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ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy Review

One of the best sellers on the canopy market, the ABCCANOPY pop up models are made for all occasions. They’ve got rave reviews all over the internet thanks to their true versatility. Packed full of features and high-quality materials, you can use them for parties, at the beach, while camping, and so much more.

Today we’ll be reviewing the standard pop up canopy with the classic design that comes in 3 sizes. We’ll also be mentioning the pop-up shelter with customisable side walls that is used mainly for commercial purposes, like for markets, events, large outdoor parties, and more.

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We want to dive into every little detail about these instant canopy shelters. With substantial popularity online and in the general market, what really makes these so well-loved and how are they different to other regular canopies, are just a few of the common questions we will approach today. 


Abc Canopy Reviews

Abc Canopy 10x10 with sandbags

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It’s obvious to see why these models are so hyped by countless customers. They’re sturdy and reliable, made from great quality materials, and they’re made for easy transportation. We can see that they are geared towards warmer weather use.

Even though the full shelter model can be completely closed using the detachable walls, the material isn’t made to retain heat. Plus, the bottom has a gap and there is no flooring included. For events in warmer conditions, these are ideal.

One of the main uses for the sidewall model is for markets or industrial settings – it has the perfect shape and we love that you can fully customize each wall. You even have the option of a front awning to protect your goods if it’s raining.

Also, the fact that you get sandbags and stakes and guylines for both models is a massive bonus. You don’t need to make any extra purchases and you can use them straight out of the bag. It’s clear to see that these are true heavy-duty canopies that are intended for outdoor use and to last for years.



Pop Up Canopy

Set Up Time

1 Minute or Less with 2 People


53-69 lbs


$130-/+ or over depending on size.


120” x 120” x 112”H

120” x 180” x 112”H

120” x 240” x 112”H


Instant with Pre-Attached Frame

4 Sandbags

4 Stakes & Guylines


Silver Coated 400D Polyester

Powder-Coated Steel Frame

Pack Size

64” x 9” x 8.7”


Steel Frame, Nylon Mold Brackets, Steel Stakes

UV Protection

50+ UPF Blocker

Overview of Features

  • Fast Set up
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • 100% waterproof materials
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Strong Velcro attachment for pole stability
  • Deluxe truss washers for sturdiness
  • Heavy-duty adjustment joints
  • Reinforced corners
  • Durable wheeled back with rubber handle and double stitches
  • 4 Large sandbags & stakes and ropes
  • Robust nylon feet


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

ABC Canopy pitched outside

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BOTH MODELS – Fast Installation Process

Pitching both of these is quite an uncomplicated and streamlined process. Unlike the canopies of years ago, you don’t need to fumble with a bunch of heavy poles, trying to figure out where to insert them, and then possibly having an unstable structure.

abc canopy framework and assembly

Durable Build and Assembly Outlined Here

Once out of the bag and putting the top fabric on, the framework extends out in a couple of seconds. Then, you can adjust the height to your liking. We love this feature because it means you can set this up in any location in a breeze. If you’re attending a market, you don’t need to arrive hours or the day before. You can install it on the day.

High Stability Level – Anchor it Down

Something we can truly appreciate about these models is that they are undoubtedly made to survive harsher conditions. We’re obviously not talking about torrential winds or rain, but we mean moderate conditions like mild rain and some winds. While they certainly don’t seem like they’d fly away due to the robust frame, don’t expect to stay warm inside as that’s not what they’re made for.

abc canopy feature description

Brief Overview of the Main Features

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Especially for the commercial shelter, the walls will protect you from more than the average cover. The frame structure is heavy-duty but isn’t extremely heavy so you can easily take it out of the bag. It’s so strong that the brand’s seller video shows a grown man swinging off the interior roof poles. When you’ve got everything staked down with the sandbags, guylines, or both, these models can withstand pretty intense winds.

COMMERCIAL SHELTER – Detachable Walls 

The biggest selling point for the commercial focused model is the option to change the walls. It makes it suitable for so many events and can adapt to whatever you need it for. You don’t need to use all the walls at once, so you can personalize it to suit any situation.

abc canopy setup ideas

Huge Customization Options Utilizing The Sidewalls

The awning is another notable element. It comes separate to the front door attachment, so the power is all in your control to decide what kind of configuration you want. The great thing about this model is that you can use it as a normal, traditional covering, but you have the option to change it up if you want. While it is higher in price, you are getting a lot more versatility.


ABCCANOPY Pop Up Commercial Shelter


Pop Up Canopy

Set Up Time

3 Minutes or Less with 2 People


54-99 lbs


$190-/+ or over depending on size.


