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Best Tents with Screen Rooms and Porches Reviewed

10 Best Tent with Screen Room and Porches

Imagine a normal tent for camping, but so much better. Tent with screen room are quickly becoming the best family tents and their main choice for camping, as they offer much more with the increased storage space.

Incorporating them into Instant tents and Cabin Tents alike, as they are some of the more popular family tents of today.

While you can purchase separate attachments to create an added extension, we suggest choosing a tent with a porch or screen room already connected.

This saves you lots of time and effort, so you can enjoy other camping activities instead of worrying about your sleeping arrangements.

The seams are also sealed during the manufacturing so it offers better weather protection versus doing a DIY job yourself. 


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A tent with a screen room can also have better structural integrity than an ordinary tent, as this added section provides more stability.

The added room itself can be used as a general relaxation or lounging area that is protected from bugs, harsh wind, and pouring rain.

The extra room also makes the tent more spacious, so you can allow extra people to sleep inside – the more the merrier.

We have made a list of the best tents with screen rooms to help you find the perfect tent for your next trip.



10 Best Camping Tents with Screen Rooms and Porches

1. Gazelle T4 Plus Pop Up Tent with Screen Room

Gazelle T4 Plus Tent with Large Screen Room

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Our choice for one of the best pop-up tent models with a screen room area, the Gazelle T4 Plus Camping Tent sets-up in just 90 seconds. With room to sleep 8 people, its huge floor size of 110 square-feet with the added porch area is perfect for resting undercover, and outside of the sleeping area. While the screen room doesn’t have flooring, the bedroom is fitted with a removable polyester floor to easily shake off the dirt.

You’ll love the waterproof rainfly that includes taped seams, and the use of all-metal hubs with fiberglass poles ensure a highly secure structure. The pop-up design is a lifesaver for installing the tent super quickly.


  • Long-Lasting YKK Zippers
  • 50+ UV Protection
  • Tight-Weave Mesh


2. CORE Lighted Instant Tents with Screen Rooms

CORE Lighted Instant Tent with Screen Room

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Instant 2-minute set-up is just one of the awesome features of the CORE Lighted Tent. You can enjoy many nights of stargazing with the removable rainfly and complete mesh roof. It’s a modernized tent with a screen for separating your leisure area from your sleeping area – it is also floorless, so you can save time by only needing to keep the bedroom floor area clean.

One of our favorite parts of this tent is the built-in lighting system. Use the integrated wall mount to control the brightness levels, and don’t worry about glare, thanks to the cleverly designed diffusion panel.


  • Advanced Ventilation System
  • PU Coated Fabric
  • 7-foot Centre Height


3. Coleman Dark Room Dome with Screen Room

Coleman Dark Room Dome with Screen Room

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The Coleman Darkroom Dome Tent is more than just your average tent. With a screen room extension made with large mesh walls, you can relax or use it as a secondary sleeping area – the whole tent can fit up to 6 people. It is one of the best tents with screen room available in the market.

Polyguard fabric and an added rainfly covering ensure very tight water resistance to keep you dry, even in the worst conditions. A tub-like flooring with corner welds also ensures dry nights.

This tent uses darkroom technology that blocks out 90% of sunlight. We absolutely love this feature, because it reduces heat within the tent and helps you sleep better, also keeping you cooler in the afternoons.


  • WeatherTec System
  • Storage Pockets
  • Carry Bag Included


4. Coleman Weather Master 6 Person Tents with Screen Rooms

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent with Screen Room

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We can see why this model is a best-seller. This 6-person tent can comfortably fit double mattresses and the added porch area creates a spacious feel, offering a secondary sleeping area or general lounging space. While this section is floorless, the sleeping section has patented welded flooring for dryness and security.

The included carry bag makes it handy to travel with and install without hassles. Zipper protection and inverted seams provide awesome weather resistance and waterproofing. I love the hinged door on this tent – it’s a thoughtful feature that makes it easy to enter and exit like a regular door.


