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2 people sat under ozark trail canopy

Ozark Trail Canopy Tent Review


With the massive influx of instant canopies taking over the market, it can be hard to find one that lives up to its claims. For a day at the beach, sunny picnic party, or other outdoor event, you want something that’s going to protect from the harsh rays of the sun, but is still easy enough to transport and assemble on site.

To simplify your search for the best instant gazebo, we’re reviewing the popular 10ft x 10ft Ozark Trail Canopy.

Today we’re uncovering all its design features and digging into the reasons why it’s considered one of the best value pop up canopies around, additionally seeing if it’s worth a little piece of our next pay check. 

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Ozark Trail 10 x 10 Canopy Tent Review

Ozark Trail 10 x 10 Canopy Tent

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Our First Thoughts

After seeing how popular this model is across the internet, with 4 and 5 star reviews as far as the eye can see, we wanted to see for ourselves what makes this so great. It definitely leans towards a traditional canopy style, with a square frame and peaked roof.

A couple of elements make it standout from a regular shelter, like the upper vents in the roof and the upgraded all-steel structure.

It’s typically used by families, couples, or groups of friends going to outdoor events, but we can see it being used for more commercial purposes.

While it’s certainly not a heavy-duty model, we think you could use it as a shade for markets, trade and garden shows, and it seems perfect for tailgating.

It’s not super heavy because of the soft top, and that also seems to be a main reason for why its price is so reasonable. Based on the high brand reputation and the overall quality of materials, this looks like a trustworthy choice.


Important Specs at a Glance


Instant Canopy


120“L x 120“W x 112“H


35 lbs


$70 – $90 or over depending on where you purchase from.

Set Up Time

Around 2 Minutes


Instant Pre-Attached Frame


Polyester, Steel frame

Pack Size

48” x 10” x 10” Approximately


Overview of Features

  • 100ft² of shade coverage
  • 2 minute or less fast set up
  • Simple push button system
  • 3 height positions
  • Built-in roof vents for airflow
  • 50+ UV protection
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Robust steel frame
  • Sewn-in mesh pocket on roof
  • Wheeled carry bag included


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Blue 10x10 Ozark Canopy

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Button System

For adjusting the height of this model, there is a push switch system that is designed to make things as easy as possible for the user. You’ll find orange buttons on each leg that are quite large so that you can effortlessly press them and move the poles up and down.

push button on canopy frame

Simple Push-fit System Can be Done Alone

We love this feature because it won’t nip at your fingers and you can do one leg at a time. With the constant movement of the sun throughout the day, it’s nice to know that you can easily adapt the height to maintain shade underneath. You’re also getting 3 height options, so you’re not limited in the elevation that you need.

Roof Vents

We think this is the biggest standout in relation to how different this model is to others on the market. Most versions at this price will stick to the really simple designs, with a complete lack of add-ons. While this model isn’t anything ground-breaking by any means, it’s still not oversimplified, and the vents are a prime example of that.

2 people sitting under ozark canopy tent outside

Ventilation Keeps you Cool on a Hot Day

Although you might think that you can’t get overheated underneath an already open structure, if lots of people are standing inside and if the outside temperature is boiling then things can get hot. To prevent any build-up of humidity or stuffiness, these openings suck in air whilst also letting hot air rise and escape.

Truly Instant

Instant set up has become a huge selling point for many models out there. A lot of gazebos on the market, soft tops and hard tops, can take an hour or more to pitch which can be a big downfall when you want something quick and easy.

set up diagram of ozark canopy

Pitched in 4 Easy Steps

This model follows a simple 3 step process, which is common among many instant editions. It’s a matter of unpacking, unfolding, and extending the legs to your desired height. There’s no complicated insertion of poles and we love how it’s well-designed to be completely hassle-free.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Red 10x10 Ozark Canopy

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Multipurpose Roof Funnels

A definite smart design choice, the ceiling vents are a massive advantage for Ozark Trail Canopy and ultimately have two purposes.

The first is to generate an element of airflow when you’re standing underneath. Yes, it is a completely exposed structure with open walls, but when the hot rays of the sun are beating down, it makes things more comfortable when you have a concentrated breeze flowing through.

funneled roof of ozark canopy tent

Well Ventilated with Smart Design

The second purpose is to prevent it from blowing away. Think about it like an umbrella, where you may often feel a whirl of air getting stuck between your head and the umbrella. This is where it would usually flip inside out, if the wind is strong enough, and it can damage the frame.

With these openings, it gives the wind somewhere to go. It can flow right through and out the other side, since the vents are facing each other. Plus, you can open and close them using small pieces of Velcro, so the power’s all in your hands.

Weatherproof Properties

There doesn’t seem to be any information on the thickness level of the polyester, but this Ozark Trail Canopy model does have a 50+ UV protection rating. This is very important for gazebos, considering their principal purpose is to shield from the sun. In terms of being waterproof, we think it’s more so water repellent.

2 chairs under ozark canopy

Feel Safe Sat Under the Waterproof Poly Top

It would probably only protect against light rainfall as the materials aren’t specifically made for moderate or heavy moisture levels. We think you should use a waterproof spray, that you can find at many retailers, just to be safe.

You never know what kind of weather you may encounter but try not to pitch it if you know it will rain. Even so, the roof openings have hoods over them, so there’s no easy way for water to leak through.

Strong Framework

We appreciate that the frame has been made of tough steel, as this ensures that it will stay stable throughout moderate winds. With the help of the provided stakes and guy ropes, you can stake it down, so it remains secure.

carry bag for ozark canopy tent

Fits Nicely into the Waterproof Carry Bag

The feet areas of the legs are also something to mention, as they are shaped like pads instead of a simple pole. This adds to the stability as the weight is more evenly spread.

Lots of Space

With 100ft² of ground space, multiple people can stand or sit comfortably inside without feeling cramped. It’s also enough room to put a standard table, some picnic chairs, and a cooler or two.

mesh storage pocket with tablet sunglasses inside

Meshed Pocket Hidden Nicely on the Brim

As well as plenty of room on the ground, the height is tall and allows even the tallest in your family or friends to stand up everywhere, not just at the peak.



Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

What is included?

With this model, you receive a free carry bag with wheels for easier transport, and 4 stakes and ropes to tie and secure it down. It can stand on its own, but we always recommend that you lock it down, so it has no chance of blowing away.

Is it waterproof?

There is no information about a waterproof column, so it doesn’t seem waterproof. However, due to the polyester fabric, it is water resistant. This means it can repel a very small amount of rainfall, like light precipitation. We suggest you don’t leave it outside if you know it’s going to rain.

Can it be pitched by one person?

Even though it technically can, we think you should have a second person there to help out with the set up. Since this model is quite tall, you may even need a small foot ladder, so having someone there will keep things safe.


Our Final Thoughts

In the low-cost range of outdoor shelters, the Ozark 10ft x 10ft Trail Canopy is definitely at the top in its class. It sticks to the classics, with a very traditional design that works. There may not be many bells and whistles, but we don’t think it’s necessary here.

The frame is sturdy and can be customized to your preferred height. For those extra scorching hot days, the peak roof vent creates additional ventilation. It also helps to prevent it from easily blowing away, seeing as the wind doesn’t get caught on the large volume of fabric.

For casual outings as well as possible commercial use or for tailgating, this is a fantastic and trusted choice. With bonus stakes, guylines, and a wheeled carry bag, you’re certainly getting value for your money.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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