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Best Trampoline Tent Cover for the Backyard

11 Best Trampoline Tent Covers for the Backyard


Trampolines have been a backyard staple for many years for kids and adults alike. Not only are they heaps of fun, but bouncing and jumping around is also a great way to exercise.

While you may have thought to DIY your own, getting a trampoline tent enclosure that has all the parts can be much safer and long-lasting.

Trampoline tents for kids can mean several different things. The most well-known kinds are the ones with mesh walls, where you can even bounce off and use them as an element of play.

Others are more opaque enclosures that act as traditional tents, or perhaps full on pop up canopies that cover the whole area in a big scale. You can use these for camping, as a charming clubhouse, or as a private getaway for your kids. With the netted versions, they also act as a safety net when they’re jumping around.


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While there is a range of designs out there, today we’re mainly focusing on the models with netting enclosures, and a couple of mini tent structure covers.

Our list will help you determine the best ones on the market, so that you can make the right choice for your next purchase.



The Best Trampoline Tent Covers you can Buy Online

1. Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House Cover

Propel Trampolines P12-6TT Trampoline Club House Cover

Check Prices Here

A versatile and cleverly designed trampoline tent cover from Propel Trampolines. The aesthetically designed cover can fit all 12 foot trampolines with simple attachments and all enclosure poles included. 

Very easy to set up, you just drop it over the top and then tie it to the trampoline frame to hold it tightly in place. We love the access entry door, that functions like a real tent. The zippered door can be tied open or closed up for privacy, creating a fun play den for kids on top of the trampoline. 

 Well ventilated too so the kids wont get too hot and bothered, it has 3 meshed windows to allow air circulation and in case of rain, you are protected by the weather-resistant (not proof we might add) can help with light rains.  The roof features a natural drain off design so rain shouldn’t pool up in the center hub either. 

Key Features:

  • Drain Off Design
  • Versatile Fitting to all 12 Ft Trampolines
  • Well Ventilated with Meshed Windows and Zippered Door


2. JumpSport Trampoline Outback Tent

JumpSport Trampoline Outback Tent

Check Prices Here

An instant fort that gets placed in the middle of your trampoline, this model has fun written all over it. It acts as a kind of playhouse, where your kids can use it as a fun hideaway whilst they play.

As it’s only 5.5ft in height, this isn’t designed for jumping inside. You can fit 3 to 6 children, and it’s great for throwing around a ball, chilling out reading a book, or naps. With the no-pole design, the structure cannot break. This makes it safer than other models, as kids can jump on top of it without fear that it will snap.

Integrated onto the tent are 3 windows plus one door. Each opening has a mesh covering that can be zipped open or closed. Kids can keep mosquitoes out when they’re using it at night.


  • Fast & Easy 3 Minute Installation
  • Ultra Lightweight 5.7 lbs
  • Wide Space 11ft Across


3. SkyBound Replacement Safety Cover Net

SkyBound Replacement Safety Net

Check Prices Here

Not exactly the full trampoline structure here, we’ve included a replacement net because it may come in handy much more than you may think. While the models on our list are made to last, netting won’t always last forever, and weather can be highly unpredictable.

This mesh is designed for most 12 ft wide trampoline frames with 6 enclosure poles. It’s a fairly simple process to attach this, where it connects to the frame around the outside of the protection pad. It gets weaved through the included rope into the bottom of the net, making it super stable. It can be used for many popular styles, like top ring, straight-curved poles, arched poles, and straight poles.

Made from woven PE material, this is anti-microbial, and UV protected to keep everyone safe. Each net features a heavy-duty zipper with additional door clips for increased protection.


  • Suitable for SkyWalker, JumpKing, BouncePro, Upper Bounce, Walmart, and More
  • Compatible with 6 Trampoline Styles
  • Straight Pole Bolted Caps & Handled Caps Available


4. Exacme Outdoor Trampoline with Tent Enclosure

Exacme Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure

Check Prices Here

Available in three different sizes, the framework is heavy-duty and made from tough galvanized steel to last years of jumping. On the edge of the black mat, there is a 0.6” thick foam that is shock-absorbing to prevent injuries.

A double quick-clamp helps to fix the net to the frame with a stronger grip. All the poles are protected with a blue EPE foam. This shields them from UV rays, rain, and wind.