  • Wind-Resistant Framing
  • Pockets for Storage
  • Electrical Cord Port


5. Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Tents with Screen Rooms

Wenzel Klondike Tent with Screen Room

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The Wenzel Klondike is roomy enough to fit 8 people. We love the sizing of this tent. The full length is 16-feet, and while 5 people can sleep in the normal area, the screen room section is 6-feet x 9-feet to comfortably fit 3 other people to sleep. The screen room will work great for lounging or dining, just like your own porch at home.

Built with high-quality materials, this tent is double stitched with lap-felled seams, making it waterproof. Without the rainfly, there is a fully mesh roof and mesh windows for airflow and repelling insects – the welded polyethylene floor also keeps out any bugs and dirt. A shock-corded fiberglass frame in the roof makes the tent durable and sturdy in tough weather.


  • Weather Armour Fabrics
  • Hi-Low Air Circulation
  • Removable Rainfly


6. Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room Review

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With room for 2 queen sized mattresses, the best-selling Coleman Evanston Dome Tent is a very spacious tent. It can fit up to 8 people inside, and with the separate room, there is even more space to move around or lounge and relax without bugs or rain.

The screen area comes with patented welded floors that are waterproof to help you stay dry and off the potentially dirty ground. For ease of installation, we love the Insta-Clip feature to easily secure the tent. Window awnings allow for increased airflow, and the added storage pockets are a cool touch.


  • Protected Seams & Zipper Protection
  • 15-feet x 12-feet & 6-foot Centre Height
  • Wind-Resistant Frame


7. Alpha Camp 6 Person Tents with Screen Rooms

Alpha Camp 6 Person Tent with Screen Room

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With a striking orange design, the Alpha Camp family tent with screen room easily fits 6-8 people. While the room area is floorless, the main section comes with a material floor for comfortable sleeping. The solid steel stakes paired with the connectors make for a high-strength framework to withstand strong wind.

The large front porch with the tent is fully meshed to protect you from bugs, whilst providing lovely airflow. 2 large internal side pockets are handy to organize all your supplies, and the reflective guylines are convenient for night camping. Its large size makes it perfect for family camping trips.


  • Cable Port for Charging
  • UV Protection
  • Large Mesh Roof & Windows


8. Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent with Porch Room

Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent with Porch Room

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The Ozark Instant tent with porch is super easy to set-up – the framework already assembled inside the packaging, simply remove and adjust the poles in just 2 minutes. Able to fit 11 people, this is a great size for family camping, and is spacious enough to fit 2 queen air mattresses.

The added screen room extension features a mesh window for increased ventilation, so you can relax outside of the sleeping area. Take off the rainfly to watch the stars at night through the mesh roof. The whole interior is also equipped with flooring.


  • Polyester Material
  • Durable Steel Poles
  • Hanging Hooks Included


9. NTK Indy GT Camping Tents with Screen Rooms

NTK Indy GT Camping Tent with Screen Room

Check Prices Here

The NTK Indy GT has a big canopy porch area at the front for ultimate bug-free relaxation. Able to fit 5-6 people, this dome tent has anti-fungus floor material with a thermal-silver coating that gives protection from the elements to keep you nice and dry.

We admire the extended rain protection on the screen room area, perfect for sheltering you while you lounge. The framework is extremely stable – the poles connect with double chrome-plated hardware to protect from the wind. Double-paneled mesh doors and windows are designed with ultra-thin netting to repel insects. A clever pin-and-ring system allows for an easy set-up.


  • 100% Waterproof PU Coated Rainfly
  • Fiberglass Poles with Nano-flex Technology
  • Oversized Inner Pockets


10. Ozark Trail 12 Person Tents with Screen Rooms

Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent with Screen Room

Check Prices Here

With pre-attached poles for instant installation, the Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent has huge rooms and a large screen room included. We think it’s the perfect tent for families due to its oversized chamber rooms, that can hold multiple sleeping bags and mattresses. If you don’t pack out the space with campers, you can use the added porch area is a comfortable leisure space.

