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a wooden gazebo in backyard

10 Best Wooden Gazebos for 2020 | Beautiful Yard Kits & Ideas

In search of the best wooden gazebos for the garden, it can be tough considering there are different styles, builds, materials, and sizes to choose from. Since we all would love to spend a little more time in our own backyards, a wood gazebo is a popular option seeing as how easy on the eyes they are.

They’re a more permanent option than the portable pop up gazebos, so they’re made to stay in your yard for the long-term, and you can find models that are fairly easy to set up.

Another popular reason for wooden style shelters, rather than a steel statement, is that it blends in better with a garden. They’re not as harsh, so you can choose a design to suit your outdoor décor style.

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Wooden gazebo kits are a well-known choice for those on the hunt for a DIY challenge – we love the sense of achievement they can give once they’re done. To find the perfect wooden gazebo, we’ve put together this list with some Top Tips and FAQs answered at the end, so stay tuned.


Top 10 Wooden Gazebos Ideas and Kits that will Spruce Up the Garden

1. SamsGazebos 10’ Wooden Octagon Gazebo

SamsGazebos 10’ Wooden Octagon Gazebo

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First, we have this DIY gazebo kit from SamsGazebos. It has double roofing which gives it a more sophisticated look, plus there is a generous overhang which provides plenty of shade. Constructed from North American Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Cedar, you can leave it as is or paint over it yourself. The front part has three open sections, allowing people to easily enter and exit.

Since all parts are pre-assembled and pre-drilled, it’s an effortless installation that can be done by just two people. All the necessary bolts, screws, and other hardware are included with an illustrated instruction manual.

One of the biggest standout features for us is that it’s an adjustable build. You can install it on uneven ground and adjust the posts accordingly. To ensure its stability, it has the interlocking joints of a 4th generation wooden boat builder. This basically means that it is much more durable than some flimsy hollow vinyl kits that you might find elsewhere.

Made & Shipped From: USA

Key Features:

  • Robust Interlocking Joints & Adjustable Posts
  • Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation
  • High-Quality North American Douglas Fir, Spruce & Cedar Wood


2. MM Wooden Pergola Gazebo

MM Wooden Pergola Gazebo

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This is more of a gazebo-pergola hybrid, with a rectangular flat roof shape. It has such an eye-catching almost Asian-inspired design on the roof area. There is an optional upper shade cover that you can choose to install or not depending on the weather of the day. This shade is a SunTex 90 design from Phifer, which reduces heat and is also fade resistant.

Built from 100% premium cedar lumbar, it’s been finished with a lovely muted timber grey-satin color, making it blend in well thanks to its neutral feel. Upper planks near the corners are handy spots for hanging plants or decorations.

Our favorite part is the side ledge, which can act as a minibar for glasses, drinks, and food. Completely pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-stained, it’s simpler to install needing just two people.   

Made & Shipped From: USA

Key Features:

  • Optional Phifer Suntex 90 Shade Reduces Heat
  • 100% Premium Cedar Lumber Construction
  • Side Ledges for Bar Storage


3. Checo Pavilion Wooden Gazebo

Checo Pavilion Wooden Gazebo

Check Prices Here

Shaped in a pavilion style, this is a great size for fitting an octagonal hot tub inside, but you can also use it as a traditional gazebo. You can assemble it on grass or on a patio, with an optional screw-down flat base available from the same manufacturers as a separate purchase.

Pressure treated timber ensures it stays resistant against decaying or insects, while also giving it a subtle natural look. While the wood is subtle though, the actual design is rather intricate. The roof has an interesting peak to it with detailed side panels.

The front opening is quite wide to allow room for chairs or a table to be brought inside after installation. There are two fully opaque walls in addition to the open panels, which provide a good amount of shade without completely blocking out the sun.

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • Suitable Size & Shape for Interior Hot Tub
  • 12 Post Supports & All Fixings Included
  • Rot & Insect Resistant Pressure-Treated Timber


4. Dunster House Heavy Duty Wood Gazebo

Dunster House Heavy Duty Wood Gazebo

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While this does state ‘hot tub’ in the name, the design of this model is versatile for many uses. It has a simple, yet classic design with neutral coloring that can suit many backyards. Choose from either a 3.2m x 3.2m, or a massive size of 6m x 3.2m, which has six beams instead of four.