The mesh is highly durable and dense, made from robust polyethylene. It can hold its form when something is pushed against it. The mat has strong V-rings with 8 layers of stitching, and the entire mat is waterproof, and UV and fade resistant.


  • Completely Weatherproof Jumping Mat
  • High Maximum Weight of 335 lbs
  • 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft Available


5. Merax 15ft Trampoline with Tent Enclosure Net

Merax 15ft Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Check Prices Here

Perfect for the aspiring basketballers out there, this comes with a hoop and a backboard for hours of play. Your kids can jump super high and get a slam dunk every time.

The entire frame is made from galvanized steel, like the ladder, which is completely rust resistant. Stability is increased with the 6 W-shaped legs that distribute all the weight equally. Each spring is covered by the thick padding, preventing feet, hands, or heads getting stuck.

For more comfortable and long-term bouncing, the mat is made from a high-grade polypropylene surface. This also makes jumping smoother and deeper, not jolted.


  • Easy & Smooth Zippered Entrance
  • Tight Mesh Walls Prevent Frame Breakage
  • All Tools for Assembly are Included


6. Giantex 7ft Kids Trampoline with Tent Cover

Giantex 7ft Kids Trampoline

Check Prices Here

Another one for the much younger kids, this has a cute and simple shape that’s perfect for any playroom. The curved design of the legs makes the structure highly stable and slip-free. Instead of nylon straps connecting the net to the frame like other indoor/outdoor models, this one uses strong springs. They resist rust, and there is also a protective pad so children can’t hurt themselves with the springs.

Each pole section is completely covered in EPE foam sleeves. The mat is soft and gentle on feet, made from smooth PP material, which is also breathable. For effortless entry and exit, the door has an L-shaped zipper that is easier to use. On this zipper, you’ll also find a safety hook that connects to a metal ring. This prevents kids from falling out if they jump against the walls.


  • Tall 6.6ft of Jumping Height
  • Tough PE Spring Protecting Pad
  • Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors


7. Giantex Multi-Size Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Giantex Multi-Size Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Check Prices Here

The big brother of the previous edition on our list, this comes in 6 different sizes. The largest size has a high bearing capacity of 330 lbs. You can use these with or without the netting, and there is a robust 3-step ladder for simple entry and exit.

For heightened stability, the legs are U-shaped and long. Kids can bounce against the walls safely with the double zipper locking system the prevents the entrance from opening. Both the frame and the ladder are robust galvanized steel, with soft EPE foam covers on the poles. The frame is further reinforced with T-shaped connectors, that are also easy to install.


  • All-Weather Protection
  • 3 Durable Clips on Zipper Entrance
  • 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft, 16ft Available


8. JumpSport Trampoline AlleyOOP Tent

JumpSport Trampoline AlleyOOP Tent

Check Prices Here

The main difference between this and the other Alleyoop model is in the features, and it looks like this is a bit of an upgrade considering the steeper price. If you’re looking for a more budget option, the previous model will work great.

The front door looks ever so slighty larger, and it has a panel on it that can be rolled and pinned back using Velcro. This model also has 3 large window openings, all with mesh for ventilation once closed.

Another difference is that these windows also have panels on them, so you can completely close everything for a fully private experience. 5.5ft of headroom means it’s also not suitable for jumping inside, but it’s perfect for outdoor naps or home camping in the backyard.


  • Large 11ft Space Across
  • Speedy 3 Minute Set Up
  • Only Suitable with JumpSport 12ft-14- Round Trampolines


9. Jump Zone My First Trampoline with Tent Combo

Jump Zone My First Trampoline with Tent Combo

Check Prices Here

An adorable model for younger kids, this is a much safer alternative to full-sized trampolines. With mesh walls and a rounded roof, your child can safely jump around inside without fear of falling off.

At the front entrance, there is a long Velcro strip that makes it easy for kids to open and close. They won’t get their fingers stuck inside any zippers. On the inside, there is a thick border of yellow padding. This provides increased safety if they fall over.

Back to the roof, it’s completely covered which provides shade from the sun. It also keeps things cool inside, and they can jump for hours without the risk of burning themselves on the black jumping mat. Even though the bottom legs are plastic, they are thick and designed so that weight is evenly distributed. 


  • Super Easy & Fast Set Up
  • Easy to Clean Polyester Top
  • Stable Structure


10. Zupapa 15ft Trampoline for Kids

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids

Check Prices Here

This best seller is another full enclosed with netted walls for safety. This is certainly a more high-end model, where the price is reasonable when you consider the high-quality materials and upgraded sturdy design.