The factory-welded floor is great for keeping you off the ground and away from insects. Fully closable windows and sealed seams throughout the tent area ensure leak protection. You can also fit your own air conditioner within the handy ground vents.


  • Internal Room Dividers
  • Electrical Cord Access
  • Free-Standing Frame Structure



How to Choose a Tent with Screen Room


This depends on how many people you need in your tent. With an added room, you can increase the number of people and enjoy a more comfortable fit. Tents with porches can come in many sizes, such as 1 room tents, 2 rooms, 3 room tents, and so on. Screened tents are a great size for families or large groups of friends who enjoy camping.

Screened rooms in tents are also great for storing your gear and for changing out of dirty clothes separate from the bed area. This increased size is a great choice for those looking for an extra area that is still covered.


Basically, you get what you pay for. Buying a high-quality tent is an investment that is seriously worth it – their lifespan will last long-term, and you won’t have to worry about breakage. We recommend paying the necessary price to get the best tents with screen room that will endure the toughest weather.


When choosing a tent with a screen room, we suggest paying attention to the types of materials used. You’ll notice on our list we’ve chosen tents that use polyguard or polyester fabric. This is a very tough material that is resistant to stretching, and while strong, it is lightweight which works very well for camping as it’s highly portable. Polyester is also stain-resistant, which is great for camping where things can get dirty.

UV protection

Another big factor to note when choosing. You’ll probably spend a reasonable amount of time in the extra room area to relax when the weather takes a turn for the worse, so staying covered from the harsh rays of the sun and pummeling rain is important.

Seam-sealed tents and fiberglass framework are also important when choosing. With screened areas, you want to have a waterproof design to stay dry, and fiberglass poles ensure your tent stays light and easy to carry. 

Tightly woven mesh is another integral material for your tent, luckily enough the majority of modern tents are usually built with fully mesh walls for extra airflow.


Most tents with porches come with carry bags for simple storage and easier portability. A carry bag can help reduce some of the weight when transporting, which is handy for camping trips where you know you’ll be moving around a lot.


There are many different methods for setting-up, just like traditional tents. When choosing your own, think about which system would be easiest for you to install. Here is a brief list of some of the more common types of tents:

  • Instant tents and pop-up tents are awesome modern types that are super easy to set-up. While they can be less stable than others, they are lightweight, portable and save you significant setup and pack away time.
  • Dome tents are very popular among campers. They utilize two poles that are flexible and cross over each other for support. With a lower head height, ideal for remote camping.
  • A traditional pole A-frame or ridge tent with a screen room is very stable for camping, and typically uses guylines for steadiness.
  • Cabin tents with porches can sometimes be the most complicated to set-up, but they are the perfect choice for large amounts of people, as the tall straight walls provide larger internal space. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tent with Screen Room?

Essentially a standard tent with a built on or attachable extension room. The room is meshed or windowed, providing a ‘screened’ effect, whereby the outside is still visible.

Circulation and ventilation are provided by the meshed material, and the floor is either detachable or non-existent, depending on the model.

Giving you the freedom to store dirty gear, or lounge around and eat and drink without worrying about making a mess. It’s also great to use as a small tent area for your dog.


What is a Tent with Porch?

A tent with a porch is commonly an extension canopy that provides a shelter to shade from the sun and light rain, however there are no walls or flooring.

A porch is great for sitting and relaxing outdoors in a more open design, compared to a screen room which is more closed.



A great way to get some extra space out of your tent without having to buy a second tent or overload the car, which can always be dangerous. 

Ideal for camping with children and pets too, giving you a private space to keep their toys, dog beds or gear away from the sleeping area but still protected in shelter. 

Prices generally range from $100-$200 and only go beyond that when you are looking at modern setups, like pop up and instant, you pay extra for the time saved. 


Resources and Sources

Camping with Family Tips



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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