it can secure multiple bikes.


9. H&ZT Durable Polyester Bike Tent

H&ZT Durable Polyester Bike Tent

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There are a number of benefits here.

First, we have an immense weather protection feature. Anything that can damage your car, like rain, snow, or dust, the H&ZT Bike Tent prevents it. You don’t need to worry about the parts corroded by ware caused by hard weather.

Second, the entire set up is just like a regular tent. It is 82 x 70 x 34 inches and takes only 10 minutes to assemble. The best thing about the assembly is you don’t require any kind of tools. Even a kid can quickly set it up and take it down for his bike.

Though it has many exceptional features like polyester and integrated floor, luckily, they don’t affect the end price. One can afford it rather easily and also give it as a gift.


  • It has two zipper controls that can be positioned together.
  • It protects bicycles from harsh elements.
  • It includes a carry bag with a handle which is a big plus and makes transportable.


10. Waterproof Motorcycle Storage Tent by TeePee

Waterproof Motorcycle Storage Tent by TeePee

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Our next model is the waterproof motorcycle tent that can be used for parking your motorcycle or bike. But due to its spacious space, it allows two people to sleep inside too. Surprisingly, it has a third and secret section that can be used for undressing and storing gear.

These features make it one of the best outdoor storage, for camping also.

In case you are wondering why they call it three seasons, the reason is the same – there is a sleeping section, bike section, and storage area for your gear, as we have mentioned earlier.

Though having these sections doesn’t mean it is heavy. It is lightweight and at the same time very sturdy, as the TeePee Tent developer used the aluminum frame in it.

Besides, to deal with the harshest weather, there are strong guide ropes that keep the tent in its place.

The polyester fabric makes it utterly waterproof. No need to worry about rain or heavy snowfall. If the price is no factor, buy this model in 2020.


  • It provides great protection from air and strong winds.
  • It is divided into three sections – motorcycle bay, sleeping room, and storage area.
  • It has layers – outer layer and inner layer for utter safety.


Storage Tent – Buying Guide

Am I Allowed to Use a Storage Tent?

  • It is pertinent to ensure no one is going to knock on your door and compel you to take it down later. People who are on rent should discuss the idea with their landlord before purchasing the tent, as he knows more about the zoning rules better and gives you some good suggestions.
  • If there is a town’s association office, visit it and read the rules regarding sheds you are not aware of. It is likely they push you to acquire the building permit first from your city’s office or make you submit the architectural form to your neighborhood HOA (Homeowner’s Association).


The Purpose of a Storage Tent

  • This question can be asked by many people especially if you are residing in an area where the laws are strict. It is good to be brutally honest here. Since this is something that should be acquired after pondering the details and exact needs.
  • We perceive no one spends money on something they don’t need, but thinking about this question can solve two essential issues. First, your answer can satisfy the HOA’s officials and second you will comprehend what features will work best for you.


Let’s Dig Deeper

  • It is time to think past the general usage or purpose and start answering detailed answers. For example, the main questions you must be considering are what will I be storing in my storage tent? Or, what is the widest item I can move in and out of it? Answering these questions can solve 50% of your troubles. You will understand what kind of tent you want.
  • Let’s say you need to store a piece of heavy equipment outdoor and it is pertinent for you to protect it from the rain and snow, you have to get a product that is large and rainproof. Also, there are some tents in which you can install electricity; they are lavish but suitable for those items that require electricity, such as a chest freezer, which can be stored in a tent.


Design Is Important

  • You aren’t buying the tent just for throwing unimportant things inside it. It is not a store for your insignificant equipment. Outdoor structures like the storage tent are designed to keep your precious belongings safe like a car, expensive equipment, gardening tools, extra precious furniture, etc. For that reason, they are expensive compared to other sheds in the market and come with a variety of features.
  • That’s why must ponder the design. If you are planning to buy it for your jeep or a car but the design is small and suitable for storing gardening equipment or bicycle only, it will be good for nothing. Second, does it match your house style? For formal home design, get a storage shed with a formal feature.
  • However, in case your home is contemporary, many arched types designs complement modern homes. On the whole, no matter what type you are buying, it should blend in with your home and garden. Otherwise, it will be just out of place and look rather weird.


Foundation & Flooring

  • While buying the tent, most people focus on the walls and siding material. They aim to get the shed which requires minimum maintenance and can withstand harsh weather. This is indeed good, though the thing they forget is foundation and flooring are as key factors as the walls.
  • Some tents include the floor in their package but most don’t. Don’t forget to check that out before investing your money in your favorite tent. Flooring is luckily sold separately too with different features.
  • It adds $100 or more to the total cost, but you have the advantage to buy the design that suits your requirements. It keeps the shed off of soil or wet ground and it is available in different materials too.



Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together some frequently asked questions that baffle the buyers often. They will assist you in buying the right storage tent.

Keep on reading…

What is a Storage Tent?

A storage tent is an affordable, portable, and versatile shed that stand up to mother nature and keep your stuff dry and safe. They are constructed from high-quality materials and guaranteed to last. From your bicycles to garden tools and pool toys, piano furniture, and other outdoor stuff, you can secure anything in them. They are also quick and easy to set up; within 10-15 minutes.


Is a Storage Tent Waterproof?

Most of them are waterproof and protect your items and vehicles from the elements of the weather. For example, in some tents, we see a woven fiber that offers both breathability and water resistance. Furthermore, they have superior durability against UV damage.


How Much is a Storage Tent?

Compared to a permanent garage, you can purchase them at immensely reasonable prices. The prices can be as low as $30 and as much as $12,000. These prices very much depend on the style, shape, and size of the tent.


What Can I use Storage Tents for?

Mostly they are used for storing home and garden tools and equipment. Some tents have enough space for lawn tractors or other vehicles and bikes. Products of this kind are known as sheds or portable garages; they provide versatile storage space that can serve many purposes. They have ample space for personal & company vehicles, gardening equipment, snowmobiles, bicycles, and extra home furniture.


Can They Fit a Motorbike?

We have many companies today that have optimized their tent design that can easily stash 1-2 adult bikes. These storage tents are made of heavy-duty material that protects the bikes from all weather. Due to their space-saving design, one can use them as a camping tent also.



If you are still confused, we recommend The YardStash IV as the best of the best. It is a cost-effective choice for those who are looking to store their precious equipment. It protects them from inclement weather and harmonizes their contemporary homes too.


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