120”L x 120”W

3 Height Options :





Instant with Pre-Attached Frame

4 Sandbags

4 Stakes & Guylines

3 Sidewalls & Door Wall



Silver Coated 400D Polyester

Powder-Coated Steel Frame

Pack Size

49” x 8” x 10”


Steel Frame, Nylon Mould Brackets, Steel Stakes

UV Protection

50+ UPF Blocker


Review – Breaking Down Every Detail

abc canopy color choices

There Commercial Option has Tons of Color Choices

Check Prices Here

Stable Structure

Resistance against weather conditions is done so well for both. Many say that they’re strong enough to stand up against 40mph winds, which is an incredible feat and something you probably won’t find with others that are currently for sale.

The structure is made entirely of steel, with some nylon molded brackets for even better strength. The steel is black powder-coated, which basically means it’s stronger and more robust than regular steel poles.

Additional Protection

Added protection that prevents the structure from blowing over is the Velcro attachments on the inside. They are used to secure the poles even further to the outer fabric. This is an optional thing to do, but it’s recommended for when it’s particularly windy. Extending the legs to the 3 different heights is easy and safe. There are push buttons that connect to the joints.

abc canopy 10x20 size

A Larger 10×20 Sized Canopy is also Available

We think this makes it so much simpler to adjust because it’s a simple push of a button, instead of having to remove and replace anything. Another cool quality is the center section. There is a thick pole the runs up the center from the roof and pushes into the peak fold of both models. It has a fabric covering which helps to keep the peak away from the rest of the roof framework. This greatly prevents sagging as it helps to keep the material tight and secure.

Weatherproof Materials 

For those unpredictable weather days, both are 100% waterproof. This is thanks to the silver coated polyester with a thickness of 400 Denier and the factory-sealed seams that don’t let water leak through the stitching holes. This high-quality polyester isn’t easily found, particularly at these reasonable costs.

As well as waterproof, this thick material stops easy rips or tears. We think this is a huge advantage since you’ll be installing and taking it down quite often, especially if you’re working at a market or other temporary event. You want something that’s going to hold up against constant use.

As well as waterproof, the material is also UV 50+ protected. This is super important for these kinds of shelters, considering their main purpose is to shield from the sun. On hot days, this is a big lifesaver as you don’t need to worry about getting sunburnt or overheating.

Great Portability

The bag is honestly one of the biggest highlights of these models. It’s so well-designed and is packed with convenient features. Wheels on the bottom help you to transport it from your car or home out onto the site where you want to set it up – no heavy lifting required. On the front, there is a large pocket where you can store other accessories or your valuables.

abc canopy 10x15 size

Likewise a mid-size option at 10×15 is available

Check Prices Here

Next, the handle is a strong rubber and nylon. Not only does it bear the load for easier lifting, but it won’t hurt your hands. The stitching all throughout the bag is double reinforced for increased strength. This stitching is placed where the most weight is felt, so that nothing can easily break or rip.

Also, the zippers are heavy-duty and zip smoothly and effortlessly. Basically, getting these structures in and out of the bag is a seamless process. Everything has been designed with pure convenience in mind.

Incredibly Adaptable

For both models, you do have the options for side wall protection. The only difference is that the panels do not come with the first version. You need to purchase them separately. As well as polyester panels, you also have the choice of mesh ones. This way, you can create a screen tent, where you’re protected from bugs and sand, but able to get lots of ventilation.

abc canopy wheeled bag

All Options However, Come with a Free Quality Wheeled Bag

We think this netting option would work really well if you’re looking for something for the beach or your backyard. For the more expensive model, the awning is an awesome aspect. It’s a separate attachment to the front door panel. It rests quite far from the front opening, so you’re getting a lot of extra shade.

Extra Bonuses

For both, we love that you’re getting a complete set of free extras. You receive 4 sandbags, 4 steel stakes with 4 ropes, plus the roller bag that’s so much more than a regular portable bag. Most competitors would charge extra for these add-ons, so we really appreciate that they’ve considered to add these things free of charge.

The huge variety of colors is also an advantage, because you get to choose something that’s perfect for your business or event.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

What comes with these models?

In the package, you get the outer fabric, the steel framework, 4 stakes and 4 guylines, 4 sandbags, and a roller bag. For the commercial edition, you also get a door panel, 3 side walls, and 1 awning attachment.

For the commercial shelter model, how do you connect the panels?

On the inside, the panels connect using Velcro straps. On the outside, you zip each wall together. The door panel has a smaller zippered door sewn into it.


Our Final Thoughts on the ABCCANOPY Pop Ups

For literally any event, gathering, or marketplace you can think of, these ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy models have got you covered. Choose from a massive range of colors to match your style and hang your own banner on the front if you’re selling at a market.

Both models offer fantastic stability with a heavy-duty frame, plus a rapid set up despite their robust natures. Plus, it’s a huge bonus that you get the added extras of high-grade sandbags, steel stakes and strong guy ropes, and a transport bag that’s made to last.

This bag is one of the standouts that you won’t find with many competitors on the market because it’s full of features that are made to make everything easier for the user.

We think you’re getting great value due to their multi-functionality and high-quality construction. Paired with prices that won’t hurt your wallet, you’re getting some of the best canopy shelters on the market today.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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