Since both sizes are so tall at over 9ft in height, both can comfortably cover a large Jacuzzi, a table with chairs, an L-shaped couch, or a big barbecue. It also means that people can effortlessly walk underneath without fear of hitting their head. The beams have wide feet at the bottom, providing plenty of stability. Plus, these beams measure 145mm in width which even further enhances their strength.

We love that the shingles, fixings, and assembly instructions are all included in the package. We also appreciate that all the wood has been pre-cut for a rapid and easy installation.

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • Heavy-Duty 145mm Thick Support Posts
  • Tall Walk-through Height Over 9ft
  • Pressure-Treated Wood Prevents Fungal Decay


5. Checo 10ft x 10ft Wooden Gazebo with Shingles

Checo 10ft x 10ft Wooden Gazebo with Shingles

Check Prices Here

Next is another model from Checo Home and Garden, but this one is similar in shape to a pergola with four posts and a triangular roof. Externally it measures 12ft x 12ft, but inside you have plenty of space with 10ft x 10ft of covered room to keep you dry and shaded.

We love its cottage-inspired look with charming scalloped shingles, which you can purchase either in brown, green, or red, and the trellis-style panels. We think its design is ideal for outdoor dining, entertaining, or even as a shelter for a hot tub. It must be assembled on a hard, flat surface, and they provide an installation service which is handy.

All timber elements are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which means that they have been responsibly sources from forests by reliable forest managers. The timber is also pressure-treated to prevent molding and pesky insects.

Made & Shipped From: UK


  • All Timber Elements & Finishing Parts Included
  • 3 Different Colours of Shingles Available
  • FSC Certified Pressure-Treated Timber


6. Checo Octagonal Wood Gazebo

Checo Octagonal Wood Gazebo

Check Prices Here

Another great shape for circular Jacuzzi, this also has three different colored shingles available – red, green, and brown. It has quite a lot of coverage to it, with several covered side panels. However, you do get a good amount of sun peeking through, so it doesn’t get too dark inside.

The scalloped roofing seems to be a common theme throughout this brand, which gives it such a homey feel. Beside the entrance/exit, you can attach some pot plants on the handrails rather than leaving it bare.

In the kit you receive all the necessary parts., including the metal brackets. Made from pine and spruce wood, it has a low density and a smooth finish to prevent any splinters. They are also both naturally resistant to decay, giving them a longer lifespan.   

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • Naturally Rot-Resistant Pine & Spruce Wood
  • All Parts Included
  • 4 Shingle Options


7. Checo Home and Garden Wood Gazebo

Checo Home and Garden Wood Gazebo

Check Prices Here

Our next model on the list is another pavilion. This has a large diameter of 3.5m which provides a spacious area for outdoor relaxation, dining, or anything else. It has three trellis panels which act as privacy shades, while letting in some pleasant light.

You can purchase optional flooring and different colored shingles for the roof, but otherwise it would sit nicely on some grass. A cone-shaped roof ensures snow slides right off, and it also encourages water to drip away from the interior space.

Handrails are found next to the front opening, which you can leave bare or decorate to your liking. Underneath these rails are charming cross-fence design panels which draw attention to the structure.

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • High Quality Spruce & Pine Wood Build
  • Large Pavilion Rounded Shape
  • User-Friendly Illustrated Instructions Included


8. Checo Pergola Gazebo with Trellis 

Checo Pergola Gazebo with Trellis

Check Prices Here

We love this model for its stunning lattice beams that cover most of its structure. It’s striking and immediately catches the eye. One of our favorite things about lattice beams is that you can put climbing plants on each post and green up your garden.

Its design is rather heavy-duty and is made to withstand all kinds of harsh weather, like rough winds or heavy snowfall. As well as pressure-treated wood which deters bugs, the post support pieces are all made from galvanized steel, meaning they are rust-resistant.

