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a black pickup truck under an Arrow steel carport

Arrow Steel Carport Canopy Review

Protecting your vehicles from unpredictable weather conditions has never been easier with the huge market of portable carport shelters that are readily available. One of the most well-known is the Steel Carport Canopy from Arrow, an industrial grade shelter that’s perfect for hosting cars, trucks, boats, tractors, and other large vehicles.

They can be even be used for large outdoor events and barbecues due to the galvanized steel roof that can be left out all year round. 

It comes in up to 6 large sizes and is known for its heavy-duty protection. With the crowded market of carport canopies, it can be hard to find one that will suit your needs.

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In order to discover if this Arrow model lives up to its rave reviews, we’re digging into all its features, so that you don’t have to scroll the internet looking for forums and comments.

Keep reading to find out our favorite qualities, a simplified list of features, a full in-depth review, and your burning questions answered.


Arrow Galvanized Steel Carport

Arrow Steel Carport

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Although it is advertised as portable, it’s clear to us that this is more of a permanent structure versus a temporary soft top model. With a massive amount of room in all sizes, you’re getting a huge amount of storage space.

This makes it great for storing many other outdoor necessities when you’re working outdoors, like a lawnmower, some tools, and even outdoor furniture. We feel that you’re getting a much higher grade of protection than soft tops, because the galvanized steel roof can withstand all kinds of harsh weather conditions. Snow, heavy rainfall, windstorms, and so on.

While it’s definitely not an easy set up and will take hours, we think it’s worth it in the end when you consider how much protection you’re getting. Another great use for this is to set it up in the backyard and use it as a permanent dining area.

It will last through all seasons so you won’t have to constantly take it down and pitch it up, which you may have to do if it was a soft top model. This unit is industrial-grade quality, made to last over a long period of time.


Galvanized Steel Carport Shelter

Dimensions (Multiple Sizes)

10 x 5 x 7 up to 12 x 29 x 7

5-6 size Options


545 lbs


$900 – $2900 or over depending on the size

Set Up Time

3 hours or more


Drive-In Ground Anchors Included


All Steel Frame & Roof

Pack Size

71.5” L x 30.3” W x 17”H (dependent on size)

Overview of Features

  • Super heavy-duty galvanized steel roof
  • 2” black powder coated steel frame
  • Rust-resistant
  • Horizontal panels & rounded sides for added protection 
  • Simplified slip-fit frame connection
  • Self-drilling screws for fast assembly
  • Wind resistance rating of 100mph
  • Snow load rating of 35 PSF (pounds per square foot)
  • 3 sizes available
  • 10-year limited warranty


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Red pickup vehicle

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Robust Materials

Unlike much cheaper temporary models, this provides a much higher level of protection with the use of galvanized steel. It’s used in industrial settings because it protects so incredibly well from many common weather conditions, like sun exposure, heavy precipitation, damaging hail, and loads of snow.

Arrow Steel Carport front view

It’s going to shield your vehicles from much more than soft material or flimsy metal shelters, so we appreciate that you’re truly getting what you pay for. There are many other benefits to this kind of steel. It’s low maintenance, has a long lifespan, provides reliable protection and performance, and its low cost in the long term when compared to stainless steel.

Smart Design

We love the shape of this model. While flat top carports are very popular and provide great protection, they may not work as well in terms of rain and snow. With a peaked roof that slopes downwards, water and snow will slide off much easier, thanks to gravity.

Arrow Steel Carport ridged roof

The other fantastic design choice is the rounded eaves. We’re calling them eaves because they sit a little further over the ends of the frame. This design gives added protection and a little more shade without taking up any more space on the ground. You’re getting a little more shade from the sun as well.


Thanks to its simple and minimalistic design, we love that you can use this to cover from things other than just vehicles. If you’ve been looking to set up your own covered patio extension to the house, but it’s too expensive, this is a great alternative. It’s not has high cost upfront, and you’re getting the same amount of coverage, or more, than a porch awning.

Arrow Steel event shelter


The largest size if perfect for setting up a big dining table with outdoor furniture so you can eat and relax as a refuge from the sun and rain. What’s more, you can choose from either an eggshell or charcoal colored roof with a black frame so it would complement any backyard.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Arrow Steel Carport inside space

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High Level Protection

Industrial grade steel is used all throughout this model’s frame and roof. The main difference is the gauge levels. You’ve got a 15-gauge steel frame and a 29-gauge galvanised roof. While 29-gauge isn’t the thickest out there, it still provides a large amount of protection and certainly won’t bend or damage easily.

Carpot framework

With such high performing materials, this model is completely corrosion and rust resistant. This means it will last for years and years, throughout all kinds of weather, and you don’t need to worry about it deteriorating. Even with the painted roof, this kind of metal won’t easily chip or peel. Plus, the entire 2” thick frame is powder coated for increased durability.

Six Sizes

Being able to choose from six different sizes is a big advantage for this model. You’re not limited to just one massive size. If your driveway or backyard isn’t particularly huge, you have the option to choose a smaller unit. The standout difference between the six is the lengths, whilst the width always stays the same.

Arrow Steel Carport dimensions

So, while you could probably fit the same number of vehicles width wise, the longer length means can fit more behind. It’s also handy if you want the extra space for other storage, or as a relaxation area for your family outside. You could also set up a temporary workspace in the additional space.


We think it’s essential to talk about the set up considering it isn’t as fast as some other models. The important thing here is to consider the sheer sizes of these structures. They’re intended for big vehicles, or storage for multiple smaller vehicles, so you can’t expect them to be light and flimsy.

delivery package

Even though it’s going to take you longer, the process has been made easier for you. They utilize a slip-fit frame system with self-drilling screws for convenience. You’ll need at least three people, although you could get away with two, and every single panel needs to be drilled into position.


These models are made for permanence, so you’re getting protection from all 4 seasons. The steel keeps things well shaded underneath from the damaging rays of the sun, plus everything is sheltered from moderate rain and snow.

tractor storage - Arrow Steel Carport

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We say moderate because there are no side walls, so if conditions get extremely intense then things can enter from the sides. The roof is great protection from hail as well.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

How high is the middle roof support beam?

The truss bar in the center of this model sits at 7ft or 84” above the ground. This means you can easily fit average sized sedans inside, and most pickup trucks. Always remember to measure your vehicle, particularly boats and trucks, before you purchase so you know that it will fit inside.

Can it be secured to the ground?

This model comes with all the necessary ground anchors to secure it to the ground for ultimate stability. Keep in mind that if you intend to set it up on concrete, you should purchase some specialized concrete anchors to properly secure it down.


Conclusion on the Arrow Carport

With the Arrow Steel Carport Canopy, you’re getting super heavy-duty protection with high-quality materials to survive the harsh conditions of the outdoors. It can double as a garage storage shed while you work outside, large enough to fit two big pickup trucks with space leftover.

Even though it’s not very portable, it works incredibly well as a permanent shelter as it’s made from such robust steel and has high performing stability. While it is quite steep in price, this is definitely a long-term purchase that is intended to last a lifetime. Plus, if you think about how expensive it is to pay for a real garage to be built, you’re saving a lot in the long run.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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