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Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter Review

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter Review

If you don’t have a garage, or simply need the extra space, the Abba Patio Storage Shelter Carport is a popular canopy that is used by many to protect their car, truck, or other vehicle from outdoor elements.

Sun and rain damage are some of the most common elements that can negatively affect the condition of your vehicle, causing color loss, exterior erosion, and other damage. Being able to protect from these conditions will greatly increase the lifespan of your automobile.

This model also comes in 4 different sizes so that you have the option to store all you gardening equipment, bicycles, motorbikes and even the larger petrol lawnmowers in the smaller ones. 

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The larger sizes have enough space for smaller vehicles or just extra room to maneuver around your equipment when needed. They all come with the innovative roll up entry door which makes life much easier for daily use. 

With decent reviews online, we want to dig into every little detail about this well-known storage and vehicle shelter. To see whether the quotes of ‘high quality’ and an ‘ideal choice’ hold any substance, or if you’re just better off going for a larger portable carport for example. 

Continue reading to discover for yourself so you can decide if it’s right for you.



Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shed

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shed

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While it’s not the most modern on the market, this model does traditional so well. We like its minimalist approach, with a simple design that focuses on full coverage. It has a fabric exterior with a steel frame, so it’s more of a long-term option for your driveway.

Even though it is technically portable since it fully collapses, we feel that you will get much better use out of it if you set it up as a more permanent cover. We love that you have 4 different size options to choose from. If you’re not in the market for a massive structure, they’re accommodating for a wider variety of vehicles.

You could set it up in your backyard instead of the driveway and still be able to protect from the weather. For even the larger sizes, we think the prices are rather reasonable when you consider the high-grade materials that are used. As a versatile vehicle shelter that doubles as a storage facility, you’re getting a stable and durable structure at a fair price.


Storage Shelter


$180 – $289 or over depending on size and discounts etc.


6ft x 8ft: 75 lbs

7ft x 12ft: 110 lbs

8ft x 14ft: 115 lbs

10ft x 10ft: 120 lbs

Dimensions (Multiple Sizes)

6ft x 8ft: 72” L x 96” W x 88.32”H

7ft x 12ft: 144“L x 84“W x 88.32“H

8ft x 14ft: 96” L x 168” W x 88.32”H

10ft x 10ft: 120” L x 120” W x 88.32”H

Set Up Time

30 to 60 Minutes


6 Stakes with Guylines Included


240g Polyethylene Canopy

Steel Frame

Pack Size

6ft x 8ft: 51” x 13” x 8.7”

7ft x 12ft: 70.5” x 13” x 9.8”

8ft x 14ft: 83.5” x 13” x 9.8”

10ft x 10ft: 78.3” x 13” x 10.2”

Overview of Features

  • Highly durable 1-1/2 inch powder coated steel frame
  • Rust and water resistant
  • UV protected
  • Robust 240g polyethylene canopy material
  • Zippered front door
  • Rollable entrance
  • Ground vents for airflow
  • Tough metal connectors
  • 4 different sizes available
  • Heavy-duty bungee cord reinforcement parts
  • Foot pads on poles for stability
  • Includes stakes and ropes


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

abba patio motorcycle storage shelter

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High Quality Materials

Definitely a standout for this model is the amount of top-grade materials being used. They’re high performance materials that are made to last a lifetime. Polyethylene is a very robust fabric that naturally protects from many weather conditions.

abba patio storage shelter features

We like that you could easily leave this pitched for months and it would survive rainfall, harsh UV rays, windstorms, and snowfall. The all-steel inner framework is another high-performance element. With a super thick coating, it won’t easily chip or peel. It also adds to the stability, so it won’t be collapsing on top of the inner contents anytime soon.

Ground Vents

Since this model is made of all fabric, it seems easy for condensation to build up inside. Especially when you completely close the front entrance, things would normally get humid which wouldn’t do much for protecting whatever you are storing inside.

abba patio storage shelter framework

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To prevent this, you’ll find some big vents at the very bottom of the structure. They line the entire length of the body, so you’re getting a lot of airflow coming through. We think it’s smart that they’ve placed them close to the floor because this is where cold air usually lies. This way, the vents can suck up the air and disperse it throughout.