You can fit an average sized picnic table inside, which gives you a cool, shady spot for daytime dining. Since the wood is pressure-treated, it’s watertight so you can even sit underneath while it rains.

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • Pressure-Treated Wood & Galvanized Steel Support Parts
  • Heavy-Duty Enough to Use Without Bolting to Ground
  • Gorgeous Lattice Beams for Climbing Plants


9. Parcel in the Attic Bow Top Wooden Gazebo

Parcel in the Attic Bow Top Wooden Gazebo

Check Prices Here

Our next pick is ideal for use a barbecue shelter. It comes in four different designs, three of them the perfect sizes for smaller barbecues, and the other a much larger pavilion shape. The BBQ Shelter, Pavilion, and Gazebo options are quite open with fence panels that measure just above your waist or hips. The Bow Top Gazebo has a back wall which provides a little more privacy.

There is no flooring, so you don’t need to worry about getting things dirty or needing to hose it down much after a cookout. Simply install it on the grass in soil with fence post spikes for a much easier set up. with a supplied flat pack, it’s a straightforward assembly that can be done by a minimum of two people.

Built with pressure-treated FSC certified timber, it’s designed to be rot-resistant and insect-resistant for up to 10 years.

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • Four Barbecue Shelter Design Options
  • Paneled Sides & Open Entrance with Slight Roof Overhang
  • Pressure-Treated FSC Certified Rot-Resistant Timber


10. Checo Wooden Hot Tub Gazebo

Checo Wooden Hot Tub Gazebo

Check Prices Here

Measuring 3m x 3m inside, this hybrid design again has an attractive lattice trellis design. The lattice frame is only found on the beams, instead of throughout the whole structure. It transitions well into the cone roof which gives it a more seamless look.

The roof has quite a generous overhang which will keep everything dry and shaded underneath. Pine and spruce trees are commonly used among this brand, and it’s no exception here. These materials especially work well in hot and humid climates, and they naturally resist decay.

You can install it in soil on some grass without any stakes, as it is heavy and can hold up against winds. But it does come with 12 ground bolts to secure it to concrete. Much like the other models from the same brand, you can buy it as is with a wooden roof or purchase scalloped shingles separately for a different look.

Made & Shipped From: UK

Key Features:

  • Large 3m x 3m Interior & 3.5m x 3.5m Exterior
  • Pressure-Treated Timber Plus Full Wooden Roof
  • Large Overhang Provides Protection


10 Tips for Maintaining Your Wooden Gazebo

Whether you’ve already bought your own, or you’re on the hunt for the perfect model for your garden, making a gazebo last longer is an important factor. It will increase its lifespan, allowing you to keep it in your yard for an extended amount of time, rather than constantly installing a pop up.

While manufacturers generally put a lot of care into ensuring their structure is stable, durable, and resistant against rot or insects, exposure to mother nature can make it more vulnerable to damage.

Wood can easily deteriorate if it’s not properly maintained, therefore you should know the essentials when it comes to general upkeep. The good news is that it isn’t very difficult, and once you get the hang of what to look for, it becomes a simple process.

Here are our top tips for ensuring you keep yours in its best shape:

