Cabin Tents

Cabin tents are straight walled, tall and robust tents that are most ideal for families and big groups, due to their internal space and general sizes starting at 4 person and no lower.

Because of the straight walls, you get this huge interior space that feels massive compared to a Dome shaped tent that curves inwards towards the centre, losing precious head height.

For this reason Cabin tents are top of the list for families, tall ceilings allow for lights, fans and lanterns to be hung without fear of tent poles bending.

The only drawback is their vulnerability to strong wind as it will smack up against a straight wall (flat surface) quite heavily, unlike with a Dome tent it will glide over aerodynamically.

This isn’t usually an issue as larger groups tend to camp at campsites with plenty of protection surrounding, if not be sure to find some natural blockades, like a tree line or your car for example.

Read on to find our reviews of the best cabin tents available to buy on the market.