Fully Collapsible

We love that this brand has considered the aspect of easy storage. While this is a steel model and is intended for more long-term use, we think it’s still important to live up to its portable claim. With temporary shelters like this one, it’s convenient to still have the option to pack it completely down to set up somewhere else.

abba patio storage shelter roll up door

Perhaps you’re moving to a new house, going on a long camping trip, or simply want the freedom of being able to install it anywhere. While it doesn’t have an instant construction, it comes with an easy step-by-step instruction manual that explains how to assemble and take it down.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

abba patio storage shelter side view

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This is quite an adaptable model as you don’t need to use it just for cars, trucks, or other transportation vehicles. You can also use it to store and protect other goods, like wood, tools, and furniture. Wood in particular is a popular thing to put inside, as it needs to remain dry so it can catch on fire and stay heated more easily.

As a storage unit, the larger sizes have a huge amount of floor space. The cabin-like shape with steep walls and a high peaked roof gives heaps of room for stacking things, as you can lean things right next to the walls.

Another factor of versatility is that the front door can fully close off where nothing is left exposed. Using heavy-duty zippers on either side, the front panel closes like a real garage door.

When not in use, it rolls up and has two pieces of fabric that you use to tie it out of the way. You can even remove the front panel entirely. This is handy for the bigger sizes because it allows you to fit a small truck or another tall structure with ease. Once it’s inside, you can then put the door panel back over for protection.

Multiple sizes

With 4 options to choose from, it’s easy to find one that will suit your needs. The first one is the smallest, and is perfect for bikes, motorbikes, small electric cars, trailers, wheelbarrows, quad bikes, and so on.

It’s much narrower than the other versions, so we think it would work well in the wind, as it wouldn’t easily catch a breeze because it’s not taking up as much space.

There isn’t much of a difference between the 3 other editions, other than the floor space dimensions. The 10ft x 10ft one looks quite wide with a squarer base, but other than that they all have the same design features. All the front panels can be taken off or closed completely.


As we mentioned in our favorites section, these shelters have all-weather protection thanks to their robust materials. Rain, wind, sun, and snow are no match for the durable and thick outer materials and inner framework.

The full steel frame is one of the best parts about these models. With 1-1/2 inches of powder coated steel, the poles are much stronger than ones you’d find in your average frame. We think this is so important for shielding big metal cargo that gets easily corroded overtime.

Another weatherproofing element is with the bottom air vents. As well as providing air circulation, the flaps fold outwards. This stops splashes of water or puddles from easily entering the tent.

Stability Options

Multiple extra thick bungee cords, double layered edges with tough Velcro, and rounded footpads all contribute to keeping these structures upright and firm even in strong winds. You are provided with stakes and ropes in the package, but for more intense stability, we recommend using your own more heavy-duty ones.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Can One Person Set it Up?

It is possible, but it would take so much longer so it’s best with two people. It is also a little heavy so it’s safer if two people handle the structure.

Are There Openings on Both Ends?

There is only one opening at the front entrance. There is an overhanging panel that can be fully closed with zippers, or fully removed to effortlessly fit a big car or small truck inside without hitting the top.


Our Final Thoughts on the Abba Patio Outdoor Shelter

As a more permanent fixture to store your car, small struck, trailer, or bulk storage of wood and other items, the Abba Patio Storage Shelter Carport Canopy is definitely a smart choice. It doubles as an outdoor shed as well as a spot for your vehicles, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

With a highly sturdy frame with thick steel poles, you can trust it will stay upright even in wind, rain, and snow. It shields from sun damage so you can keep fresh paint jobs safe, and the front entrance is versatile and able to fit large and small objects. With 4 versatile size choices to pick from, we’re sure you can find one that will suit your needs.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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