  1. Look out for mold – Rotting wood and mildew or mold build-ups can drastically reduce the life expectancy of the wood. Keep an eye out at least once a month for any fungal growths or filaments. To prevent mold from forming, you can dilute about a quarter cup of bleach with the same amount of detergent with 3.7L of hot water (not boiling). Apply the solution and let it soak in for around 15 minutes, then rinse away.
  2. Inspect the roof – Use a ladder and check out all corners of the roof once a month, or more depending on the weather conditions. A rough storm, heavy snowfall or rainfall, and harsh winds can all potentially cause damage to the roof as it’s the first and largest point of contact. Address and fix any problems like damaged beams or shingles, as this can compromise the structural integrity of the whole roof.
  3. Clear the way – This relates to the surrounding area of the structure and where you install it. Before deciding on where to set it up, make sure that any plants are at least 3ft away from it. Also, don’t pile any firewood or compost bags near the structure.
  4. No pressure washing – Avoid doing any kind of pressure wash, as this can remove the protective coating or paint. This could then affect the lifespan as the high-pressure water can damage layers of the wood.
  5. Paint – Whether you buy one already painted, or you do it yourself, it will need to be painted every 3 to 5 years or so to keep it in good condition. This also prevents any rust from forming. Before doing any retouches, make sure to look out for cracks and fill them in.
  6. Pesticides & insecticides – Mammals, birds, and insects can set up shop inside or outside your gazebo, so always keep an eye out for any infestations. Irreversible damage can occur from termites, and birds or insects like wasps can build nests. To prevent any of this from happening, spray some pesticides and insecticides sporadically.
  7. Bolt it down – Securing it to the ground isn’t always necessary, but the weather can be unpredictable. They can often become damaged from windstorms, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Different methods will need to be used depending on the ground you’ve installed it on.
  8. Prevent, prevent, prevent – Like the use of pesticides and insecticides to avoid infestations, there are other preventative measures you can take in terms of maintenance. Look out for the joint areas and ensure they are regularly tightened, regulate small cracks or holes and fill them in, replace any screws that are coming out, and so on.
  9. Professional opinion – At least once or twice a year, try and get a professional to come in to inspect the gazebo. They will know what to look out for and pick up on anything you may have missed during your own personal inspections.
  10. Sweep away – Try and sweep away any debris, like leaves or small branches, as often as possible – especially during autumn. If things aren’t swept away, they can gather moisture which can breed bacteria. This can then seep inside the wood and cause deterioration.   


Frequently Asked Questions 

How to Build a Wooden Gazebo?

This will depend on the style, size, shape, and design of the structure, but most of them follow a simple process. Some of them have a base or flooring, while others can be installed on soil, concrete, or another type of paving without a base. You can find DIY plans online, otherwise the manufacturer should send building instructions with the parts.

How to Move a Wooden Gazebo?

Again, this will largely depend on the size of the structure, however, here is a general set of rules you can follow if it has a base:

  • Get your hands on a hydraulic jack or truck jack (you may need one or the other depending on the size and weight of the gazebo) and place it closely to the middle to dispense the weight consistently.
  • Slide some 4×6 planks underneath and evenly on each side, then take out the jack.
  • Drill 2-inch holes through these planks and insert a 2-inch pipe through these holes with some excess hanging off on the ends. Secure a logging chain to the piping and attach it to a truck. Remember to keep the chain long enough so that the structure doesn’t lift on an angle.
  • Position 8-10 fence posts under the planks, and when you pull with the truck, the structure will roll on the posts. Then, as it moves, remove the posts from the rear ad put them at the front so that it can roll efficiently.  

How Much Does a Wooden Gazebo Cost?

Most of them will cost upwards of $1000, however this will depend on the size, design, and manufacturer. You can find smaller ones for under $500, but they would probably only be able to shelter a small barbecue.

How to Waterproof a Wooden Gazebo?

You can apply a sealant yourself to waterproof the wood, and you can choose either a wood stain with combined sealer, a sealer with UV protection, or a basic sealer. Make sure you cover any chairs or plants before beginning the process, or remove anything from inside. Put the sealant inside of a pan for easier access, then apply it to the wood with a roller or brush. A useful tip is to apply the inside of the roof before you do the floor, as you can wipe away any spills or put a rag on the ground.

How to Build a Wooden Gazebo on a Deck?

Using the correct hardware is the best way to go for ensuring it will stay stable and secure on a deck for years. Use post bases to create a firm grasp to the deck, timber bolts will attach wood to wood while hiding the bolt inside the beam, and galvanized steel post to beam fasteners is essential for a strong connection.


Conclusion on Wooden Gazebos

Well, you’ve reached the end of our list of the best wooden gazebos. We love how you can instantly increase the value of your property and revamp the garden all in one go. You can use them as a shelter for a hot tub, outdoor dining set up, or relaxation area.

Personally, we enjoy the aesthetic of wood over steel for its nostalgic feel and obvious charm. As long as you establish a simple maintenance routine to keep the structure looking as good as new, you can keep one to last for years to come.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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