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Best tall tents for camping reviewed

10 Best Tall Tents for Camping Reviewed | 6 Foot Tents and Higher

Getting in and out of a tent for a lanky individual such as myself is no easy task, I often catch my head on the entrance as I’m ducking and diving in and out of it. As much as I loved the occasional whiplash and cries of laughter from friends, this needed to stop. A friend of mine was using a Gazelle T4 Pop Up and oh my god, being able to breeze in and out without ducking was a breath of fresh air. So, I decided to compile a list with our team, to source the best tall tents that are suitable for families and campers at least 6 foot and above.

To my surprise, there is actually a good deal of quality, designs, and choices out there. They just aren’t the bestselling tents, so they are lesser-known about among the community.


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Alas, through some vigorous testing and research, we have sourced the best models that will allow for easy entry and exit, with minimal ducking and diving, I promise.

If we look at the data, the average American male stands at roughly 176cm or 5 foot 9.

For this reason, we will focus on tents in and around 6 feet and above, as many tents cover 5”9 up to 5”11.

Note: You won’t find this list full of teepee’s as they are quite obviously the tallest if you are looking at ‘peak’ height. But that doesn’t equate to moving around inside the tent freely. So, for a more effective list, we have included tents that have the peak center height throughout the tent as much as possible.



Best Tents for Tall People (Tents Tall Enough to Stand In)

( in the lowest-highest order)

1. Ozark Trail 11 Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 room tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6.4 ft

Our lowest of the tallest, the 11 Person Cabin tent from Ozark Trail is a surprisingly spacious pick. Cabin style tents have a much larger interior due to the straight walls, creating a larger feel inside. Perfect for the taller campers among us when moving around inside.

This particular model also has an awning attachment which provides an additional shaded area that is perfect for a camping table and chairs. 

With a huge interior, it can be divided up into 3 separate rooms with the help of room dividers and has space for 2 queen size mattresses plus a little room for storage. 

Ventilated really well with 6 windows and meshed ceiling vents, allowing air to flow through clearing any odors and stale morning smells, without the rainfly it’s also possible to stargaze through it. 


2. Springbar Highline 6

Springbar Highline 6 Review

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Center Height: 6.5ft

Our 2nd Canvas tent in this list along with the Dream House model, the Springbar Highline is a great choice if you’re looking for a tent over 6 foot.

The Springbar design has been around since the 1960s and is still going strong to this day. Although a little on the higher price range, it does have a ton of extras that attempts to balance the value. With Shade Awning, Stakes and Poles, Gear Storage, Ropes, and a Free Carry Bag all included in the price.

The material used definitely offers longevity in its use also, with 100% cotton duck canvas which is insanely waterproof. Likewise, the floor has been treated with a heavy-duty vinyl finish which creates a completely waterproof surface with no dangers of water penetration.

The head height is comfortably set at 6.5 ft for this model in particular and has a spacious feel when say inside. The 10 x 10-foot area may not be the biggest in our list, but for small groups and families with a couple of tall members, it’s definitely a great choice for a premium, smaller sized tent.


3. Gazelle T4 Plus

Gazelle T4 plus review

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6.6 ft

A tall family tent with a difference, this big fella can be pitched in under 90 seconds amazingly, due to the spring-loaded framework in this tent. 

This pop-up tent sets up very easily, just unpack and then throw outwards and this large 8 person tent will unfold before your eyes, next just pitch down the stakes and it’s secured. 

With a 6.6 ft clearance and 110 square feet of floor space, there is plenty of room to move about as a tall camper without any issues. Additionally, you can hang lamps and lanterns from the universal loops situated internally. 

Rugged zippers and durable polyester tent flooring provides sturdy protection from the elements and the removable waterproof rainfly can be taken off on clear nights for star watching.


4. Coleman Tenaya Lake 8 Person

Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6.6 ft

The 8 person version of the Tenaya Lake from Coleman has a respectable 6.6ft head height and we love the unique addition of a built-in closet on the rear sidewall. 

Packed full of features this is a great value tent for families and small groups alike. Light attachments on the ceiling line, wall organizers on the side. 