With 12 extra springs installed into the frame than competitor’s versions, this model is much bouncier. The frame is heavy-duty, made from hot-dip galvanized steel, and lasts 5 times longer than a regular steel structure. Plus, there are two unique steel joints paired with the W-shaped legs that make a solid base.

Free stakes insert over the legs at the bottom and provide so much sturdiness. Other free add-ons include special gloves for safer assembly, a T-spring pulling tool, and a rain cover.


  1. Strong Steel Ladder for Easy Entry & Exit
  2. Highly Durable Galvanized Rust Resistant Springs
  3. Innovative No-Gap Design for Increased Safety


11. JumpKing 10ft Outdoor Trampoline

JumpKing 10ft Outdoor Trampoline

Check Prices Here

This fully netted enclosure is a little different to previous models. The mesh is a little looser than usual, which creates a more flexible experience. The net is much more rounded. This gives a lot more elasticity, unlike tighter walls, as you can lean further and deeper against them.

T-shaped connectors on the bottom framework ensure stability for long-term use. For increased safety when kids bounce on the walls, the front opening has 3 heavy-duty clips. These clips connect to big steel D-rings that are fitted to the net with strong 6-stitched nylon.

Since it is quite close to the ground, there is no need for a ladder and kids can jump right in and out.


  • Large 200 lb Weight Limit
  • Fast & Easy One Person Assembly
  • Rust-Resistant Framework


How to Choose a Trampoline Tent


This is probably the most important part, as the quality will determine how safe the structure will be. Always check the materials of the legs, upper pole framework, netting, bounce mat, and the padding.

Look out for heavy-duty galvanized steel for the legs and overall pole frame.  This creates more stability to ensure it won’t fall over. The netting should be dense, to allow kids to jump against it and protect them if they fall.

For smooth jumps, the bounce mat needs to be thick and made from a strong material, like polyethylene. Finally, the padding on top of the springs should also be thick, like an EPE closed-cell foam. All these elements will contribute to a highly safe and long-lasting model.

Safety Net & Base Assembly

The installation should be a streamlined process, with easy instructions to follow. Most models require the base to be set up first before the net. Take note of things like double quick-clamps that effortless connect the net to the poles, and handled or bolted caps for the poles (if they are straight style).

Also, it’s great if you get free add-ons, like gloves to protect from the springs, a T-spring pulling tool, and a weatherproof cover.


Does your child prefer bouncing on a round or rectangular model? Take this into account because the jumping space will feel different with each one. The height is also important, as kids like to jump high and the netting needs to protect them from all angles.


Padding is pretty much necessary nowadays, as I’m sure we all remember the many spring-related injuries that happened to ourselves and our friends when we were young. Thick foam padding is an essential design choice.

The most common designs are circle and rectangle. Both are great, but I think the rectangular shape gives more room to bounce. Also check if the materials are weatherproof, especially waterproof, as it will be exposed to rain.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Trampoline Tent For?

In terms of safety netting enclosures, with all-mesh walls, the main purpose is for safety. If a child bounces too hard, they’re instantly protected by the tight netting that bounces them right back onto the mat.

For traditional tent models, with a more covered design, these can be used as relaxing private play areas. Many kids love using them to camp in the backyard in warmer weather with their friends.


How do I Set Up a Trampoline Tent?

Typically, the process is as follows: the frame is assembled, the inner mat is connected with springs, and then the net. For the full coverage types, the same process is followed except you must place the tent cover over the poles and connect it separately.


Is a Trampoline Tent Waterproof?

This depends on the materials used. Most modern ones are waterproof and even all-weather proof, as these structures will be outside all the time (unless it’s indoors) and needs to handle the elements. Look out for polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester materials.


Is a Trampoline Tent Safe for My Kids?

The models with netting enclosures are specifically designed to increase the safety for kids. They prevent them from falling off the edge, as they can jump against the walls.


Conclusion on Trampoline Tent Covers

By choosing one of the best trampoline tents on our list, your kids can spend hours expending all their energy whilst having heaps of fun. We chose models that are known for their high-quality, safe and stable designs, and at a range of different prices. Whether you’re looking for a full netted enclosure or a separate tent structure on top, our top picks cover the best on the market today.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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