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Z Shade Instant Gazebo Review

Z Shade Instant Gazebo Review

Known for its classy design, the Z Shade Gazebo is a hit for all kinds of outdoor events. From weddings to markets, family picnics to beach parties, this soft top canopy shades from direct and harsh sunlight.

It certainly leans more towards the traditional canopy structure but has a modern twist with surrounding panels that can be left open or kept closed. At a fair price, it’s certainly a competitor when it comes to other instant gazebos.

For your next outdoor gathering, why should you choose this instant shelter over others on the market? What makes this one standout? Today we’re conducting a thorough review into this gazebo to discover if it’s truly worth it.

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Z Shade Instant Gazebo – Full Review

Instant Gazebo - Full Review

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Our First Thoughts

The first thing we notice about this model is its sleek design. It looks beautiful for photography sessions, so for weddings and other important events it seems like the perfect choice.

We love that the structure allows you to get outside and enjoy nature, walking around freely and taking in the breeze, all while staying out of the sun. It’s so large that it looks like you can fit a lot underneath it.

While it’s certainly not going to keep you dry if it rains or shielded from rough winds, it’s not made from intense conditions.

We think the affordable price mainly comes from the soft top structure, as it’s less weight and materials than a hard-top version. Even with the side curtains closed, we like that you can still get airflow through the roof.

One thing we do notice is that the side curtain panels need to be purchased separately, so this is something to keep in mind if that’s a main feature you’re looking for.


Important Specs at a Glance


Freestanding Instant Canopy


156“L x 156“W x 76“H


59 lbs


$160 or over depending on where you purchase from.

Set Up Time

Under 2 Minutes


Instant with Stakes and Guylines


150D Oxford Polyester 

Pack Size

52” x 10” x 10”


Overview of Features

  • Pre-Assembled Frame Sets Up in 2 Minutes
  • Thick and Durable 150D Polyester Fabric
  • Water Resistant and Fire Resistant
  • 99% UV Protection
  • Rust-Resistant Steel Frame
  • 3 Height Adjustment Options
  • Oversized Heavy-Duty Canvas Roller Bag Included
  • Stakes and Guylines Provided
  • Large Roof Vent
  • Side Panel Walls Optional and Sold Separately


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Z Shade Gazebo Black

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GOLD QUALITY – Set Up in a Breeze

For such a large structure, we really appreciate that you can set this up in under 2 minutes. We think this is so convenient because you don’t need to go to the trouble of taking hours to install it.

For outdoor gatherings, it’s a fantastic alternative to much larger and more expensive canopies. You don’t need to call hours in advance or get it installed the day before, you can simply pitch it up with the help of one other person in a matter of minutes. 

SILVER HIGHLIGHT – Beautiful Outer Design 

The outward structural design of this model is really quite gorgeous. Particularly with the side panels that get wrapped around the legs, this would look amazing in any event photos. We also think it would standout at a market with its unique roof.

Shelter Review

Aesthetic Design Sits Well in any Yard

We think you could hang some fairy lights around it and on the inside of the roof and it will look even more beautiful. It’s also versatile enough to be used at more casual events without feeling fancy or like overkill. The neutral colors make it suitable for many different types of locations.

BRONZE FEATURE – Large Double Roof

The next favorite feature of ours is the roof. It’s designed so that there is a vent created through the smaller roof on top. We love this because it provides so much more ventilation than if it were to be all closed off.

Especially if you decide to purchase additionally and use the side wall curtains, things may get stuffy inside. As well as added airflow, we like the design that it gives. It’s something different than just a regular cone-shaped roof, as there is a gap to it. This leads into our next favorite feature.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Mosquito Net on camp

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Adjustable Height

To get the perfect height for your guests, this model has adjustable leg poles to suit your needs. Measuring up to the peak center of the ceiling, the 3 adjustments include 102”, 106”, and 110” at the highest.

When you want to change the height, it’s a simple process. They’re done using the insta-lock frame with a pull pin system. The locking frame ensures that you don’t have to fuss with making it stable, and it won’t pinch your fingers.

We think this is such a great feature because it has many uses. If you’re starting an event in the early noon with the sun in the center of the sky, you can keep the legs extended fully for maximum shade.

Throughout the day as the sun continues to set, you can continue to adjust everything to your required shade levels. It can sink lower and lower until it’s at its lowest point, and even then, people can stand comfortably. The low setting is also ideal for kids, say if you’re having a kid’s party and hosting the entertainment under the shelter.

Great Materials

For the reasonable price, you’re still getting some great-quality materials that are made to last. Whilst being constantly hit with the harsh rays of the sun, you want something that’s going to withstand the possible heat damage and fading that can occur.

In fact, the roof protects from 99% of UV rays, meaning you’re well shaded so that everyone stays safe. Plus, the fabric is also water and fire resistant. We’re not sure how this would come in handy too much though, as with the open roof design, it looks like water can easily leak right through. As its fire resistant, you could probably set up some sort of heaters inside if it’s a cold night.

Effortless Set Up

As assembly instructions are provided, we think the set up is rather simple. It consists of the separate steel frame that is all already attached and formed. After unfolding it, you’ll need to slide the legs into place until each hub locks. Next, place the fabric over the top using the Velcro sections. After everything is assembled, you can then adjust the height to your liking.

This model does require to be tied down for security purposes. While it can probably stand for a little while, we think any slight gust of wind could blow it away considering the legs are so thin. You are given stakes and guy ropes though, so you’re one step ahead. If you want to pitch it on a harder surface, perhaps use some heavy weights surrounding the feet to keep it steady.

Multi-functional Roof

The roof isn’t any ordinary roof on this model, as it has a vented section at the very top. It’s quite large as well, so you’re getting quite a bit of airflow coming through. If you have purchased the side wall curtains and need to put them on because of bad weather, things shouldn’t get humid inside. All the hot air can rise and escape from this upper vent, preventing stuffiness.

As well as air circulation, this section is perfect for adding some brightness inside when the walls are up. Light can flow through the thin gaps and create a brighter interior.



Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Can You Set It Up Without Staking It Down?

While it doesn’t say it’s absolutely necessary, we definitely recommend that you stake this down. Use the included stakes and ropes and secure it into the ground. If you want to put it on something like concrete, we think using some sandbags could work great for keeping it stable.

Does It Come with Skirting Panels?

It does not come with side curtains, as these must be purchased separately. It can still be used without these panels; you just won’t have the option of protecting against wind and some very light rain.

Can One Person Pitch It Up?

Due to its weight, we recommend at least two people to set up this model. You’ll need to lift the legs out of the box and put them upright, and they are quite heavy as they’re made from durable steel.


Our Final Thoughts on the Z Shade Gazebo

The Z Shade Instant Gazebo is an overall fantastic and beautifully designed shelter. With a classic peak roof and thin side legs, it would work perfectly for day and night outdoor events.

With neutral colors, it can compliment most color palettes, and the optional wall curtains update its look even more. While this is by no means meant for protection against wind and rain, it’s fantastic for protecting against the sun.

With thick roof materials and heavy-duty steel poles it’s meant to last throughout years of use. Featuring a vented roof and an instant set up, we think you’re certainly getting a fair price for the great quality.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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