Our favorite aspect of this tent is the LED system that provides full lighting, creating an aesthetic setting in the evenings. This isn’t a pop up, but it is an instant set up tent which sets up so much faster than traditional pole tents. 

As its a Coleman it will benefit from the WeatherTec system which prevents water penetration and the rainfly and tent floor also have waterproof properties. 


5. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin

CORE 2 Room Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6.8ft

Our second entry from CORE with an equally tall center height, however just shy of the height the 10 person CORE model achieves. 

However, at 6.8ft us lofty campers can get inside without any troubles. Even less troublesome is the pitch, with a pre-attached frame that can be extended outwards and pitched within 3 minutes maximum. 

Due to the large floor size, it does indeed come with dividers, allowing you to customize the inner space at your will. Best used not to pack 12 campers in this tent but to divide up ample space for queen mattresses, changing area and storage for best effect.

Also, 2 entry doors are great, allowing you to set a specific entry and exit point to prevent dragging dirty inside and also providing an excellent air circulation point. 


7. Coleman Weathermaster with Screen Room

Coleman Weathermaster 6 Person Tent with Screen Room

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6.8ft

Our 2nd edition from Coleman is the 6 Person version of the WeatherMaster model, one of their best selling family tents on the market. Although the 10 and 6 person models have the exact same center heights, we do prefer the 6 person model due to the screen room that comes with it. 

Fine meshed area that keeps bugs and mosquitoes from entering and provides a decent amount of ventilation as well. The hinged door on the side has a unique design and acts like a real swinging door, while the interior has storage pockets and an E-Port to run an extension cord internally. 

The screen room measures 9 x 6 feet while the tent area is 11 x 9, huge floor space for a 6 person I’m sure you’ll agree and with a 6.8ft center height, no ducking necessary unless passing through the hinged door. 


8. NTK Larami GT Tent

NTK Super Arizona GT Tall Tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6.9ft

Also featured in our large family tents post, the Arizona GT from NTK is one of the top 10 rated family tents in the US as of 2016. Due to its performance on the market, quality of materials used and huge 6.9ft center height, it warrants a place in our top tall tents for camping list also. 

Some serious features on this tent including a 2500mm water rating and nano shock cord framework that keeps it sturdy yet lightweight to carry. 

An inner tent can be found inside which is meshed to prevent bugs and improve ventilation. 

This is designed as a sport camping tent, much like the SUV tents, so you won’t find any cabin walls here, more of a rounded dome design, which has improved benefit against the wind but less of a spacious feel inside.

With a 6.9ft center, this fits the bill for most above the average height, however, the price tag on this premium tent might not match everyone’s wallets. 


9. CORE Lighted Instant Cabin

CORE Lighted 10 person tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 7ft

COREs instant tent line has an infamously large design and 2 of there models have made it into our list because of the excellent feedback from campers. 

At 7ft tall it stands as one of the tallest in our list today, with a fast pitch, screen room and LED lighting system, this is not one to miss out on for the long-legged campers among us. 

The LED lighting has a 50 hour run time and has dimmer lighting in the evenings to rest your eyes. A 100-second setup for a 10 person capacity tent is unheard of and will make arrival on-site that much easier.  

Dividers are included allowing you to divide up the massive 14 x 10 ft floor plan and numerous gear storage nets and lofts are attached inside. 

All this comes with a free battery compartment, dividers, stakes, carry bag and rainfly. Additionally, a 1-year limited warranty comes with the purchase. 


10. Timber Ridge Log Cabin Tent

10 person log cabin tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 7.2 ft

Our tallest tent in the list today is the log cabin themed tent from aptly named, Timber Ridge. A familiar company among campers and has produced products from pop up tents to camping wagons.

This tall tent is perfect for the lanky campers among us and will allow you to lay down on a queen mattress and stand tall, throughout the tent.

Also, a great large family tent with dimensions of 13 x 13 feet and the dome-shaped roof creates a more spacious interior feel as opposed to the cabin rooftops.

Ventilation is good too for a large tent like this, because of the large D shaped door situated on the front with 4 accompanying windows surround the tent. Together with helping to create a quality air circulation from various angles.

We love the aesthetic of this tent too, a bit different from the competition. The log cabin print really sets the tone when you’re out in the woods or be the envy of the campsite or the eyesore depending on your opinion of the design.


11. Dream House Yurt Bell Tent

Check Prices Here

Center Height: 6-8 ft

A truly great tent for tall people is the yurt bell tent from Dream House, due to the fact they have 3 huge sizes and various design options to choose from. The diameter ranges from 3 meters up to 6, with the 6-meter tent having the tallest head height of them all.

Fitted with a strong PVC groundsheet that is protected with waterproof and moisture preventative properties, it will not allow any damp to rise up.

For the towering camper, this 8ft beast provides countless space to set up a nice queen mattress or camping cot within. 

As for the framework, a reasonably unobtrusive center pole keeps the structure pitched, providing the large center height in this canvas tent. Seriously waterproof, with the treated canvas having a 3000mm water rating preventing any form of water penetration.

However, do take care with the zippers. You will need to cover the zippers with cloth (which is included) to stop leaks occurring around the vulnerable areas, like the zip.


Buying Guide: How to choose a Tall Tent

Personally, when I’m looking for a tall camping tent, I want to have some features that will accentuate the purpose of a taller tent. Things like durable materials, waterproof, UV protective, easy pitch are all standard features I would want to see in any tent.

Particular things that provide greater value for a tall tent can be found also. For example, an awning attachment on a taller than average tent will give even more shelter and shade. Taller head heights will give larger room interior feel, so I may want dividers to divide up the space. Let’s look into some worth features.



Lantern, fan or LED light hooks will be very useful due to the high roof, you can hang a fan for example from the hook attachment. The fan wouldn’t be in the way at all due to the high ceiling, alleviating this inconvenience we find in lower tents.



As mentioned above, an awning hooked onto a 5-foot tent vs a 6- or 7-foot tent, will have substantial coverage difference, especially when the sun is shining on the angle. Offering greater protection for gear or campers alike.


Tie Downs/Guys/Storm Flaps

Some kind of additional tie-down or stability evoking feature will be useful, due to the fact that taller structures are exposed to greater wind volume than smaller tents or dome-shaped. Often tall tents utilize the cabin design, to give huge room space inside, but it will be more susceptible to wind. In this case you either pitch around natural or man-made features to block the wind direction, like trees, hills, walls or your car. Also, a tent with built-in storm flaps or extra guy ropes would be an asset in the case of straight-walled models.


Screened Room

Like the awning reason, a screened room will benefit from greater dimensions, providing more space and protection.



Some kind of meshed window or panel would be great, as a taller tent has greater interior dimensions, it could get stuffy without proper ventilation. Ensuring the tent has some kind of beneficial air circulation feature will go a long way for comfort and a good night’s sleep.



Personally, I’ve had a greater camping experience when I’ve taken into account this usually ignored demand, height.

I’ve since been able to walk in and out of my tent without bending and ducking, and I’ve benefited from my camping fan and lantern attachments up and away from my head. (No more bumps to the forehead in the night)

If you are above an above-average height for man or woman, you love camping and you’ve found the same things I’ve mentioned as annoying as I found them, then you need to get a tall tent for your next trip.

Let us know what you think below, have you had a better experience with a tall tent?


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The average American male height



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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    1. I would suggest the Gazelle T3 or T4 Pop up tents in that case, they are some of the tallest models that still utilize a pop up mechanism. You can search ‘Gazelle tent’ on our search bar and find the designated review from there for more info 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

  1. what is the tent in the top image with the guy standing and touching the roof? looks like a tall quick up tent. I’m looking for something like that, I’m looking at options like the Gazellee T4.


    1. Hey Thomas thanks for reaching out, that tent is the Nemo Wagontop Tent. We weren’t able to put it in our list at the time as we couldn’t get our hands on it back then, however we may update it soon. It is indeed a tall tent though, but quite a compact-box like design when set up. You’re welcome to check it out on either Amazon or Nemos official site for more details.

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